Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nothing Much

Well, nothing much happened today. Did the usual routine.

I went to the combined prayer meeting just now. Went there just to show Anders my song and to hear his version of it. =) Well, I got something out of this prayer meeting. I've never seen so many Christians coming together to pray in one voice for our country! Praise God so many of them turned up. =D

Anyway, bout my song. Anders version of it is so sweet! I like it! Thanks Anders for your contribution. =]

Oh, and before the prayer meeting started, I got a text from Raphael....but I got no credit to reply. Huhu....=( =( =( Imagine how frustrated I was....anyway, even if I had credit, I won't reply. Prayer meeting dowh...... I'll buy credit and reply him tomorrow. =) There's always tomorrow. Sorry honey.

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