Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Window Shopping

Last night I went to The Spring with my two sisters. My sis wanted to buy a modulator for the Kelisa cos our Kelisa's radio's not functioning. Well, we were considering a modulator or something to plug in my iPod to the car. Cos it's gonna be a long ride to Sri Aman... 3 hours. Can't go without music.

At Spring, I saw Shaun, ah Phael's cousin. Haha....wanted to say "Hai" but....I decided that I'm lawa so I didn't. =P

We went to Switch, the authorized reseller of Apple products. I saw what I wanted, something to plug in my iPod and it charges the iPod at the same time. costs RM300++. Sighs......something so cool but so expensive. Huargh!! I want it...... time lah...when I already kerja.

The we went to another shop. Forgot the name... Saw a speaker for iPod. Doesn't charge it but okay larh....and it only costs RM39. But when we tried it, it wasn't loud and the sound quality just isn't there. So ended up buying a modulator and try whether can put iPod or not. If not just use USB lah. And I saw really cheap earphones. There's one....kononnya got Bass Boost but when I tried it on my iPod, all I hear was the guitars and no bass and the vocals were totally unheard! What to expect from an RM8 earphone anyway? Haha. Then I tried this China brand one. Slightly more expensive and it says "super bass". It's good. Can hear the bass, the vocals, the guitars....everything. It costs me a nice RM16. Not too bad....

After that we went off to Padini Autentics. favourite shop and the ONLY shop I would go to when at the Spring. Cos besides PA, there's Vincci. Aiyoh.....I fell in love with a dress. And I do have an urge to buy it but it's expensive!! RM196.90 Sighs.....And...I don't think it will suit most of my style but I really like it!! I love hustle when wearing cos it's just one piece. And I fell in love with a pair of shoes at Vincci. It's heels. I really wana try heels this time. Hehe....and those heels are something that I can match with most of my clothes. So I think I'll be getting those heels. =) Now this is what I call love at first sight!!

After having a hard time leaving that place (cos my sis kept asking me,"ready or not??"), we went off to Big Apple to buy donuts. And again....I saw Shaun but pretended I didn't see him. And I know he saw me and I saw him taking out his handphone. And I should be expecting a message. And true enough, I got a message from him. Swt... How he got my number? He got it from Ralph. I don't really like people giving my number but....since I know Shaun, it's okay. And he thought my sis was my mom. =.=" I told my sis and she was like...again?? Well, at least he apologized after that.

Hmmm.....modulators don't work with iPods.

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prettychellereena said...

why some ppl are soooo weird saying jie jessa ur mum haih.she's not old la...aduhhh hhaah if ure mum is wif u she's ur grandma lah..haih..hahaha