Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm having a really bad stomachache since last night. I don't know what's going on but I think it's a gastric. Went online to see the symptoms and turns out that it's not caused by not eating as I thought it was but it's due to an inflamed stomach lining that could be caused by alcohol consumption. So I'm not going to classes today. Good thing I only have a 2 hour lecture today.

I wanted to post something today.....but due to the pain in my stomach, guess not. =/

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I love Chinese Guy

He's right about some stuff. You gotta check this guy out. Warning: Boleh menyebabkan anda terasa sikit. =]


I think Swinburne's boring. Yes. You heard me. The most 'glamorous' college is by far the most boring Uni you could ever go to. The activities that they have like Battle of The Bands...Swin Night...Prom Night..... It's all getting boring. And I can tell you that 80% of the activities (like Swin Night) are like ones where you must dress to's so.....typical. I envy people in Unimas. Unimas seem to have the craziest and lamest but fun activities.. I want that. I might as well transfer to Unimas wise, I still like Swinburne. You know, when I tell people that I'm in Swinburne, they're like "! One of the prestigous Uni in Kuching and bla, bla, bla..." All the activities we have...they're more for like the rich people kinda activities. Why can't we have like Malam Kebudayaan ka.....Malam Citrawarna ka....or anything like that. Well, I don't wana join Student Council as I said, people in there are snobs and such. I won't fit in...or....I'll end up becoming like them. No, I won't give up my humanity. I don't want to be yet another typical plastic Swinburne kid.

And don't you think Secret Recipe cakes suck? Well, except for Chocolate Indulgence.... The rest are just not nice. People actually couldn't believe my birthday cake was from Mita and not Secret Recipe. Sorrylarr.....Secret Recipe punya "Moist CHocolate Cake" is so not moist.... I still love Mita's stuff. They specialize in baking. Of course better than Secret Recipe.

And Paramore's Ignorance Official Video is out on MTV!

Monday, August 10, 2009

While everyone's into Lady Gaga......

I'm into Little Boots. I just love the British pop scene like Lily Allen.

Enjoy. =]

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ol' Times

WOohoo!! I'm going back to band again!! Woohoo!! Im' STOKED!!! This time as Colour Guard. Someone dancing...I weird kan? Hahaha...ME.... Dancing........ But I'm more into throwing those flags. =]

Going back to school again...hahaha........that's gona be fun....and weird. Cos...every other band member will be those still schooling while I might be the only one who's not. The only alumni there.....hmm........ Kinda feel weird cos there would be no one my age to talk to but it's always refreshing to talk to people younger than you......Cos they make you feel young again. HAHAHA....... and then you'll realise you're older and wiser cos they come to you with many problems and you have a 1001 advice to give them. Hahaha....

I know it's gona be really stressful juggling between band and studies cos I'm gona start my Degree real in, NEXT WEEK!!! WOW....... I really wonder if I can cope. But.....if you were a band member and you have a chance to do it all over again, you would definitely to do at all cost.

I'm not so hard core as compared to last time. If The Cavaliers or Blue Devils win....meh, I don't care nemore. Since I'm no longer in doesn't seem to make me excited anymore, for all I care. All I care is that I am in a marching band and still doing it. Anyway, watching it makes me miss being in a marching band even more! And it makes me fantasize about joining it once again. I definitely didn't want my head to be bubbled up with my imagination. Also, I don't wana watch some other team win, I want MY team to win. Well, this kinda mentality was instilled in me during Kester's era in Green Chords. I became unusually competitive.

So what's a marching band? It's kinda like a uniform body that plays an instrument. I guess that's how you categorize that. Well, what we do for every band practice is pretty much the same. We spend day up till night in school on Saturdays to practice, practice and practice. Amidst all that work, we still have a fair share of play. We have our crazy times.

A day in band practice kicks start with physical training. And this is one of my favourite. It pumps up adrenaline into every nook and cranny of your body. Physical training starts at 7.30am and can last until 9am? It varies actually.... So we're pretty fit cos physical training's very intense. It includes the usual joggings, suicides, carrying chairs over your head for 5 minutes, stretchings and loads other weird physically draining things you can think of. I hate frog jumps but it's good.

After that would be body flexibility exercises where we do exercises that helps make our body more flexible. Followed by our marching fundamentals where we learn our physically strainous marching stuff. Easy but if done over and over again, it's tiring and boring. And you'll get annoyed with people who just can't get it right.

Then comes the fun and the best part........the actual action where we start doing our formation which starts at about 10am before the sun's scorching hot.

That's part of our schedule for practice. And it goes on till night. And we do this for months to complete a 10 minute show. It is amazing how we put in a lot of time to perfect something that lasts only minutes. And those 10 minutes would be the best adrenaline pumping moment of your life cos after all those hard work, you can finally show your stuff to everyone.

That's one of the joy of marching band for me. I love being at the field doing my stuff and showing it off. It's just what I love to do - performing. To me, marching band is a place to cultivate performers and creative people. Cos on field, we can let our imagination go wild and put up crazy choreography. In a way, marching band could be a kind of performing art. Maybe it is but I just didn't know.

I love what I'm doing and I am not going let this chance go, that's for sure. =]

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Okay. So I finally decided to seek the magic of the self proclaimed dry skin specialist, Rosken. And I have to say, it worked. I see a significant difference after my first usage.

What made me not pick this body lotion in the first place despite it being well known as the dry skin specialist and having rave reviews from magazines? Simple. It doesn't smell very......perfume. And the packaging doesn't look interesting.

But it works like magic. So I'll have to ignore the smell and the uninteresting packaging for awhile. I need my legs to stop looking like I have neglected it. Smooth and beautiful legs, here I come! =D

Anyway, other than that....this holidays have got me thinking, a lot. For my recent birthday, I had lots of people wishing me happy birthday and thank you all so much by the way. One of them from Anders...he was talking about my fashion line and hope that I will get into it. Ohh.....those dreams I had when I was in secondary school...... I really wonder if they can actually materialize. I've always been a loner when I was in Form 5 and Anders was the one that I truly talked to. So of course, I also shared my hopes and dreams to him.

The thing really got me I just dreaming too much? Seriously, I have lots of dreams of doing music and on the side, put up a fashion line. But now.....I still love music....I still love fashion.....just that, the fashion thing...... I think it's a world filled with plastic. I for one, don't think I can be different. also got me thinking that.....maybe I'm dreaming too much. Cos right now, I'm barely doing anything about. Music yes. But fashion, no. =(

Apart of me says that I'm just a big dreamer but destined to be a mere engineer. But another part of me tells me that I am born creative and not conforming to anything 'normal'. It also tells me that in this life, we don't have to be what we HAVE to be, which for being an engineer. Sadly, my life at present, tells me that I'm not even taking any initiative of breaking the cycle of laziness and normalities that prevents me from developing my music and also fashion. Also, other duty calls..... Mostly doing church stuff. So okay, I suck at time management. But what can I do? I do spend a handful of time doing music...been jamming and stuff and doing some personal development on the piano but......throughout the holidays, I don't even have a single inspiration for a song! It just plain suck..and now, holidays are almost over..

I gotta do something....salvage every bit of myself that I can gather. Tonight, I shall start coming up with something. Tomorrow, I need to get working on the things that I love to do before it's too late!

Oh...I just remembered that I have to see Abg Zul tomorrow regarding my loan application. much for kick-starting my passions.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Happy Birthday to ME
Happy Birthday to ME

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthdaaayyyyy....................................

Happy Birthday to