Monday, December 22, 2014

Attention All Lazy Girls!

Here's a short one, and probably my first beauty review.

This is probably the best thing mankind has ever created for lazy people like me. Soft and moisturized skin - all done in the shower. Say goodbye to tedious rubbing of lotion and "I forgot to apply lotion" days. I don't not have dry and parched skin on my shins anymore too. Thank you, Nivea! 10/10 solely for convenience.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

H&M Kuching Pre-Opening Party

As you all know, I've managed to get myself an invite to the H&M Pre-Opening Party! I was over the moon about it and I definitely cherished the moment. It just made me more and more inspired to pursue fashion. It will still be a long journey ahead but getting approval by H&M or rather, Milk PR, it means that fashion wise, I'm pretty much on the right track. Now is just the matter of whether I'm willing to put myself out there - something I am quite afraid of.

As I made my way to The Spring, I was nervous because I did not know what to expect and whether I needed to socialize. Many thoughts ran through my mind, but I am ready to face what came my way. As I reached the shop, I realized the social anxiety was unnecessary as there were many other invitees. Entering was very glamorous! Invitees get to rock the red carpet and photographers would ask us to pose while they snapped away!

So the main agenda of the night is to shop till you're drunk. Literally, because there were free rounds of champagne. Of course,  I took the opportunity to have as many as my body can tolerate. We can say, that I was high in spirit. I guess you all will know by now how massive the shop is. I was disappointed that they did not have the dress that I wanted but I did not leave empty handed. We get to have 20% discount that night. It may not sound much but it makes quite a huge difference.

While shopping, there was a DJ playing that night. I loved his mixes but I did not get his name or stage name at least. For Sarawakians, I hope you know of Arabyrd, the girl who sings (errr, actually rap) Gum On her Shoe. She's really good and I have always liked her song. So dope! I took a picture with her too.

I got to meet many of my school mates from SMK Green Road too! How old we've grown..hahaha.... by the way, I am quite obsessed with their Home Deco section. It's so hard to find simple and less stylized bed sheets but I managed to find them here!

Upon leaving, they gave us tote bag with a notebook in it! I feel so accomplished!

Being there is like being Cinderella (for me la). Got to see some pretty prominent people in Kuching's fashion scene like Sereni and Shentel. There were some ang mo there, I suppose they are shareholders or reps of H&M, some of them looked so dashing in their suits! Indeed, I was smitten. Here are some pictures from the night....

BLAZER - Thrifted
TOP & STUDDED SKIRT - Some shop in CityOne
CLUTCH - Warehouse
HEELS - Langkawi

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sharing Happiness

Hello dearies! Just dropping by to share with you some news that made my day! I've just got invited to H&M's Opening party happening right here in Kuching! Of course, I'm going to blog about the whole experience. It's not everyday I get to experience things like these here in Kuching. So I suppose this will be my big break. I have never thought that I will ever get an opportunity like this in my life but because I really want this, I kept telling myself that I will most definitely get it. And I did. Even if I didn't and got really bummed about it, at least I know I really want this - that is to have a career in fashion someday.

What I liked about this is that it's not popularity based. I'm so glad I didn't have to fish for likes! I'm so glad that H&M thought my style worthy of an invite! *cries tears of joy* That, to me, is honorable. I believe a brand like H&M want people who reflect their style to join them. I noticed the people who got the invites were really fashionable and have the 'H&M style' (you have to be a true H&M fan to know what that is like). I am excited to meet people who are as passionate as I am about style! And congratulations to the other winners! Holla if you're going too!

My party look for H&M.

Blazer - vintage
Tank top - hand me down
Skirt - H&M Divided
Heels - bought at Langkawi
Necklace - H&M Divided
Clutch - Pull&Bear

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Project Rainbow Cameo

Hello ladies! How ya'll doin'? Just updating you of the Rainbow Cameo Project! This is the final week of the Project and I've seen some amazing things these girls have come up with! I'm sure you've seen a few looks and now, let's see what the other beautiful ladies have come up with!

Let's begin with Yellow shall we......

Syafiqah of With Love Kisses is the adventurous lady who took up the challenge to come up with a Yellow-themed look. Inspired by a Cheetah, her eye makeup look is definitely sexy! The end result was simply amazing especially when she used colored contact lenses to make the look 'pop'!

Next up is the ever so daring Mieza of Mieza Everdeen, who volunteered a tribute to green. I love this look and I can definitely see myself wearing it cuz I'm an eyeliner kinda girl. This look is gona make any girl green with envy seeing your gorgeous eyes!

And then we have BLUE by Josephine of Skin Frostings who also hails from Kuching (yay Kuching!). She came up with a really lovely, dainty and delicate look. It just makes awe. Kinda like looking at a princess or something. Or a fairy...a flower child...whatever you call it. But I do agree with Cindy that it does need a lil bit more blue. 

Violet or should I say, Violac is next on the list as Cindy of Cindy's Planet takes on the challenge! Why Violac? She has come up with a Violet and Lilac look of which she mashed up the names, which I thought was so cute of her! She's also very thoughtful in putting up a description of every blogger of this project in her blog post! The makeup looks really sweet and is something that I think a person can replicate. I also think you can take this look from day to night by putting on a darker lipstick shade like a Plum color or something.

Last but not least, Syaza of Bloobs. Blurbs. II (who is also the Project Manager) concluded the project by coming up with a Rainbow themed look which will make you puke rainbow. 

In case you don't know, puking rainbow is an internet term for seeing something so awesome in the internet, ok? Cool.

Syaza's become a makeup freak and she's come a long way. *reminiscing her pre-makeup days (sorry Syaz!) :P  One thing about her remains the same though - her desire to be different. And she has always been different which is why we're friends! And because she dares to be different, expect something a little adventurous from her and her eye makeup look for this project lives up to it! 

And there you have it, Project Rainbow Cameo in a nutshell! I hope you enjoyed and got inspired by the looks that all these talented ladies came up with! Do drop by their blogs as their contents are pretty amazing especially if you're looking for reviews of a particular product you wana try - they're you're go-to beauty gurus. Tune in next time for any more collaborations or if you would like to collaborate with me, I'm up for it too! 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Rainbow Cameo Collaboration Chronicles

My my....I've got back from my vacation and classes have already begun and since then, it was non-stop. It is only tonight that I got the time to sit down and blog. It's September and it's Rainbow Cameo month! As promised, I'm to give some insight on what the other bloggers have come up with! For Orange, Izzah has volunteered to take on the challenge!

Have you ever been on Pinterest or Tumblr or Instagram and admire the manicures that some girls come up with? Do you adore color gradient manicures that seem impossible to do? Well my girl Izzah came up with a tutorial on Orange gradient nails!

Isn't it just beautiful? I've always wanted to do gradient manicures and found some tutorial online but Izzah came up with step-by-step explanation along with pictures that everyone can follow to achieve this look. So head on over to her blog to check this tutorial out!

Remember earlier on I said that the posts will be in the order of the rainbow colors to this collab? Well, the colors will be set on random from now on so what color is up next would be unexpected.

We also have Indigo looks up already! And dearest  Mya of Sweettedy is taking up this unique color. Mya has come up with something special as she did both an outfit and makeup post. Since Indigo is not a common color and buying a dress that you only wear once is a waste, she came up with an outfit comprising of something you already have in your closet! Plus, it is a great look for Muslim ladies out there or those who prefer a more modest way of dressing. I really like her choice of fabric - songket. It is one of my favorite fabrics that I hope to own someday. Of course, she came up with an Indigo themed makeup to complement the outfit.

So there you have it - my take on the Rainbow Cameo collaboration! But wait, this is not all as there are more exciting looks and features to come!

Stay tuned. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Let's Paint This Town Red!

As part of my contribution to Project Rainbow Cameo, I will be attempting red. It's bold but it's pretty easy. Red is a color every woman should embrace. It is daunting for many but I guarantee you once you go red, you will not go back! Here's a few looks I've come up with.

I always love a dress that has something interesting to it. When I first laid eyes on it, I just know I had to have it. It is not easy to find a dress that is blinged yet playful. It is usually glam but not this one. It's perfect for a cocktail party (not that I have any to go to). Bottom line is, it looks good. Also, I matched my lipstick to my dress color. Never be afraid to do so. After all, it's not a crime. A tip on how to wear a dress with this cut is to wear a structured school girl skirt underneath to give it some 'volume' and give it some shape so that it does not look 'flat'.

Dress: Elle Girl
Necklace: gift
Wedged booties: Vincci

Again, another interesting neckline. I've had this for years now and it still looks amazing. I love this dress as it is very classy and very corporate looking. If you are working, you could try this out if your occupation allows it. If not, as a dress for other occasions is perfectly fine. Most important of all, WEAR THE CORRECT UNDERGARMENTS. These fitting fits calls for seamless panties. All too often I see girls wearing a gorgeous, fitting dress and then the outline of their underwear betrayed it. 

Dress: Mango Suits
Belt: Hand-me-down from my mom
Heels: Nose

Lastly, a more casual look. I like a little boho chic style. The shoes aren't exactly red. They have a little orange undertone to it. But let's pass it as red. It is always a good idea to have one outstanding colored shoes to give a 'pop' of color to your outfit. No tips for this look.

Necklace: H&M
Top: Hand-me-down
Pants: Nichii
Wedges: Island Shop

And there you have it, my take on Red. Do check out the others for project Rainbow Cameo which I will update on after this. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Project Rainbow Cameo

Hello my dear, faithful readers! I would like to announce an upcoming project this month of which I will be collaborating with other bloggers! It's pretty exciting as it is my first and thanks to my dear friend, Syaza of Bloobs.Blurbs.II for roping me in this colorful endeavor.

So what is this Rainbow Cameo? 
A bunch of bloggers (including myself) will be interpreting the colors of the rainbow through makeup or personal style and such. Pretty much a group of beauty or style bloggers who dress up or make up according to the rainbow color theme. The project progresses in the following order all throughout September:

Week 1: Introduction of Project: Rainbow Cameo, Red, Orange
Week 2: Yellow & Green
Week 3: Blue & Indigo
Week 4: Violet, Rainbow & Closing Post

Yours truly will be kick starting this project by coming up with a red themed outfit which will be out on Friday or Saturday so stay tuned! Also, do follow up on this exciting project and let's see what us girls are gona put up for you!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Alternative Ways To Rock

I wanted to post this blog post earlier on but I had a camp to attend and I don't like doing a blog post that's not been given some thought. Anyway, I've been having this pair of jeans for a while now. I bought them back in 2009 and it's been a staple ever since. The thing is, I got bored wearing it the usual way - zipping them and then tucking them in since they were too long for me. And so, I came up with (more like copied from the world wide web. We have technology, might as well use it.) an alternative way to wear it. I chose not to say 'new' since it isn't exactly new but refreshing nonetheless. I just zip it down and pull it up.

All smiles, comfortable, but still classy.

Moody, not so comfortable, but heels. Heels.

Get super comfortable with a little pizzaz to your jeans.

And lastly, if you're really not in the mood to be all dressy and you just wana express your love for your favourite gaming team to the world but still refuse to look boring, do the jeans. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Cheers To The Freakin' Weekend!

....well, not exactly since I have to prepare for Special Exams. *sarcastic yay* But I'm just too passionate about sharing my sense of style ever since I made a makeshift tripod so I didn't have to buy one. Gets me excited every time I come up with an outfit! So this blog is kinda like my style diary. I hope it inspires people!

Today, I wanted to wear a dress because I'm going to church and I think that I should be more proper and modest as I am going to meet the King of kings and the Lord of lords. There should be a sense of reverence there. And so, I must present my best.

Denim jacket: Mango
Dress: Some shop in Bukit Bintang Plaza
Chain necklace: H&M
Clutch: Pull & Bear
Boots: H&M

This is one of my favourite dress but I've been trying not to wear it too often. I just love mustard yellow. Mostly because it complements my skin tone best. I also like the cut. I just feel like twirling in this dress. So it's a happy dress. 

Yesterday, I was supposed to study but my sister decided I should go to her friend's goat farm with her. She promised me it wouldn't be long. Lies. But it was great. Goats are actually cute and happy things that just poops like nobody's business.

Top: Cotton On
Racerback tank: Hand-me-downs
Skirt: A hand-me-down Cotton On
Bracelets: All are gifts
Sneakers: Vans

Not sure why I thought this would be appropriate to go to a goat farm but it is comfortable. I am all about comfort after all. If I can look good and be comfortable, why not right? I didn't give it much thought but it looks great.

Lately, I have started exercising again because I want to be strong again like the good old days. Ever since I was diagnosed, my mom has been giving me juices and it has become a habit. Now that I am studying, I've been avoiding instant noodles cos they're the worse brain food even though I like it so much. And my diet consists of soft boiled eggs. It's my favourite anyways....

I have to study.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Party Don't Stop, Won't Stop

Chain Necklace: H&M
Band Tee: Was meant for my younger brother but obviously too small for him so I declared it mine.
Skirt: Bershka
Boots: H&M
Lipstick: Revlon ColorStay in Red Velvet

I wore this outfit yesterday evening for a dinner with my family and later on, a reunion with the girls I met from GB. Regarding this outfit, I was pretty lazy to dress up but I still wanted to look good. I like this band tee not because I like the band. I don't like this band cos it's death metal all the way with loads of screaming. Not my cuppa tea but I liked it cos it's comfortable. At least I'm not ignorant of who this band is okay? So anyway, I decided to pair this with this skirt cos I wanted to be comfortable (I'm all about comfort baby!). To tie everything together, wear it with confidence. 

This year, especially after my operation, I decided to make it a point to celebrate my birthday as the past years, I didn't really do anything special for myself. I realized I needed to make some memories. No, I did not celebrate it lavishly and going to some popular bar to celebrate it, I wanted to celebrate it with people who means a lot to me. I had an awesome home cooked meal with my family along with a good wine and then watched Guardians of the Galaxy with my House Group members (pretty much my extended family members) and sister. It was awesome really. And last night, apart from having a catch up session, they decided to celebrate my birthday too! We had cake and they gave me a card! I was so happy! I loved the content of the card. Despite not keeping in touch for a really long time, we still click and when we were chatting, it's as though none of us ever changed. You know you're in good company when you can strike up a great conversation even though you were apart for a really long time. You also know that they're the real deal. I like that and I thank God that He has place people like this in my life! Our conversation included our fetishes, current issues (we're serious like that), spiritual development and career paths and so on. 

That's me and mah cake. Half of it is carrot cake and half of it is cheese cake with an Oreo base. Topped with Greek yoghurt, kiwi and walnut! Yumm....

The birthday card. One of them is a graphic designer and this is her font. Simple but tasteful!

And this is us! Viva la Girls' Brigade!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Youthful Sunday

My outfit that I have planned for today. Today's Diocesan Youth Sunday and so I decided to dress more 'youthful' to church. Cool but very dressed up and not down. A little effort but looking effortless. Below is the break down of my outfit:

Blazer with gold buttons: Thrifted
White dot textured top: Mango
Distressed maroon denim: Garage Jeans from Brands Outlet
Bangle: Gift from a friend. You can buy these at Kuching Waterfront. Loads of those handmade knick knacks.
Necklace: Gift from mom. It's a beautiful silver necklace with a Minora on top and a Star of David at the bottom.
Bag is from Warehouse.
Hi-Top Sneakers: Vans

Thursday, June 12, 2014

I'm Back (again)

Hello, it has been a very, very long time. Slamat Ari Gawai or Sramat Ondu Gawea I bid you all! I miss blogging, I really do. Remember my previous post saying how sick I was? And yes, I have been sick, there were signs. I had headaches and they were getting frequent, I couldn't walk properly and got tired easily. I went for a check up on the 19th of April and I was diagnosed with left cerebello pontine angle tumour. I subsequently spent my Easter in the hospital and the rest was history. I had a surgery on the 23rd of May and now I'm recovering but I dare tell you I'm ok. I'm just glad I don't have those pesky headaches and imbalance anymore. Plus, the tumour isn't cancerous. :D So that is an update on my life and I really hope that I am able to get this blog going for real!

Despite having to rest for a month, I was just itching to go out. Not on my own of course. I need to be accompanied by people who knows my condition quite well which would be my family. On Tuesday my mother and my sister decided we should go cuci mata at Boulevard. Boy was I excited! Since I was stuck in the hospital and the past few weeks we had outings but none involving shopping malls. I was itching to buy something anyway. And I did. Shoes. It's been a while. Take a look at these babies....

Where to buy??
SOS, Boulevard

How much did it cost??
Freakin' 52.90MYR!! For BOTH pairs!!!

As you can see, I was ecstatic. If you wana get some new shoes, head on to SOS cos they're having sales right now. Then again, Boulevard has loads of shoe shops. And then again, it's Gawai so there should be sales. But whatever it is, go get 'em!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Why, hello there! Indeed this blog has long been neglected. I apologize, for this is my final year. However, I have been dressing my best ever in my uni days. All because I have finally got it. The art of dressing comfortably and yet fashionably with little fuss. You don't have to be uncomfortable. I have also been trying to be a bit more covered up because I am still quite conservative but I still put a little "peek-a-boos" here and there but making sure it's not an eyesore. I've not gone shopping this year. I noticed I only go shopping once a year and I buy essential pieces. Last year mid year, I bought a denim jacket and an orange bag. And then I bought more stuff in KL. I have also learned not to go cheap. They don't last long and don't look good over time. So I figured I might as well shop once a year at good brands like Mango and H&M but buy essential pieces. Don't go buying things that aren't versatile. Especially if you're lazy and on a budget. Also, I grew to find shopping stressful. Not sure why. Money maybe?

I tend to wear jeans and a shirt with awesome jacket or get a statement necklace. I do the same with dresses. Dresses are much better. Just put those bad boys on and a statement piece and you're good to go. Effortless I tell ya. I'll post some pictures if I'm up to it. It's not rocket science, just some visual tricks you need to use to fool people into thinking you're wearing a million bucks when truly, you are wearing a 2  or 3 or even 5 year old garment! Now that's timeless.  

Saturday, January 18, 2014

All Hail Emma Watson!

Can we please take a moment and admire how perfect Emma Watson looks at the Golden Globes?

If you know me, I am a big fan of Emma Watson. How big? I bought a TeenVogue magazine last year just because she graced the cover. Although it cannot top the one she did in 2009 which you can view here. If I can own this particular issue, I would want to get it. It was a purchase very much based on impulse that I somehow felt a tinge of regret but there is this unexplainable thrill I feel when flipping through the pages of magazines. I can't imagine owning the 2009 issue. I believe I would be like a teenage fangirl screaming "Oh my God" endlessly. I just think 2009's issue was a lot more high fashion whereas 2013 was more street. Either way, I like them.

Back to the outfit in the picture. She is wearing an absolutely gutsy Christian Dior couture dress and she wore it with a cropped pants and wore an earring on one earlobe! Her choice (or her stylist??) was not the usual celebrity red carpet fashion. It was really daring and different. I thought it was really cool and high fashion. Thumbs up! She will always be a style icon. Very high fashion and not just beautiful and put together. She is completely unpredictable and yet will always pull it off effortlessly!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Year, New Outlook

Happy New Year everyone! I know it is albeit late but I thought I should compose myself and decide on what to say in my new year post. It will be filled with words and not pictures for I decided that I will share on my insights and lesson(s) learnt in 2013. 2013....what can I say? It was an amazing year with a lot of downs at the beginning of it. It was challenging as I started the year so, so depressed and it went on from there till mid-year where I found my strength and hope once again. I lost weight because of that and people were asking. I shared with only my closest friend and people in my youth group what I was going through. Depressed as I was, I still wanted to live despite thinking death was better than the feeling I have everyday. Good thing I didn't dare take my own life! I thank God that He was always faithful through and through - thankful that even though I had given up, He certainly did not! Through my friends and my youth group, even though they did not entirely know or understand what I was going through, their company and their presence was like God's hand extending out to me. I am still trying to get back because from all that weight loss and terrible eating habit, I did mention I have gastritis problem right? It is the consequence. :( While I am emotionally getting better, my physical health is suffering from the after effects of it.

Depression aside, throughout the whole of 2013, one thing was apparent to me - I don't spend on myself as much as I used to. I always liked going to the mall and scout for my next splurge or my next fashionable must-have for me to save up and buy it. All that effort was to be noticed and for people to see how fashion forward I am and for people to praise me at how I didn't rely on my parent's money completely to buy it. Well depression does make you not have the mood to shop cos you're constantly tired but it did change my priorities. I realized that money spent on people is much better of an investment than investing on the next statement piece. What I mean is while I did not spend it on clothes or shoes or beauty products, I spend it every time my friends ask me out. At first it was to fill a 'hole' and to run away from my depression but eventually I continued enjoy spending time and having meaningful conversations with them. Not to say I did not shop but I spend when my father brings me out which is a rare occurrence, a once or twice a year kinda thing. It is enough to get fashion essentials.

So last year my perspective in a lot of things have changed. I've become simpler. I reduced my contact with people who spend their money unnecessarily. I do not feel the need to impress people or keep up with what people have because all these things make you so empty. How often do we reach out to people? How often do we really take the time to open up to people? How often do we hold ourselves accountable when people tell you difficult things? When did you last have a meaningful conversation with someone? I have a lot to learn still but last year changed my life and see how self-centered and selfish I have been. Which is why I have not been posting a lot of fashionable stuff lately. I would like to make sure my intent is to help and not impress. I would like to determine which direction I would like this blog to go. Here's to a NEW YEAR!