Wednesday, May 7, 2008


After a family meeting over lunch, it is decided that I shall go to Swinburne. =) And go for form 6 for the time being. Since I joined the band and am entering competition. I mean, I can't just back out just like that. It's all thanks to my father! My mother's been influenced by what the teacher said about Form 6. (and honestly, so am I.) And it is pressuring me to go for matriks. So I decided, hey....why don't I go for Swinburne? Since dad's totally into bringing me there. And....Swinburne's a lot better than going for matriks right? So...I confirm pergi Swinburne lah. Expected to begin in July.

It's true what the teacher said about Form 6. STPM is very hard. And the chances of getting good grades is low. Furthurmore when going to uni, priority is given to matriks students. So, even if you do get good grades for STPM, you still don't have much chance cos they put matriks students first then only Form 6 students. It really made me think twice bout going for Form 6. And...going for matrics, is not an option for me. No way. I don't like a sudden change of plans. Then I remembered Swinburne. =) I wanted to go there before I got my SPM results then I totally forgot about it.

Funny how last time, my dad really wanted me to go Swinburne but I mati-mati don't want. And everytime I hear "Swinburne", I cringe to hear it. But now...haha.....I want it. Ironic huh?

The reason why I don't wana go for Matrics.... Simple. I was thinking....yeah, I may get better offers and all that, compared to Form 6. But does good education guarantee you a job? No. If you don't have a job, you don't have a job. And good grades can't really help you in that. So for me, anything goes. As long as got place to learn something lah. (but cannot be an unknown college also lah..) And I believe that I'm here to stay. I believe God has a reason for it, I don't know. But I know I'm suppose to stay.

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