Monday, May 26, 2008

I'm Such A Fool!!!

I don't want to continue the cerita of the previous post lah. It's wrong for me to do this. Forget about it lah. It's not important....... somebody want to make me jealous. I don't know why.... Maybe she be song see me being a nice person or whatever lah. She's trying very hard to make me jealous but sorry lah....You're looking for the wrong person to start a cat fight, alright? I don't have time for petty arguments.

I knew from the start already lah.....I don't want to pretend I don't know anymore. Anyway, I don't think you all get what I'm talking about so what's the point I post this hoh?? Hmmm....luahan hati bah.

I feel like a fool these days. Cos I supposedly "fell in love" with someone that I shouldn't fall in love with. Haha.....I feel as though God's saying "What were you thinking?? I told you, didn't I? You stubborn girl....." And I feel as though He just hit me in the nougat cos I'm thinking very straight right now. Focus all set on Jesus. Haha!! Wonders....

But I feel like a fool because I never thought that I would succumb to this. I mean, I always have this mindset..."I'm the no. 1 Bachelorette." And that I'm waiting for a guy who fears God as much as I do etc. Who would've thought this would happen? I suppose it's to teach me to be patient and to remind me that I shouldn't settle for the things I have now. Cos I'm still young and there's better things ahead of me.

Oh well, I'm still human being. And I can't do things perfect. I acknowledge I need God. This is a lesson that I need nothing else but God and I live to please Him. It's part of my purpose here on earth anyway. =)


Guinevere Aring Pakar said...

err....wat was dat?? no 1 bachelorette??? lol?? barf???

Scribbles of A Girl said...

I shall continue my status as no. 1 bacholerette. xD