Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm Hot. =P

The days are indeed getting hotter and hotter. It's the time of the year when you start seeing haze again. Honestly, sometimes I just feel like using my undergarments only. Or just stay in the shower all day, saying that just makes me feel thirsty all of a sudden.

Anyway, this morning Gwen ajak me go watch movie. Narnia. At first can cos my dad gave me money. Then suddenly my sis got work to do(yeah, she had work to do on a public holiday) so I had to cancel my plan cos don't wana menyusahkan her to send me and pick me up. Sighs....wish I could go out with her and Sylvia and Sharon. Especially Sylvia....just wana put everything behind us and just make everything go back to the way it should be. Not normal...but as it should be. I don't want to harbor feelings of bitterness and resentment. All the more as I am one of the leaders in YF, I want to be a good example to them. I have made a mistake. And I went into the territory where I should never have set foot on. But now, I have to set things straight. I learned from my mistake.

I cut my hair today!! Well, not a whole new hairstyle but just to trim lah. No big change...just a little shorter. It looks different now cos they styled it. I always go to the same hair salon cos this particular hair salon can do my hair so well! Cos most shops don't know how to do curly hair. But this shop is definitely good. The way they cut, the way they style....they just now how to bring out my curls. And, I had this theory that you should dress in your favourite style to the hair salon so that they can style your hair to match it. My theory proved right. I went to the salon wearing my favourite emo/punk style (a baby tee, studded belt, skinny jeans and chucks) and they gave me a voluminous hairstyle, kinda like a bedhead look to match it. Cool, eh? I expected something more emo but they gave me something more funky. I like it. Everytime I go there, I feel satisfied cos they're really good. They never let me down. By the way, this salon is owned by a church member of Good News Fellowship if I'm not mistaken. Shop's called The Hair Shop and is located at Green Heights (on the way to airport). Totally recommended! All in all, I paid RM34 for wash and cut. Quite expensive but worth it.

I guess that's the highlight of my day...

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