Sunday, November 30, 2008

Guinevese, My Disease

In GB AGM just now, there was a typo on Gwen's name. It spelt "Guinevese Padear". Haha! She's Portugese all these while?? xD Anyway, pretend Guinevese is Gwen's alter-ego aite? We made a song for her, supposedly her boyfriend is suffering loving her. It's intended to be Screamo. Composed by Sonia and Christine. It's just a few phrase. And you scream. In agony. Cos Guinevese is high maintenance as oppose to the undemanding Guinevere.

Guinevese is my disease
I cannot leave her without ease
Made me put my house on lease
Made me live on mayonaise
(pronounced "ma-yo-nese")

What Exam?

It's ironic how I started Summer Semester and I totally forgot bout exams. I just put my finals behind me and it never really crossed my mind actually. And when I came back to campus, the first thing someone had to ask me was "how was exams". At first I was like "huh? What exams?" LOL. Then I remembered bout finals. Oh....that exam. Haha! My mood kinda went down after that.

Grammatical Errors

I for one am raised in a household that speaks English. So I pretty much am good in English, rather strong in vocab and such. My dad is so into speaking proper English last time. But that was last time. Now, I really don't like the fact that I speak English so fluently. Too fluently actually. I want to speak Iban more fluently and know how to speak Bidayuh. Unfortunately I can't. There's no one to teach me. At home, we did try not to speak English for a day. Didn't work. We all ended up speaking English cos we were so used to it. That's why, when I'm out of the house, I prefer speaking languages other than English. At campus, I'd always try speaking Melayu Sarawak to my friends. I just don't wana sound like some American wannabe. Which I already think I sound like one. I just think it's cooler to speak our own language. It's original and it's just you, a language from where you come from. Honestly, I'm proud to be Sarawakian and I would love to be able to speak Melayu Sarawak better. Holidays just made my Melayu Sarawak tongue bad. Eeek! I don't like that. In front of my dad, I purposely spoke broken English with all the lahs and bahs and grammar that's so wrong. Ahh.....I just feel so Malaysian when I speak Manglish. I actually love it! Who cares if there's grammatical error? Manglish rocks!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

An Attempt To Sound Intelligient

Malaysian Studies and Moral Studies just got interesting. Moral's more interesting. hehe. I like the other Moral lecturer. Whatever his name is. I actually got some things. Moral is really very interesting. Since the lecturer said that he's open to debates and questions, I choose to debate. There's lots that I'd like to debate. Like....Living the moral life. We discussed that there is standard moral to follow because what is regarded moral in one place may not be moral in another place. For example, our culture here prohibits public affection while America is okay with it. So living the moral life is not necessarily a good life. So I'd like to question people whent they say "to live a moral life". Interesting I tell you. Interesting. Haha.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Brain Washing Sessions

Summer Semester was boring. Malaysian Studies could be interesting. Cos it's in English now. But I was playing Solitaire the whole time on my phone. I have witnesses. Haha.

Zain's in the same group as I am! And he disturbed me towards the end.

And Mac teased me, calling me a player just cos I have some Tanzanian dude having interest on me. Aiyah...bowh jelez. xD

I remembered hearing Metal Age from the lecturer. I was thinking of something else. Haha. Heavy Metal Age. Guitars. Screams. Drums. Rifting. Wahaha..................

Did you know they tell you it's okay to lie in Moral Studies?

A Poker Face & An Erupting Volcano

I've been wanting to blog this for a very long time............

I thought life would be better staying here and studying here in Kuching. But no. Where there are advantages, there are disadvantages. Recently, I've been wishing that I'm studying in a place other than Kuching. Cos I wanted to live that "bujang" life where I just care about my own things like my studies and live that teenage, "free" life. I envy most girls who don't have to worry about doing house chores and they can go out whenever they please. I tell you, having a packed schedule and heavy subject content, trying to fit in house chores can be very stressful. And you girls out there, you're lucky cos you have it easy. But you'll lack something lah...

But since I started college, I didn't do house chores lah. But there's always the expectation from family to do it. I am the type of person who would always try to meet people's expectations. Even though my family never say it, the expectation is always there and I feel like a total failure when I just feel so incapable of meeting it.

And when exam came, that was the worse. There was study break a week before my exam so I decided to study in th library cos I just can't concentrate at home. And someone from home said that I'm selfish lah whatever lah when I told that person that I'll go home late. Did you know that it hurts when you say that? And when I say okay, I go back now since it's so difficult for you, you never replied. What is wrong with you? I'm not selfish! And after that incident, I just couldn't study. What I wanted to do was cry cos I was so stressed out studying and you had to say something negative to me. That was help much. Thanks a lot.

Then on Saturday which was 2 days prior to finals, I told you that I wanted to go and study in the library. And what did you say to me? I still remember it word for word. You grumbled. Then you said,"See? You're always escaping work." Wow. That was so supportive of you. I was hurt but I didn't show. I may look like I'm oblivious all the time. I may seem that I don't care but I actually do. I just make that face just so that I'll feel better when I'm actually very sensitive and hurt.

Where was the support when I needed it most? Did you have any idea that I didn't have sleep for 3 weeks? Why did you have to condemn me instead of encouraging me? Did you even know I was stressed to the extend that my hair was falling off?? You know, one day I might just not listen to you anymore cos I don't like the way you handle me. And yeah, I'd like to be away from you cos you're no help to my mental health.

I don't understand why you can't handle the house on your own that day cos well, all you had to do was cook and do some cleaning. You didn't have to pick me up from the library or anything. You know, when mama wasn't around, I did a good job at maintaining the house ON MY OWN. Ju was at school. So no one helped me but I managed doing cooking AND cleaning okay? You didn't even work that day and you're complaining??

Please stop being so condemning. I'm a teenager who needs guidance and I will listen to people like mama cos she knows how to handle me. I may seem to not listen to her but I actually do take it into consideration cos she say it in LOVE and not in a condemning way. You're always grumbling and having that tone that I don't like to hear. Kinda naggy. Who likes to hear people nagging anyway??

There. It's all out. My college life here is great. Having great friends and all...but having unecessary stress from home at the wrong time is just overwhelming. Friends, don't get me wrong. I love you all and you're the best. You did nothing to make me wana go away from Kuching aight? Again I say.......I wana be out of Kuching where I just care bout my own room, my own stuff, going out and not having people worried when I come back late. I wana hang out freely. Live in a hostel or rent a room with friends. It will be such an adventure! But I can't have all those. I know my dad won't mind but when thinking about costs, it's alot. So I don't wana be any financial burden.

Semester 2 subject content will be worse. What with Engineering Maths B and Engineering Physics. The two killer subjects. And if the same thing happens for my Sem 2 finals, I really don't know lah. I think I'll insist that it's either I go or they better not give me any more stress during that time. But during class? To try and fit in house chores I think will be another difficult thing to do.

Please, I hope you all understand that I'm lousy at time management. Please don't pressure me anymore. I don't wana end up failing because of emotional turmoil.


For those of you who knows me, I'm not the kind that will cry easily. And when I do cry, it's something that really hurt me real bad.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Wishlist =)

My wishlist for this Christmas.

1-Anna Sui purse
2-Would love to have clothes from Padini Authentics
3-New pair Converse shoes
4-A keyboard

But what I really want is perfume. I know, so useless apart from smelling good but I suddenly have this "craving" for one. Meh.

There's Always A Silver Lining...

There is one good thing about having classes though. I get money. =) My holidays weren't that fun either. I'm so broke that I can't go out much. Well, minus my Madagascar movie, I didn't get to go out with Aimi and the rest. Hmph! And I didn't get to go out with Antonia and Amanda. At least with classes, I won't feel so bored. Then again, Malaysian Studies and Moral. o.O Dahlah no other subjects. At least if there's other important subjects, I can use Malaysian Studies and Moral Studies time to study other subjects. And to think I'll be wasting 2 1/2 hours of my life later. Another 2 1/2 at night. =.=" I can do alot within that time. Ah well.....think money! Think money!! =D

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Of Metal and Carbons?

Who says rock music is bad? It's totally good. And I mean heavy metal. It's better than the Hip Hop or Rap music that promotes sex most of the time. Most heavy metal songs are surprisingly positive. Yeah, I'm Christian but I can tell you that it's okay to listen to heavy metal. Just be careful what message they're portraying. I listen to heavy metal but I don't get into some cult movements or slit my wrists (wait, that's emo) or get into drugs or whatever. In fact, it helps me study better for some reason. And I focus better on my driving. Weird huh?

Recommended metal bands....
-The Devil Wears Prada
-I Killed The Prom Queen

Listen....if you can take it.


I'm so not looking forward for class tomorrow. =.=" I don't wana do Malaysian Studies and Moral studies.

I've already made a plan that I'm not going for Friday classes. No way. I'm gonna ditch it. Sooner or later, I'll be skipping everything. Hahahaha................... Dahlah I've no mood to dress. I'm gona wear a shirt and my white track pants for night class. Preparing for bed early so when I go home, straight the bed I go.

Apparently, I forgot what I wanted to blog about. Dang. Got distracted by Facebook. =.="

Hmm....I'm having mostly night classes. Still, I hate night classes. I like morning. Cos I might wana go out at night. Hah. This sucks.

Haiyah. I was really looking forward to the Hello Kuching Art Event but it clash with church cleaning. Huhuhuhu................well, church cleaning starts in the afternoon so I think I'll go in the morning. I must go. My very first art event. So I wana experience it.

Well, I wana attempt making a song. I'm inspired but I just can't put the words together. I need some quiet time tomorrow.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tagged by Nimai.

1. Take a recent picture of yourself or take a picture of yourself right now.
2. Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair...just take a picture.
3. Post that picture with NO editing.
4. Post these instructions with your picture.
5. Tag 5 people to do this.

seriously, that was my recent individual picture. Thank God I look good in that picture. Haha.

I tag......
- Gwen
- Mel
- Evonne
- Amanda
- Antonia


Friday, November 21, 2008

Divine Intervention

I am completely ecstatic right now!! Totally syked and excited!!! I went to the RUTH concert unexpectedly. And I don't regret going! I enjoyed the concert! Really, I do! I love their songs from start to finish. Soulcatchez was good too but RUTH is more of my kind of music. Hehe. The vocalist is so cute!!!! =)=)=) Anyway, I loved RUTH's music from start to finish and I think I'm one of the minority who showed that I love them. Dang. The crowd was lousy, I admit. And what were old people doing there?? ANyways, old people are the ones with money. Reason why most young people aren't going cos it's too darn expensive. It's undoubtedly good but they should really lower the price lah....

Back to RUTH. They're like the Christian version of The All American Rejects. Indie music. If that's your kind of music, by all means, buy their CD!! They've got myspace. If you wana check out their songs, go to myspace. Can't get their songs on youtube.

At the end of the concert, I turned my back and made my way to the exit when......Brandon Crouch threw a CD and some girl who don't look like she's a big fan of theirs got it!! And I was so close!!! GAH!! And I was wailing.....the people who really want it and really like it don't get it but people who don't, get it. I was telling God that it's unfair.

Met Ronald and Pamela at the entrance. After that, Khira and I decided we wana go meet em. Juju tagged along. But it didn't look so promising cos we only saw the Les Paul workers and RUTH band members were kinda busy. was by divine intervention or something else but I do believe it was divine intervention, I saw Sharon. The sister or the organisers. So I told her that I wana meet them. And she brought me to em. Heart pounding, getting all excited....I met them. WAH!!! THANK YOU GOD!!! The vocalist is soooo.....cute lah!! My kind of guy. Tall. Sings. Long hair that doesn't look gay. Plays guitar. Man of God. He's like the ideal guy lah... Anyway, they gave us free CDs. And I mean EACH OF US!! So we've got three. Hehehe. Of course, we're gona give away the extra one since we don't need another one. Might as well bless others like how they blessed us. And......I TOOK A PICTURE WITH THEM!!! =D XD XD XD And I was standing next to the vocalist!! Well, I purposely positioned myself there lah ha... *winks!* XD---->this was my expression when I came out from backstage. Literally and seriously. I'm not kidding. And I was practically screaming but got people so kinda malu. Silent scream lah. And people were jealous that we got CDs. Cos I passed by some girls and they were like "Eeeeeeeeeee.....they have CDs!"

This is an example of God granting you your hearts desire. I wanted this so much and by His mighty hand, He arranged a meeting for me with them. And even got a free CD since I sincerely liked it alot. I thought I wasn't gona have the CD since some lucky person got it when Brandon threw it from the stage. But I got it in a different way. I didn't have to earn it or fight for it with other fans. THEY GAVE IT TO ME PERSONALLY!! What's better than that? I even got a chance to talk to them and take a picture. Awesome. Pure awesomeness. If it weren't for God, none of this hoo-haa had happened. And I don't think I'll be sleeping tonight. Haha.

It's better than meeting Paramore. It's better than meeting Coldplay.

Then again, maybe not.XD

The remarkable event that will be immortalized in this picture and blog....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Holidays are here and no, I'm not spending it on hanging out with friends but staying at home with my family. I've been hanging out a lot before the hols anyway. I'm at home doing house chores like what I did few months back before college. Back to housewife training as Antonia and I put it. Hahaha...

Anyways, I watched Madagascar 2 last night and it was good! Alakay's so cute!!!! =3's funny. Loads of animated movies coming up.

Went to the gym just now. Yeah, I know, me going to gym?? So unimaginable but I went anyway. My mom decided to bring us to the new gym at the Sarawak Club Golf Course. Kinda awkward but did some good exercise. Not heavy cos I don't wana end up looking like a stick. tired. I don't feel like telling bout my Lundu trip just yet. Too lazy to blog much.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Friends Are Lovelier Than Thou

I think I'm gona miss my friends. The past two weeks, I have been studying with awesome friends who have absolutely nothing in common. But that's what makes us friends. Despite having our differences, we're all supporting each other with our strengths and weaknesses. Well, we weren't entirely studying....crazy ah. It's more of studying and lepaking with each other at the same time. Talking about it just made me miss it. =( Ah well.

Let's see....the study group consists of Kak Aimi, Yanie, me, Azmi(aka ayoi), Mekartti(Mac), Aliff(alep!) and sometimes Adik(xD) Khairie(k-ree). When the days are promising(lol?), Nimai or Phillex would join us.

Kak Aimi: the kakak of the group. Seriously, she is very sisterly. Very concerned for us and a very outgoing girl. Hehe. She's funny too. Banyak peminat. Huahuahua.... Loved by many adikz. Awww......

Kak Yanie: Another older one. Another funny one. Always 'bertapa' at one corner of the library. Haha. The greatest teacher and story-teller.

me: err....pass.

Azmi: He is the funniest person in the group. Very focused in what he's doing. Even if he can't really concentrate and starts to kid around, he still wants to study and pester Yanie to 'bercerita' to him.

Mac: Isk, isk....always flirting with me. But not entirely a sweet talker. Can say things that menyakitkan hati people. But he's nice lah. Don't get me wrong. When he comes, things become less stressful.

Alep!: The big brother of the group. Hehe. Funny guy also. Always can be seen bombarding his eardrums with heavy metal songs. He is by far the most focused one of the group. He likes to bully me cos I'm one of the youngest and I'm a girl. Well, not extreme bully but playful bully.

K-ree: The most interesting person I've ever seen! He is the youngest of us all. Born in 1991 that's why. The rest of us are 1990 and above. Back to K-ree. Has and interesting hairstyle. Has an interesting sense of style. Has bags nicer than mine. When it comes to listening to heavy metal or j-rock music at loud volumes, he beats us hands down. His is the loudest.

The guys are always fascinated with the accessories that I wear. Especially my black, long necklace and my oversized purple rose ring. Wahuahua... Lazy to post pics.

I really wonder if we will hang out like this ever again. What with Kak Aimi going to degree and Mac who may not be in Swinburne anymore. College is cruel in a sense that we part sooner than high school. =(


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Where There's Frustration, There Is Also.....Peace?

And.....when the clock strikes 11.10am, here comes freedom like light shining in the darkness...............

Did I hear angels singing?

But I friggin can't get over the fact that I can't do Vector cross product. I can accept the fact that I can't do one whole question of the damned Differentiation of finding asmyptote cos that one memang susah lah. 13 marks gone? Biarlah. But vector cross product?? Berik malu to myself who pande maths. Though little but it's such a disgrace. It is a disgrace to lose marks on something so simple. It is unacceptable. Ah well. Dah biarkanlah. I just hope I still can get a HD. God, I want it so much!!

I'll tell you more after finals.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Obsolete Randomness

Obama's none of my concern. Cos he ain't from mah country and I ain't American. SO what's the big hoo-haa? SPM students are none of my business so why should I wish them all the best and all those what nots? Just get it done and over with. Same goes to STPM and my finals.

What else?

Ah, my two favourite quotes at the moment...

"I have zits and I pick my nose." -Katy Perry.

"You're so gay cos you don't like girls." -also Katy Perry.

It's so meaningless that it's lovely. And I wana go buy more second hand stuff to make something. Hehehe....can't wait for finals to be over. Huhu!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Manic Days

Wow...the past two days are just crazy! Yesterday was my brother's birthday party so after some hard core studying, went back a little earlier than usual from campus to get ready for it.

The party was awesome! It's been a while since there's been a huge party in my house. Those that are close to my brother came. Sorry Swinburne people for not inviting cos well, it's my brother's party and the people that I invite are the ones who know him. I wana invite but.....the makanan sik halal. Very sorry. Mac, I know you kecik hati. Hehe. Tunggu lah...ku mok organize another party. Especially for Swinburners.

My brother's birthday party's almost like what you see in MTV Sweet Sixteen. Cos during the time he has to open his present, there was a surprise present for him. Which was his electric guitar that he wanted so much. My mom bought it the day when I thought she dissappeared cos she wasn't home the whole morning that day.

Overall, just awesome, plain awesome. I was thinking of planning a party for Swinburne people. For our after finals exam celebration. So yeah, be prepared, I might have a party. More orange spiked with a little bit of Rum. Hehe. Might not be at my place but elsewhere (due to halal issues) I don't know. I'll see. Dahlah Miss Florence, my IT lecturer was giving us a task of organizing a year end farewell party for the class. I don't know if I'm up for taking up the task. I'll see. But i'll be very free after finals. =) Hee.

And....I went out with Amanda and Gwen. Both of them wanted to go over to Swinburne to visit me. By the time they came, it was evening and my palak already hang. Haha.And Jzlyne was there too. She gerek with orang Swinburne duhal. Haha. So I guess I'll be seeing her around. Gosh missed all of them so much! Sometimes no matter how annoying or how bitchy we find our friends in the past, but once we're away for so long and get back together again, we just somehow miss each other. That's the irony that I had in mind on our very short reunion. Haha. Too bad Antonia wasn't there. Tambah kecoh lagi! And I think my Swinburne friends would totally find us annoying. Cos with all of us together, Swinburne library will bergegar. Haha.

Went to eat at Pizza Junction after that and below are pics....

He was asking for me while I was gone. =)

Monday, November 3, 2008

This Is Love =)

Hahaha....I feel so happy!! I got my very own phone!! Whee!! No more hand-me-downs. No more getting it with parent's money. It is with my own money. Muahaha.......I feel the pride and enthusiasm that comes with it. Now I must work real hard for my finals. Yes!! Here are pics of my beautiful and lovely phone. Thou shalt admire her beauty. Be mesmerized....

Mine's pink by the way. Hahahaha....xD Totally unexpected eh? Coming from a girl like me..... Kinda cool what. It's rare to see a pink phone. LOL. It's beautiful....

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hoohoo! I love this stress induced Christine. She's more spontaneous, she's funnier and....she's wild and selamba. Haha. I love how I can just spontaneously crack up some jokes these days. All thanks to stress. I somehow love stress cos it makes me a lot more creative. Makes my brain think. (well, not really.) But I love the creative juices flowing out of me. (LOL?) Haha...even my piano playing berbunga-bunga these days. And I had a tune in my head. I see a song coming up after so long. Hee. =)

Unpersonal but Personal

Wana blog bout personal feelings pun cannot. Cos my sister reads my blog so meh. What makes you think I wana blog bout personal stuff when she reads it? So my faithful readers..... Nothing juicy from me. Blame it on my sister. Hahaha...

Well, I'll just tell you bout my miracle. Last night, I miraculously have RM5 in my purse. Seriously. I know it's a miracle cos I remember when I went out with Sotong, I had no money left after our dinner at Spring. And I know I didn't put anymore money inside my purse after that. Not even on Saturday morning. Then suddenly when I went out with Raymond and the gang, there's RM5 in my purse. I tell you, I know my money very well. When I'm short, I know. When I have more, I know.

My brother thinks I'm a cheap skate. He thinks I'm gona get him a present that's worth less than RM10. Pfft! The only reason why I get affordable gifts it's cos it fits my budget! Now that I have money to spend, I'll buy something a little more expensive for him. And he bet that if I get something worth more than RM35, he'll do something for me. Oh...hahaha..... Yes, do something for me you shall my dear brother. Hehe. *tanduk keluar* I'ma get you something expensive and I'ma put the price tag for you to see. Don't get me wrong, I ain't gona buy something expensive just to make him eat his own words. I'm getting it for him cos he's my brother mah. I sayang my brother mah. Then suddenly he say that, I got pissed. Haha. So I intended to keep the price tag for him to see. What I intend to get him? Well, that's for me to know. And some people know.

And....I wana end this post by saying that I wana get a handphone. =) With camera. A good one. So that means a Sony Ericsson Cybershot phone. Heehee. Cos I wana take pictures while I'm on the go. Then my blog will be more interesting with pictures. Hee....and my Facebook will be flooded with my lousy photography. Ahahaha......

And now, let me get back to drowning my sorrows and blasting my eardrums off with Paramore.

Tata!! I'm happy cos of the drug called Paramorephine. =)