Friday, February 17, 2012

A Poser

Today I had a photoshoot with a friend for her hand made accessories line. We were all just a bunch of novices doing what we love - being creative. Hopefully the pictures will be up next week and will blog about it more.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Of Fashion Shows and Such

Happy Belated Valentine's Day everyone! And so, Scribbles of A Girl is yet again late for another major pop culture celebration! But that is not why I wanted to blog. 

I've finally gotten a chance to watch the Polyvore Live fashion show! I wanted to catch the live streaming but I can never get the time right. All those GST and what not... I did pay attention in Geography class but lets face it, I can never get it right. If you wana check it out, you can watch it here.

It's so great to see top bloggers (fashion bloggers of course!) walk the runway cos they're real girls! (With the exception of some who are actual models.) Thumbs up! Design, not something for me to jump up and down for but there were a few that caught my eye. Good enough, no? For a novice fashion blogger myself, that is. This year, I made it a point to take note of Fashion Week dates. Don't wana miss out on all the fashion goodness! (And also to keep up with other fashion bloggers!!!) But mine will be rather outdated as I don't get any invitation to all those fancy shows and watch them live. :(

After watching this fashion show, I now know why ordinary girls cannot walk the runway. :'( The height, the skinniness (is there even such a word??), the symmetry and uniqueness of a model's face, makes all the difference. Or is this what society paints what a model should look like? But alas, there is a reason for it as much as we'd love to say to some models,"GO EAT A BURGER!". We ordinary girls must also face the fact that some are just born with unique facial features and height that is coveted by many designers.

There's so much debate going on about how the size of models make girls turn to extreme measures just to look like one. Let's face it, with or without images of skinny models, women will still be unsatisfied with how they look like. It's a fact of life! Personally I like seeing them. But I do agree that some designs calls for curvier women. Anyway, skinny girls does not mean beautiful. Some were born that way and more often than not, they are not happy with how they look because they're so skinny and tall and are made fun of. It's so wonderful to see stories of how awkward girls who were bullied are being scouted by modelling agents. It's a turn around for them, a sweet revenge so to speak.

But this is such a subjective matter. I shall not go on otherwise this will turn into a debate. I hope to blog more. Wanted to do an outfit post but I do not have someone to photograph me.  

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


It's been many weeks since my trip to KL. Been meaning to blog about it alas, procrastination got the best out of me! Also, this blog has missed major events such as Christmas and New Year's and Chinese New Year. A thousand apologies!

Anyway, I went to KL just to go for Foster The People's concert. And I must say, the concert was awesome!! Thank God I was able to catch them live cos they are one of my favourite bands! And as you can see, I did a little shopping. Hihi. A must when I am there I suppose. I didn't think of shopping but my father gave me some money so I thought might as well spend it. 

From top to bottom:
1) Mango sling bag. Bought it just so that I can keep my stuff while going around in KL. 
2) Hobo bag. Bought this at Brand Outlet. 
3) Close up of hobo bag
4) Black dress. This was not bought in KL but here in Kuching at One Jaya. This was for Christmas. 
5) Skinnys. I just had to get a new pair, especially in this colour! Also bought at Brands Outlet store. The best part? Buy 2 pairs for RM100! 
6) Zipper detail of skinnys. This was what caught my eye!
7) Some blouse bought at Isetan. I love baggy tops.
8) Close up.
9) Pull&Bear tank. I liked the prints on this one.
10) & 11) FTP tee! The design kinda reminds me of All The Wild Things. Kinda creepy but I just had to.
12) Striped shirt bought at BO as well.
13) Vans sneakers! Finally! My teenage dream have been fulfilled. 

Can't wait to do outfit posts! :)