Saturday, May 24, 2008

Beautiful Day!!!

Yesterday was by far one of the boring days of my life! Zzzzzzz.......Well, got something to do lah but it's purely work. It was all just typing. Zzzzzz........

The not boring part will be night time lah. When I went for the continuation of Jeremiah Abel's seminar on prayer. I think I became his official pianist lah. Cos Doreen was the pianist but he keeps looking at me to play the songs that he's singing. Haha....such an honour. My skills have indeed improved. =) I can play a song without the aid of tabs.

After the seminar, I went out with Elly, Frank, Calvin, Gwen and Raymond. Hehe....It's Friday night!! And I was really hungry after the seminar. Hmmm....having big appetites these days. At first we decided to go After Three. Haha....we sat in there and looked at the menu. Everything was so expensive so we decided to leave. The waitress just looked at us dumbfounded. Imagine....we just sat there for a while and looking at the menu. And the next thing you know, we're gone. =P That was the first time I ever did that!! It felt good.....=P After that we thought of going to McD but ended up in The Sun. That place okay larh.....I ate Mee Mamak. It's like.....sweet and spicy at the same time. Kinda weird but......edible lah. I couldn't finish it cos it's really rich....that I almost felt like puking.

And today........I decided not to go help out in band cos I have a lot of unfinished business to do. And to think I told Kester,"Okay. Aku free gilak....." Heheh....guess not. After my sis and I made our own breakfast, we went out. We went to Hock Lee to look around and to buy her spectrum at Lee's Music Centre, the music haven. =P Saw so many nice clothes at Hock Lee. Especially Mix Boutique. Ahh.......I must bring my dad there cos there's sales. =) I must get an attire appropriate for worship leading. Cool and decent. That's my style.

I ate Laksa for lunch at Madam Tang's. Heehee.....I love Laksa. It's the best!! Mmmmm.....

Today, I played around with my hair. Trying to create a better version than the one I came home with on Monday. And I did. It's the way I like it lah. Can't wait to try the Texturizing Paste I bought from Guardian. =)

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