Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Playlist

I was trying to come up with a Valentine's Day post but I couldn't figure out what. And then I remembered one of my pet peeves for wedding days - people's choice of "wedding" songs. My most hated wedding song would have to be Bruno Mar's Marry Me (sorry to those who did play it during their weddings) but it is a horrible wedding song. Why? It insults your marriage. I doubt it that you whimsically made the decision to marry overnight over shots of Patron. I can go on and on but let's just focus on the good ones so far. I've specifically chosen pretty recent songs because I am from that generation. The oldest song I've picked is from 2010. Also, I love music and being a musician for weddings and funerals (mostly funerals), I'd like to share with you my Valentine's Day Playlist.

#1 Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

I'm sure you've heard of this song a lot recently. Despite being overplayed, it is the best love song I've heard my generation come up with. Maybe the best in history. It's so real but so loving at the same time.

And darling, I will be loving you till we're 70
And baby, my heart could still fall as hard at 23

This phrase is a really good and pretty realistic promise to make to the person you are going to marry. 

#2 Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding

Okay, so, this may not be the best love song but it is a pretty safe song. It is one of the OST for 50 Shades of Grey and it is not the reason why I know of the song. I've always liked Ellie Goulding and I first heard this song on the radio and I had to look for it. The lyrics are, well, passionate and is obviously about sex but I would say a lot more tasteful than Love Me Harder. 

#3 How You Get The Girl by Taylor Swift

If you have been following me on Instagram or friends with me on Facebook, I have declared that I am now a Swiftie. I am just happy that she decided to go all out pop rather than that awkward country pop in-between. It's not nice sitting on the fence. I'm glad she stayed true to herself. Anyway, the thing about this song I like the most and think it's wedding appropriate is the chorus which goes a lot like this:

I want you for worse or better,
I would wait forever and ever,
Broker your heart and put it back together,
I would wait forever and ever.

This sounds very much like the vows you make at the church so it really does put a nice ring to it.

#4 Lovebug by The Jonas Brothers

I loved this song back when it first came out. I'm not sure why it's not a popular choice for a wedding song. The lyrics and music are sooooo cute, how can you not pick this song? Maybe not many people have heard of this song but I really recommend it. It just makes you all happy and...feel the lovebug in your stomach.

#5 Rhythm of Love by Plain White T's

Again, another underrated love song that should be made a wedding song. The vibe is pretty much like The Jonas Brother's Lovebug. It also gives that happy and love drunk and.....sway to the rhythm of love. 

So there you have it, my playlist for Valentine's Day! And if you plan to get married, please take heed of my song choice. You just might like it. Of course, this list will definitely expand in the years to come. I hope that someday, I'll be playing this list for meself. Until then, this is from me to you! Happy Valentine's Day ya'll!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Green With Envy

Today, I share with you one of my favourite look from 2014 with a little 2015 update. Green was my favourite colour when I was younger but not so much when I got older. When I first laid eyes on this top, I fell in love immediately. I guess the love for green never went away, just buried in the depths of my soul. Emerald green. No wonder I had a fetish for Zelina (The Wicked Witch) in Once Upon A Time which also explains the title. I loved her Emerald amulet, it looked so divine that I wish I had one. 

I had fun with this photoshoot. I used to be so self conscious and camera shy but after watching Fashion Blogger, a segment on E!, I had more confidence when I saw one of them doing the exact same thing I'm doing. Except that she has a more fancy tripod and she was daring enough to take it to the streets! If that were me, I'd feel absolutely stupid. 

Also, this is what unemployment looks like:

Necklace: H&M
Top: Miira Mew
Skirt: BB Plaza
Shoes: Island Shop
Bag: Mango
Smile: Priceless

The update to this look is the shoes. I used to pair them with my black and gold creepers but I decided it looked heavy so I opted for these wedges. I think it looks more put together than my initial approach to this outfit. 

Today, I was pretty upset to wake up only to find that the Christmas tree has been taken down. I can't believe that Christmas is already over! It is also surreal that it is already 2015! Sigh. My hope for this year is that with the amount of free time I have right now, I would explore blogging more and get inspiration. I also hope to fill this space with more interesting stuff. 

Here's to a new year!

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Cleanin' Out My Closet


It's a new year again and for me, my yearly ritual is to clean out my closet. As public service, I shall share my sought-after knowledge because I know many women who HOARDS. Yes, women are hoarders when it comes to clothes. And for some women, discounts are their kryptonite. I'll get to the kryptonite part later and I shall address the hoarding issue first.

I am pretty sure that all through 2014, you may have succumbed to impulse purchases or still keep clothes from circa 1973. Honey, no matter what, they gottta go! Now, let me tell you why you should clean out your closet and it is not solely to let in the new stuff. When you sort out your clothes, you know what you have and you will discover your purchase patterns (maybe you tend to buy printed clothing more). You will also discover what you really need to add to your wardrobe. 

This is how I sort my clothes: 

Note: This is not the final sorting of my clothes. I've discarded a few more after this.

The unwanted pile.

Before I elaborate further, I'd like to stress - Do not. I repeat. DO NOT revisit this pile. Once you do, you will think "maybe I will wear this eventually". Just don't. Chances are, if you never wore them, you never, ever will.


When sorting, keep those you always wear. It is an indication that you really like them. Put aside those you feel you want to retire (cuz sometimes, I'm sure you feel you wore something on repeat). Those that you have never touched - to the unwanted pile it goes. You don't need them. :) Do not overthink it. Always keep your dresses to recycle for dinners (especially those pesky wedding dinners!). After all, no one will know that dress was from 2007 anyway (in my case, 1980). Also, make sure you maintain the same size (best reason to keep fit!) to save on dresses.

After sorting, this is what I am left with. You don't really need much to be stylish. Although I have hanged some clothes elsewhere and some are to be washed. Borrowed some clothes for a photoshoot too.

Make it a point to not spend on things you don't really want or need. Do not be attracted by any form of sales or offer unless you know for sure that it is what you want. I'd rather pay retail price for something I know I love and will wear than a discounted item that I might not like eventually. Not unless you have a Kardashian account, then by all means - buy. Shop till you drop! Another thing - don't form any attachment to clothes. They're just things after all.

For people on a budget and will be greatly affected by GST, this is where sorting your closet helps. It helps you identify what you really want and need. What defines as want and need is entirely up to you but I would take my bank account as a reference.

I'm sure you're probably wondering what to do with the unwanted pile. It's simple. Put it in a box and donate it to people who needs it more than you do. You could also give it to H&M for them to recycle and reward yourself with discounts. I am going to try the latter and see how it works out. I will update on that once I get it done.

So this is my personal tip on cleaning out your closet. I hope it will be of help. Do comment if it needs some improvement so that I can deliver better content in the future. 


Monday, December 22, 2014

Attention All Lazy Girls!

Here's a short one, and probably my first beauty review.

This is probably the best thing mankind has ever created for lazy people like me. Soft and moisturized skin - all done in the shower. Say goodbye to tedious rubbing of lotion and "I forgot to apply lotion" days. I don't not have dry and parched skin on my shins anymore too. Thank you, Nivea! 10/10 solely for convenience.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

H&M Kuching Pre-Opening Party

As you all know, I've managed to get myself an invite to the H&M Pre-Opening Party! I was over the moon about it and I definitely cherished the moment. It just made me more and more inspired to pursue fashion. It will still be a long journey ahead but getting approval by H&M or rather, Milk PR, it means that fashion wise, I'm pretty much on the right track. Now is just the matter of whether I'm willing to put myself out there - something I am quite afraid of.

As I made my way to The Spring, I was nervous because I did not know what to expect and whether I needed to socialize. Many thoughts ran through my mind, but I am ready to face what came my way. As I reached the shop, I realized the social anxiety was unnecessary as there were many other invitees. Entering was very glamorous! Invitees get to rock the red carpet and photographers would ask us to pose while they snapped away!

So the main agenda of the night is to shop till you're drunk. Literally, because there were free rounds of champagne. Of course,  I took the opportunity to have as many as my body can tolerate. We can say, that I was high in spirit. I guess you all will know by now how massive the shop is. I was disappointed that they did not have the dress that I wanted but I did not leave empty handed. We get to have 20% discount that night. It may not sound much but it makes quite a huge difference.

While shopping, there was a DJ playing that night. I loved his mixes but I did not get his name or stage name at least. For Sarawakians, I hope you know of Arabyrd, the girl who sings (errr, actually rap) Gum On her Shoe. She's really good and I have always liked her song. So dope! I took a picture with her too.

I got to meet many of my school mates from SMK Green Road too! How old we've grown..hahaha.... by the way, I am quite obsessed with their Home Deco section. It's so hard to find simple and less stylized bed sheets but I managed to find them here!

Upon leaving, they gave us tote bag with a notebook in it! I feel so accomplished!

Being there is like being Cinderella (for me la). Got to see some pretty prominent people in Kuching's fashion scene like Sereni and Shentel. There were some ang mo there, I suppose they are shareholders or reps of H&M, some of them looked so dashing in their suits! Indeed, I was smitten. Here are some pictures from the night....

BLAZER - Thrifted
TOP & STUDDED SKIRT - Some shop in CityOne
CLUTCH - Warehouse
HEELS - Langkawi

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sharing Happiness

Hello dearies! Just dropping by to share with you some news that made my day! I've just got invited to H&M's Opening party happening right here in Kuching! Of course, I'm going to blog about the whole experience. It's not everyday I get to experience things like these here in Kuching. So I suppose this will be my big break. I have never thought that I will ever get an opportunity like this in my life but because I really want this, I kept telling myself that I will most definitely get it. And I did. Even if I didn't and got really bummed about it, at least I know I really want this - that is to have a career in fashion someday.

What I liked about this is that it's not popularity based. I'm so glad I didn't have to fish for likes! I'm so glad that H&M thought my style worthy of an invite! *cries tears of joy* That, to me, is honorable. I believe a brand like H&M want people who reflect their style to join them. I noticed the people who got the invites were really fashionable and have the 'H&M style' (you have to be a true H&M fan to know what that is like). I am excited to meet people who are as passionate as I am about style! And congratulations to the other winners! Holla if you're going too!

My party look for H&M.

Blazer - vintage
Tank top - hand me down
Skirt - H&M Divided
Heels - bought at Langkawi
Necklace - H&M Divided
Clutch - Pull&Bear

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Project Rainbow Cameo

Hello ladies! How ya'll doin'? Just updating you of the Rainbow Cameo Project! This is the final week of the Project and I've seen some amazing things these girls have come up with! I'm sure you've seen a few looks and now, let's see what the other beautiful ladies have come up with!

Let's begin with Yellow shall we......

Syafiqah of With Love Kisses is the adventurous lady who took up the challenge to come up with a Yellow-themed look. Inspired by a Cheetah, her eye makeup look is definitely sexy! The end result was simply amazing especially when she used colored contact lenses to make the look 'pop'!

Next up is the ever so daring Mieza of Mieza Everdeen, who volunteered a tribute to green. I love this look and I can definitely see myself wearing it cuz I'm an eyeliner kinda girl. This look is gona make any girl green with envy seeing your gorgeous eyes!

And then we have BLUE by Josephine of Skin Frostings who also hails from Kuching (yay Kuching!). She came up with a really lovely, dainty and delicate look. It just makes awe. Kinda like looking at a princess or something. Or a fairy...a flower child...whatever you call it. But I do agree with Cindy that it does need a lil bit more blue. 

Violet or should I say, Violac is next on the list as Cindy of Cindy's Planet takes on the challenge! Why Violac? She has come up with a Violet and Lilac look of which she mashed up the names, which I thought was so cute of her! She's also very thoughtful in putting up a description of every blogger of this project in her blog post! The makeup looks really sweet and is something that I think a person can replicate. I also think you can take this look from day to night by putting on a darker lipstick shade like a Plum color or something.

Last but not least, Syaza of Bloobs. Blurbs. II (who is also the Project Manager) concluded the project by coming up with a Rainbow themed look which will make you puke rainbow. 

In case you don't know, puking rainbow is an internet term for seeing something so awesome in the internet, ok? Cool.

Syaza's become a makeup freak and she's come a long way. *reminiscing her pre-makeup days (sorry Syaz!) :P  One thing about her remains the same though - her desire to be different. And she has always been different which is why we're friends! And because she dares to be different, expect something a little adventurous from her and her eye makeup look for this project lives up to it! 

And there you have it, Project Rainbow Cameo in a nutshell! I hope you enjoyed and got inspired by the looks that all these talented ladies came up with! Do drop by their blogs as their contents are pretty amazing especially if you're looking for reviews of a particular product you wana try - they're you're go-to beauty gurus. Tune in next time for any more collaborations or if you would like to collaborate with me, I'm up for it too!