Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Chad Blondel's Concert

Overall, I liked the concert cos his singing....totally awesome! It's perfect! The bassist...waiseh.....got skill!! And looks.... =P At first I was just admiring his skills then I noticed his face....not too bad. Heheh.... Oh! And before the concert started, I saw a guy who has the kind of looks that I like. However, didn't see him again after that. Oh well...that's not my purpose for going to the concert anyway. I'm there to have fun in the Lord!!

The kekurangan of this concert is that....there's no lyrics!! How are we going to worship God comfortably when we don't even know the lyrics? I feel that it's more like worldly concert than a Christian one. And as a song writer, I'd like to know the lyrics. Anyways, I went there to worship the Lord!!

Well....it's fun though. I was basically screaming and clapping and jumping......even head banged! I was with my youth group and I found Pam. Haha.... We put our arms around our shoulders and head banged together. Ahh.....sama palak. =) I think my youth group's the craziest of all on the right side. HAha!! Especially the guys.... Really know how to enjoy themselves. Come to think of it...We should be in front leading everybody to jump and praise the Lord with the crazy things we can do....Haha!!

His songs are awesome! The rock songs...wah!! I like all the chord progressions. Wish I could make a song like that. Haha....but I'm just a budding song writer. Who knows? I could make a better one. I'm still thinking of a tune for a praise song. Surprisingly I can play cool, spontaneous tunes on the bass. Hopefully I can make a great praise song for people to praise God with.

Oh yeah! There was a band who played before Chad Blondel performed. They're called Synergy Youth. I like the girl's voice. Very suitable with what she's singing. A rocker voice... Wish I have it. Instead, I'm stuck with such an immature voice. Well....at least I can sing. =P

I hope to be able to form a group like Planetshakers and Hillsongs but it's Malaysia's very own. We now have 1a.m.. But I think we should have more. You never know, maybe someday I can tour with them and share with the world my song. I love to perform. It's my hobby. I love to emulate stage performances by Hayley Williams cos I think her stage performance is one of the best.

Well, that's all from me.

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