Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dayung Sangon

What I'm wearing...

Striped shirt - Brands Outlet
Skirt - Bershka
Belt - Grandmother's
Booties - Vincci
Earrings - Gift from a friend

Today, I am fortifying my identity as a Bidayuh native. The belt shown was my grandmother's. It is part of the Bidayuh traditional wear. It's the real deal as in real brass (I think it's brass). Not the flimsy ones that you see today. I feel really blessed to actually own it. It's such a fine piece with intricate details that just exudes elegance! I thought that I was crazy to bring it to daily wear but shouldn't it be that way? To modernize it and make it relevant? This is a whole new level altogether. I only wore this to dinners but now I'm taking it out with me. This look, to me, is sexy and updated. Ideal for a modern day Dayak lady.

When putting together this outfit, I thought a nice black clutch with silver linings would be great. I'd wear this to a fashion show even. But I thought no harm in wearing it to class, minus the booties. I ended up wearing my Vans sneakers. There's no way I can survive with the booties. And then I thought of putting on a vest....

Yay or nay?

Well, I thought it looked alright. I guess it all depends whether you want to dress it up or dress it down. I really love this striped shirt. I like using it to wear with other prints. For this look, I paired stripe with paisley prints because they are totally different type of prints. Why does this work? Since I've already worn thin striped shirt, the prints on the skirt should be bigger and should not go horizontal like the stripes. I think that explains it. If you have a better explanation, feel free to comment.

Monday, November 19, 2012


What I'm wearing...

Skirt - from Zigzag Boutique at Wisma Saberkas
Heart necklace - Vincci
Soft pig skin leather brogues - Topshop

I opted for simplicity today. Having Monday Blues but you don't have to look like it. Just wear something nice and simple. It works.

I got this white shirt during my uncle's funeral. It's those white tees that funeral parlours distribute to the family of the deceased to wear to identify them. I just thought it makes a good basic despite where it was coming from...so...why not?

Sunday, November 18, 2012


What I'm wearing...

Knitted cardigan - hand-me-downs from my cousin
Pants - Elle
Shoes - Primavera
Butterfly ring

I'm so exhausted after helping out in the children's camp! But it was well worth it and I don't regret a single thing. They really made my day and made me feel that life is great. They've also been such a comfort to me as well. Anyway, so today I went to church and saw some of the kids. Man, I'm so exhausted I don't even know what to write. I guess I'll get right to business. I wore something pretty simple today and I absolutely love these shoes! I picked them out for my sister. I also love the pants that I'm wearing. Looks a lot like leggings but it's not. It's thick enough so your panty lines aren't noticeable. I bought it for half price at Elle in Spring. Notice the necklace. It's on repeat.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

I wana go to a concert!!

Hey guys! We meet again! Told ya I'll be updating a little more frequently aight? So today (actually yesterday), the plan was to go for Yuna's Homecoming Tour. I've been planning to go for this for ages! But...in the end, I decided to go and help out for the children's camp. It was worth it but I still wish I had gone to the concert. I'm quite a fan of Yuna's and I love going to concerts but when there's a concert going on in Kuching, I can't go. But I've been checking out concerts. Swedish House Mafia is going to do their last tour in KL on 18th Jan and there's gona be Future Music Festival going on in March. I'd like to go for both. Hopefully that can come true! Gotta see how much it costs before I can actually decided anything. But based on the acts, I'm more inclined to SHM cos the only act for the festival that I like is The Temper Trap. A band that I truly like. As for A Night Of Trance, Armin's gona be the main act. Not such a big fan of his though.

Anyway, I've got a new skirt that my sister bought for me on her recent trip to KL. I must say, I'm such a sucker for paisley prints...I mean, who isn't?? And also, I'm sporting side-swept hair and still in love with my red lipstick!

What I'm wearing....

Graphic racer back tee - Forever 21
Printed Skirt - Berschka

This is not what I wore today. I wore something else but can't seem to upload the pics. I wore this outfit sometime last week. I notice that I keep wearing this necklace eversince I found it again. I haven't worn these in ages! It's refreshing to use it again. And here, I'm sporting red nails and red lips. I bought the red nail polish a few weeks ago on impulse. I really wanted to buy something that I didn't need but didn't want to regret it and end up broke. So, I bought nail polish at Sasa at tHe Spring. It cost me about RM6.90 if I'm not mistaken. The brand is called Eleanor. I love the brush and texture of this nail polish! Probably the best I've ever used. It dries out fast but not so fast to the point it hardens the brush. It's just nice. I highly recommend!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Arm Swag!

I'm always happiest when I go to campus dressed up nicely. Like today. I'm very happy with what I've put on. It's like a sense of achievement because most of the time, I really don't feel like dressing up. So I have to ignore whatever I'm feeling and make the effort to dress up. It really does have a psychological effect! Cos I feel a lot happier. It's depressing enough not having much of a life cos I'm constantly trying my best to get my work done, get good grades and play Diablo go out once in a while. I even said no to many entertainments because I knew I had something that needs to be done. I used to just go out and worry about work later. But this is a new me. A more disciplined me. It paid off though. Getting work done on time is actually less stressful than getting work done at the last minute! Plus, my grades are fantastic right now. Better than it's ever been. Anyway, don't wana bore you with work-talk. Here is today's outfit!!

What I'm wearing....

Button-up blouse - MNG
Racer back dress - Forever 21
Bracelets - Left&Right, Colourful one was bought from another friend here.

And my shoes is my trusty Vans sneakers. Goes so well with everything! I don't regret spending almost RM200 on it. I must find another pair of sneakers! I love my arm swag! I just love stacking up all my bracelets on one hand. It's the trend now anyway. Glad I've collected quite a few to get this look. It's better when you have different textures and colours on one hand. Makes the whole look more interesting rather than just getting one of the same type. Lately I've been sporting the side-swept hair. I was so bored with my hair cos I practically do nothing with it (other than colour it) but now, I just pin my hair on one side and sweep it to the other side. So as of now, this is my signature do. It's gona stay I believe. You just gotta have a signature look that just reflects you.

All that talk on Brands Outlet really makes me wana shop there! I was walking around in Boulevard the other day and saw many cheap stuff, including a new shop called POP 21 which I believe is kind of a cheaper version of Forever 21. But...I must resist. A day will come when I can shop in peace!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ain't Got No Time!

Oh dear, here I go again being such a bad, bad blogger. Not updating for ages. This outfit posting thing felt like a nuisance. While I love dressing up, taking pictures of myself...well, it feels like I'm such a self-centred, vain being who worship nothing but herself. But then again, I love dressing up! Right now, I feel like that isn't such a bad thing after all. As long as I keep that in check at keep in touch with reality. Anyway, my pictures will not be half as good as other bloggers. And then I thought, who cares about other bloggers?? This is me!! Maybe they have photographers following them wherever they go, I don't. Too bad. But I promise myself that I will use whatever means to showcase what I love to do despite being a little less appealing. I will share with you what I'm wearing in an almost everyday basis.

Fortunately, I have pictures! I have been 'documenting' looks that I have been sporting. I shall begin with the first one that I took so that I have something to blog about. Hehehh....and maybe keep you posted on what I'm currently wearing. Give you all a little something to feast on. I'm too lazy to go through the internet to get inspiration. I ain't got no time for that!

There, she said it. I got other things to do on the internet. Like Facebook finding formulas and Physics stuff. Anyhow, today I had to wear the most uninteresting outfit. SO uninteresting that it is not picture worthy. And my hair looked sad! It's cos I had a lab session today. So it means T-shirt, jeans and sneakers day. I hate that. It's like a student Engineer's uniform. It's what I aim to avoid! But here's what I wore on a cold rainy Sunday in Kuching...

What I'm wearing....

Hat - bought at a kiosk at tHe Spring 
Necklace - bought years ago at KL
Blazer - thrifted
Dress - Brands Outlet located at Boulevard Shopping Mall
Black socks
Peep toe wedged booties - Vincci (probably not available anymore)

I really loved this blazer the moment I set my eyes on it! Unfortunately it was pretty hard to style with it. Until this day. It had this unique structure that I like. It's probably from the 90s or something. 

So basically my style is more of using what I already have. I've not been shopping much lately and being a student, I'm always on a budget! This year I challenged myself to use whatever I have and create something totally new! So far, it has been great. Never tell yourself that you have nothing to wear. Go online and search for inspirations. There's plenty out there! No magazine needed either. Also, know where to shop. Brands Outlet is such a great place to shop on a budget and it constantly have great deals. 

That's all from me now, my assignment is calling. Toodles! :D

While you're at it, if you have instagram, do follow me @chris_scribbles

Friday, August 17, 2012

Black, Leather and Prints

And so I'm back again! I know I said that I wanted to do a Birthday photoshoot kinda thing. But that didn't worked out cos some of my friends had exams on my b-day! I thought of doing it another day but it just wouldn't be the same! :( While that didn't work out, I had a nice and simple tea party with my close friends who were available on the evening of my b-day itself. It was better than what I initially had planned although having more people would have been awesome. So now, I am officially 22! Yay!

Now to the topic at hand.....

Last night, I went to watch The Expendables 2 with my bestie. I was going through my closet and saw my leather jacket that has not been used in about 6 months. But last night I had an epiphany of a really cool outfit that I could pull off with the jacket. The result? Testosterone wreaked look injected with estrogen resulting in a dangerous fine line of looking like a tranny. No pictures for proof, unfortunately. But the point is, I went to watch The Expendables 2 with a badass outfit. Leather jackets are badass and last night, I felt as though leather jackets would come back again (not that is out of style yet, it's just not so phenomenal due to the season and I haven't been keeping up with trends). And today, I have been on the Internet wasting my life away and I decided to see if my hunch was correct - that leather jackets are back. And it is. Below are some looks that I personally like. Not too OTT and kinda acceptable here.

I also came across some stuff I like that's not leather but mostly blacks and prints. I think these are very clever ways to spice up your look - play around with visuals. Although, not many people are very good at this. It takes a lot of practice! I'm not too good at it myself.

I definitely wana try these out someday!

Monday, July 23, 2012

This Calls For Celebration!

Ola! It's been awhile, I know. Can't help it. Things just keep coming up like a thief in the night! Anyway, the reason for posting is, I'm going to turn 22 soon! I have no idea why am I so hyped up about that. Just last year I was dreading to be 21. It's either I dread it or couldn't even care less about my birthday. There was even a year where I forget it! But I guess I have come to a realization that I need to appreciate my life (not that I never! I just lived it carelessly!) and mostly, my age and live it to the fullest!

I've been thinking of what to do for my birthday this year to make it more memorable and meaningful. And I thought, what better way to remember things other than photographs and a movie? Things will be kept at that moment and when you look back at them, the memories will forever be engraved in that picture. So that's it! A birthday photo shoot and video! A day to spend with the people I cherish the most and to remember it through pictures and a video. I am so excited about it. So different! It shall be simple and not made up at all. I thought of the whole outfits and what not but then, it wouldn't be real! Maybe I'll do the whole dinner thing as well but we'll see how it goes. I will definitely post it up here! :-D

And this is me for my birthday...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Guess Who's Back?

Again, my sincere apologies for not updating frequently! Been real busy. I've gravitated to being a nerd this semester as I was really determined to do better this semester. Hope all hard work pays off! So what have I been up to as of late? Gawai festivities of course! And my nephew got married during this wonderful festival. Gawai + wedding, nothing is more potent than that! It's killer!!

First things first, prior to the wedding I suddenly had the urge to use the hairdryer and iron straightener again after many failed attempts to. Although it didn't turn out straight, I had nice big curls. (Better than the ones I got after a trip to the salon as this time, I had volume!) So I decided to go for this hairstyle for a while. 

And now, packing for the wedding (as it was gona be at my mom's hometown). Travelling. I had to consider whether it's easy to pack and easy to use, and turned out pretty well for me.

The actual day. 

I can see that I have no potential on being a car model. Nope, zilch, nada! That's my sister on the right, by the way.

Necklace: Diesel | Blouse: thrifted | Trousers: nichii | Booties: Vincci | Clutch: Mom's | Bangle: Sister's

My hair didn't turn out exactly as what I did the other day but it looked fine. For the dinner, I ended up being a make up artist for my cousin, and my 3 aunts. It was nuts! But it was a great experience being a very inexperienced make up artist. Too bad I had no pictures of what I wore. :(

After all this craziness, I do believe that I need to have my sleep back. Been having too many late nights! After last night's gig at my house, thankfully, that marks the end of eating, entertaining guests and drinking. Well, hopefully!

Monday, April 2, 2012


Me and the designer herself, Eileen Phoan! :D

Apologies for the late update! Got caught up with tests and assignments but I am back! And I've got the pictures from the photoshoot! Yayy! Also, I have finally rectified the problem with my blog. Somehow it decided to revert back to the classic template or I did that myself but can't remember. Do take a look at my friend's hand made accessories. They are super affordable and you can get them here, at her Facebook page.

This year is definitely full of blessings! I've been doing things that I never thought I would do. I didn't think that my friend would approach me and ask me to be her model. Not to say that I am model material. By model standards, I am too short to be a model. So I am not one and I never declared myself to be one in the first place. Since this photoshoot, people started noticing me in campus too. I'm not used to the 'extra attention' since I'm so used to being visible but invisible. Trying not to let it get to my head too much. This is just my hobby. I'm still the same old me. :D

Also, please do stay tuned to my blog as I have more projects coming right up! :D

Thursday, March 8, 2012


T-shirt: Pull&Bear / Trousers: nichii / Patent leather flats: Steve Madden / Belt: Came free with a dress I bought :D

Hey hey! I'm back! Classes have resumed so I got caught up with that. As promised from the last post, I will post up pictures of my latest project (well, not so latest now that it's 3 weeks overdue!). But I have not got the pictures from the photographer due to my never ending procrastination on such a simple task. Tsk, tsk. I had a little project with my friend and course mate, Eileen of Left&Right, photographed by Stefan. She sells handmade accessories which are so worth it! She made them so intricately and her designs are well thought of. I highly recommend. In fact, I own 4 or her designs already! And yours truly is the face to her latest collections. *wink wink* To get a handmade bracelet or necklace by the super talented and super genius, Eileen please go to her Facebook page here. Also, you can view Stefan's photography at his website called Suku Kia.

Anyhuu, back to this outfit post. Sorry bout the photo quality. Camera ran out of battery so I had to use the phone. I bought a new pair of trousers on Tuesday and it was well worth it and here I am wearing them! I was a bit nervous in pulling this outfit off to campus because I don't usually go for pants with this kind of structure. I usually go for skinnies. Jeans. Black. But I thought I needed to get out of my comfort zone and explore different structure and a different colour palette. After a while, I thought it looked pretty good. Just a matter of getting used to. Really good stepping stone to entering adulthood eh? ;-)

Well, I hope I can get hold of the pictures from the photoshoot tomorrow. Continue to stay tune to my blog cos I have something coming up as well! Wish I could tell you but I don't wana jinx the progress ya know. So excited! 

Blessings! :-D

Friday, February 17, 2012

A Poser

Today I had a photoshoot with a friend for her hand made accessories line. We were all just a bunch of novices doing what we love - being creative. Hopefully the pictures will be up next week and will blog about it more.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Of Fashion Shows and Such

Happy Belated Valentine's Day everyone! And so, Scribbles of A Girl is yet again late for another major pop culture celebration! But that is not why I wanted to blog. 

I've finally gotten a chance to watch the Polyvore Live fashion show! I wanted to catch the live streaming but I can never get the time right. All those GST and what not... I did pay attention in Geography class but lets face it, I can never get it right. If you wana check it out, you can watch it here.

It's so great to see top bloggers (fashion bloggers of course!) walk the runway cos they're real girls! (With the exception of some who are actual models.) Thumbs up! Design, not something for me to jump up and down for but there were a few that caught my eye. Good enough, no? For a novice fashion blogger myself, that is. This year, I made it a point to take note of Fashion Week dates. Don't wana miss out on all the fashion goodness! (And also to keep up with other fashion bloggers!!!) But mine will be rather outdated as I don't get any invitation to all those fancy shows and watch them live. :(

After watching this fashion show, I now know why ordinary girls cannot walk the runway. :'( The height, the skinniness (is there even such a word??), the symmetry and uniqueness of a model's face, makes all the difference. Or is this what society paints what a model should look like? But alas, there is a reason for it as much as we'd love to say to some models,"GO EAT A BURGER!". We ordinary girls must also face the fact that some are just born with unique facial features and height that is coveted by many designers.

There's so much debate going on about how the size of models make girls turn to extreme measures just to look like one. Let's face it, with or without images of skinny models, women will still be unsatisfied with how they look like. It's a fact of life! Personally I like seeing them. But I do agree that some designs calls for curvier women. Anyway, skinny girls does not mean beautiful. Some were born that way and more often than not, they are not happy with how they look because they're so skinny and tall and are made fun of. It's so wonderful to see stories of how awkward girls who were bullied are being scouted by modelling agents. It's a turn around for them, a sweet revenge so to speak.

But this is such a subjective matter. I shall not go on otherwise this will turn into a debate. I hope to blog more. Wanted to do an outfit post but I do not have someone to photograph me.  

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


It's been many weeks since my trip to KL. Been meaning to blog about it alas, procrastination got the best out of me! Also, this blog has missed major events such as Christmas and New Year's and Chinese New Year. A thousand apologies!

Anyway, I went to KL just to go for Foster The People's concert. And I must say, the concert was awesome!! Thank God I was able to catch them live cos they are one of my favourite bands! And as you can see, I did a little shopping. Hihi. A must when I am there I suppose. I didn't think of shopping but my father gave me some money so I thought might as well spend it. 

From top to bottom:
1) Mango sling bag. Bought it just so that I can keep my stuff while going around in KL. 
2) Hobo bag. Bought this at Brand Outlet. 
3) Close up of hobo bag
4) Black dress. This was not bought in KL but here in Kuching at One Jaya. This was for Christmas. 
5) Skinnys. I just had to get a new pair, especially in this colour! Also bought at Brands Outlet store. The best part? Buy 2 pairs for RM100! 
6) Zipper detail of skinnys. This was what caught my eye!
7) Some blouse bought at Isetan. I love baggy tops.
8) Close up.
9) Pull&Bear tank. I liked the prints on this one.
10) & 11) FTP tee! The design kinda reminds me of All The Wild Things. Kinda creepy but I just had to.
12) Striped shirt bought at BO as well.
13) Vans sneakers! Finally! My teenage dream have been fulfilled. 

Can't wait to do outfit posts! :)