Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Finally, after so many weeks since the New Year began, I have come up with a New Year's Resolution. =D

I noticed during the holidays, I've been staying at home. And the people I hang out with most during this holidays, are people from my church. The friends I have at Uni are mostly from Miri or elsewhere. Which means during the holidays, they're back at their hometown. So...this leaves me no one to go out with. Shoot! Friends from secondary school are all working. Sad. Which brings to my first resolution: Get a better social life. Cos I seriously think it's a drab. Ways to get a better social life: Join Swinburne Choir. Join the Drama Club. Join the Dance Club. I hope these measures would help me get a better social life. Also, I need to change my own mentality. I shouldn't be too choosy with who I be friends with. I should accept people as they are, no matter what.

Second resolution would be to work my ass off! Time to not be lazy! These few days, I'm trying to get busy with ANYTHING and try to get things done! This is also to get ALL revisions, lab reports, assignments etc. done ON TIME. I've learnt my lesson the last time of submitting late. My lecturer almost didn't want to accept it! That shall not happen again.

Thirdly, I want to be committed in EVERYTHING I do. I do not want to say yes to anything until I can fully commit. No more giving people empty promises and learn to say NO when I can't. Which reminds me....for Girls' Brigade, I'm gonna give myself one more year. If I am still not serious about it, I'm gona have to say asta la vista to it. Because the others are committed and the last thing they need is for me to bring them down due to my lack of commitment. So that's set!

Actually I thought that my resolution this year is to NOT make any resolution. But...we can't live a life without goals can we? We need a clear direction of where we want to go. Otherwise it would be a ship without a captain.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Pants On The Ground

I was watching American Idol last night at midnight till 1am. Totally love Season 9! So intense and....hilarious! There's one in particular that I liked...Hahahaha.....He's a General and he's 62 years old! Can you believe that? And he's got some moves there... It's a song with a meaning...to tell you to get a belt or....You'll be looking like a fool with your pants on the ground! Here's a video for your entertainment. =)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm Going....

Btw, did you know that Christine's going to watch Paramore LIVE in Singapore?


Say what??

Even I myself can't believe it!!

It's definitely gona be my first time overseas. Minus the time I went there when I was a baby. That does NOT count. Cos I barely can remember ANYthing.

I can't wait to see this......

And this.....

And this...

And...she ain't a blonde nemore...

Gona get me some faux leather jacket when I'm at Singapore. If I can afford any, that is. Can't seem to find it here...Boohoo...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Time To Go~~~

Hey guys!

I know you've all heard about the attacks on churches last Friday and I do believe it is a detestable one but I shall respond in grace. For I do believe REAL Muslims aren't like that. Am I right my Muslim friends? They are just a bunch of people who do not read or know of the Quran. And instead of protesting in peace, they protest in violence. Islam is a religion of peace. The group of imbeciles who threw molotov cocktail have just contradicted what they believe in and shamed their own people and religion.

But us Christians, we forgive you. For you do not know the basis of your actions.

Today, after much talk with my brother regarding his future, you know....which College/Uni he should go to since he recently finished his SPM. It reminded me that the time has come for me to apply for scholarships too. I was so fired up to apply for a scholarship last year but most were not open for application yet. Most of em open their applications around this time. Now that the time has come, it's like....wow, I'm applying for a scholarship! And to think that when I got my SPM results, I wasn't ready to leave Kuching yet. My results weren't that good either..

So I guess I shouldn't let go of the oppourtunity. My Foundation results are good. 3.5 for my first semester and 3.21 for my second semester. Though I didn't get all HDs, I'm proud of my achievement. It's better than any of my academic achievements in my whole life! I guess you'd say I shouldn't pass the opportunity to apply for a scholarship right? So I'ma gather up my gutts to apply for one.

And they asked whether I wana study in Malaysian Universities or Overseas....

I decided overseas.


I have absolutely no experience living in a foreign place without my family. I am used to being apart from them though. But for a long time? I really have no idea how I will respond to that. Maybe for now I won't feel anything. But maybe when I get there I will. Perhaps it will make me appreciate my family more and not take them for granted.

Overseas....which country? I hate being cold cos my hands would freeze. So I decided that ANY country that snows is out of my list. =P Meaning US, UK and China. Which leaves Australia, Thailand and Indonesia. It is tempting to go to Thailand and Indonesia but I have to remind myself that this isn't a vacation. Hahaha..... That's when I decided Australia it is. Besides, it's a little closer to home. Geographically only....it's not like I can go home frequently...=( And it is also the end of the boyfriend.....I can't stand long distance relationships. Neither can he. And that IS the hardest to let go of.

This is a big step for me. And I am wondering whether this is God's will. But I will try applying for it. I'm sure if I leave it in His hands, He will take care of it.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hello people!!

First and foremost, I wana wish everyone a Happy New Year!!

I know...I've not been posting. Been busy! A lot of things were happening...and very fun...mostly busy with things at church. Carolling to be exact. When there's carolling, there's eating. I can tell you that I did put on weight. Two people that I have not seen in a long time told me that I put on weight. It's a good thing for me. It means that my metabolism rate has slowed down. But it also means that I have to start being a teeny weeny bit more concious about my weight, making sure that I don't balloon too much. I was concious bout my weight before this but more to putting on weight. Now, I have to focus on toning my body. I want the fats to be evenly distributed. =D

So how was your New Year's Eve? Mine was simple but great! Been having so much extravaganze that I just wanted it to be simple. We had a home cooked Western meal that if we were to eat out in a restaurant, it would've cost RM700 or so. But we spent less than that. Probably it cost around RM200 - RM300? We had Sausages, Bacon, Mashed Potatoes, Salad, Buns and Red Wine....it's an awesome family meal. I made the Mashed Potatoes. Hehe...made it so sinfuly full of fat! I put loads of butter for a nice golden look and great taste...milk for a softer texture...oohhhh now that's good!

I spent first day of 2010 and Sarawak Club's Golf Club. Went swimming and then had a relaxing time in the jacuzzi...awesome I tell ya! And we had lunch. We discussed bout getting my room a dressing table and stuff...and my mum suggested I swap rooms with my older bro since my room is getting too small for both me and my sis. Well...I will miss my old room but I do need a bigger room. What with my books and all...my keyboard....my beautiful orange striped sofa bed...my study table...I sure do need a bigger room! I am actually thrilled that I'm getting a bigger room...I can get to go crazy with my interior design cos that room's got a BALCONY!!! =D I've got a place to chill out!! I'm really, really excited!!! And I'm thrilled that I'm getting single bed now... All this while I've been using a queen size bed with my sister. I have to tell ya that I don't like it after the years. Since my mom gave the green light and daddy is willing to pay, I can go crazy with expressing myself. Yahoo!! Happy happy happy!!

Tonight am gonna have a cousin's night out at Secret Sanctuary...yayy!! I really am enjoying my New Year. =]
The bacon and sausage!!


The sinful mashed potatoes.

The salad.

Buns with butter as appetizers

A meal fit for a King?

Buns and wine.

My meal. =)

After the meal, we went to church for our night watch. That's where I do my New Year's countdown every year. Ushering in the New Year by praising God. Every year starts with God and ends with God. =) After the church service, went for New Year supper with Gwen, Elly, Frank, Raymond, Ruby and Tarang. =D Whoo!! It was definitely a blast!!