Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Alternative Ways To Rock

I wanted to post this blog post earlier on but I had a camp to attend and I don't like doing a blog post that's not been given some thought. Anyway, I've been having this pair of jeans for a while now. I bought them back in 2009 and it's been a staple ever since. The thing is, I got bored wearing it the usual way - zipping them and then tucking them in since they were too long for me. And so, I came up with (more like copied from the world wide web. We have technology, might as well use it.) an alternative way to wear it. I chose not to say 'new' since it isn't exactly new but refreshing nonetheless. I just zip it down and pull it up.

All smiles, comfortable, but still classy.

Moody, not so comfortable, but heels. Heels.

Get super comfortable with a little pizzaz to your jeans.

And lastly, if you're really not in the mood to be all dressy and you just wana express your love for your favourite gaming team to the world but still refuse to look boring, do the jeans. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Cheers To The Freakin' Weekend!

....well, not exactly since I have to prepare for Special Exams. *sarcastic yay* But I'm just too passionate about sharing my sense of style ever since I made a makeshift tripod so I didn't have to buy one. Gets me excited every time I come up with an outfit! So this blog is kinda like my style diary. I hope it inspires people!

Today, I wanted to wear a dress because I'm going to church and I think that I should be more proper and modest as I am going to meet the King of kings and the Lord of lords. There should be a sense of reverence there. And so, I must present my best.

Denim jacket: Mango
Dress: Some shop in Bukit Bintang Plaza
Chain necklace: H&M
Clutch: Pull & Bear
Boots: H&M

This is one of my favourite dress but I've been trying not to wear it too often. I just love mustard yellow. Mostly because it complements my skin tone best. I also like the cut. I just feel like twirling in this dress. So it's a happy dress. 

Yesterday, I was supposed to study but my sister decided I should go to her friend's goat farm with her. She promised me it wouldn't be long. Lies. But it was great. Goats are actually cute and happy things that just poops like nobody's business.

Top: Cotton On
Racerback tank: Hand-me-downs
Skirt: A hand-me-down Cotton On
Bracelets: All are gifts
Sneakers: Vans

Not sure why I thought this would be appropriate to go to a goat farm but it is comfortable. I am all about comfort after all. If I can look good and be comfortable, why not right? I didn't give it much thought but it looks great.

Lately, I have started exercising again because I want to be strong again like the good old days. Ever since I was diagnosed, my mom has been giving me juices and it has become a habit. Now that I am studying, I've been avoiding instant noodles cos they're the worse brain food even though I like it so much. And my diet consists of soft boiled eggs. It's my favourite anyways....

I have to study.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Party Don't Stop, Won't Stop

Chain Necklace: H&M
Band Tee: Was meant for my younger brother but obviously too small for him so I declared it mine.
Skirt: Bershka
Boots: H&M
Lipstick: Revlon ColorStay in Red Velvet

I wore this outfit yesterday evening for a dinner with my family and later on, a reunion with the girls I met from GB. Regarding this outfit, I was pretty lazy to dress up but I still wanted to look good. I like this band tee not because I like the band. I don't like this band cos it's death metal all the way with loads of screaming. Not my cuppa tea but I liked it cos it's comfortable. At least I'm not ignorant of who this band is okay? So anyway, I decided to pair this with this skirt cos I wanted to be comfortable (I'm all about comfort baby!). To tie everything together, wear it with confidence. 

This year, especially after my operation, I decided to make it a point to celebrate my birthday as the past years, I didn't really do anything special for myself. I realized I needed to make some memories. No, I did not celebrate it lavishly and going to some popular bar to celebrate it, I wanted to celebrate it with people who means a lot to me. I had an awesome home cooked meal with my family along with a good wine and then watched Guardians of the Galaxy with my House Group members (pretty much my extended family members) and sister. It was awesome really. And last night, apart from having a catch up session, they decided to celebrate my birthday too! We had cake and they gave me a card! I was so happy! I loved the content of the card. Despite not keeping in touch for a really long time, we still click and when we were chatting, it's as though none of us ever changed. You know you're in good company when you can strike up a great conversation even though you were apart for a really long time. You also know that they're the real deal. I like that and I thank God that He has place people like this in my life! Our conversation included our fetishes, current issues (we're serious like that), spiritual development and career paths and so on. 

That's me and mah cake. Half of it is carrot cake and half of it is cheese cake with an Oreo base. Topped with Greek yoghurt, kiwi and walnut! Yumm....

The birthday card. One of them is a graphic designer and this is her font. Simple but tasteful!

And this is us! Viva la Girls' Brigade!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Youthful Sunday

My outfit that I have planned for today. Today's Diocesan Youth Sunday and so I decided to dress more 'youthful' to church. Cool but very dressed up and not down. A little effort but looking effortless. Below is the break down of my outfit:

Blazer with gold buttons: Thrifted
White dot textured top: Mango
Distressed maroon denim: Garage Jeans from Brands Outlet
Bangle: Gift from a friend. You can buy these at Kuching Waterfront. Loads of those handmade knick knacks.
Necklace: Gift from mom. It's a beautiful silver necklace with a Minora on top and a Star of David at the bottom.
Bag is from Warehouse.
Hi-Top Sneakers: Vans