Thursday, January 29, 2009


My Chinese New Year wasn't too bad. A bit boring cos I feel boring. Well, I didn't visit so many houses this year. I'm not in any CNY mood at all....tried to boost my CNY spirit with the thought of angpaos but no avail. What's up with me? I really have no idea......

First day, I visited a few houses. Mostly friends of my mum. 2nd day of CNY was much better. Though I only visited one house, which was Florence's, it was fun. Well.....I didn't visit just one house. I visited another that's non-Chinese. Hehe. Cos Amanda and I had this crazy idea of going to Jzlyne's to pick her up and hang out. So we went over to her place. My....her house is filled with dogs!! And a cat... Met her aunt for the first time. She's a nice lady. Hehe....

What we do? Nothing much...just went to Spring to hang out. Unfortunately, most shops were closed. Haha.... (duh, 2nd day of CNY mah...) But...that's not gona stop us from hanging out lah. We did alot of catching up and...we noticed that everytime we go out, there's always a missing person. LOL. The last time we met up was last year at Swinburne, Antonia's not there with us. And this time, she's not with us again due to balik kampung. Hehe....oh well. One day, there will be all four of us. Hopefully. After Amanda and Antonia's STPM perhaps? Wonder if I will be having a break then. Hmmm.... Actually I thought of hanging out till late and boycotting having dinner at my mom's friend. I mean, it's not everyday that I get to see my friends you know..... As for my mom's friend, she comes almost on a daily basis. So you do the thinking why I thought of boycotting...

My apologies to Daniel & Micheal and Thomas and also Ah Fu for not visiting you guys.... I've no excuse this time......really sorry. =(

Last night hearthrob came to my house! My heart cair like butter in a hot frying pan....... <3

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fishing for the answer with a line and sinker....

I miss Billy Talent. Anyone got the track and give it to me? Try Honesty, Line and Sinker and the others will do.

..................Fishing for the answer with a line and sinker.......
*sings more*

Making It Mine!

I'm loving this song...way better than I'm Yours. Another one of my happy songs collection. =) Just makes me feel so carefree.......

Wake up everyone
How can you sleep at a time like this
Unless the real dreamer is you

Listen to your voice
The one that tells you
To taste past the tip of your toungue
Leap in, the net will appear
I don't wana wake before
The dream is over
I'm gona make it mine
Yes I, I know it
I'm gona make it mine
Yes I'll make it all mine
I keep my life on a heavy rotation
Requesting that it's lifting you up, up, up and away
And over to a table at the Gratitude Cafe
And I am finally there
And all the angels they'll be singing
Ah la la la, ah la la la
I la la la la love you
I don't wana break before
The tour is over
I'm gona make it mine
Yes I, I'll own it
I'm gona make it mine
Yes I'll make it all mine
And timing's everything
And this time there's plenty
I am balancing
Careful and steady
And reveling in the energy that everyone's emitting
Well I don't wana wait no more
Oh I wana celebrate the whole world
I'm gonna make it mine
Oh yes I'm following your joy
I'm gonna make it mine
Because I, I'm open
I'm gonna make it mine
That's why I'll show it

I just love the way he writes songs....he's got unique phrasing and puts in words like 'emitting'. Haha....sounds physics-ish.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy CNY 09

Just wana wish all my Chinese friends a Happy Chinese New Year! LOL.

Too bad the fireworks are't as good as last time. But it's so smoky that Boulevard can't be seen!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Non-Mushy (or is it?)

Sighs. I miss my hearthorb. Cos with him, it is different. It's like....I can be a bestfriend talking to him and still have this "connection" and also totally respecting him. But I'm glad we didn't become an item. Relationships have a way of disrupting the process of getting to know each other. Friendships are always the best way to start. At least now we're talking and just being friends which I think is best. Rather than jumping into a relationship and end up not talking at all. Well, I foresee that Christine will still not be in a relationship this year but I'm considering my options and making more friends. But....anything can happen. And I heard the hearthrob might be studying in Swinburne next year. Woohoo? Really unsure if that's gona be a good thing or a bad thing.

But one things' for sure....gona concentrate on my music, work and studies.


Tagged by Nimai


001. Real name:Christine Dior

.002. Nicknames:Chris, Tine, Dior
003. Married:Tidak
004. Zodiac sign:Umm..Leo.
005. Male or female:Female
006. Age:18 going 19.
007. High school:SMK Green Road
008. College:Swinburne.
009. Residence:Seng Goon Gdn
010. Hair color:Brown
011. Long or short hair:Short
012. Smoke:nope
013. Drink:occasionally
014. Available:yes. ;)
015. Are you a health freak:nope.
016. Weight : no idea..
017. Do you have a crush?: I have a hearthrob =)
018. Do you like yourself: yeah
019. Piercings: yup
020. Tattoos: nope
021. Righty or lefty: righty


022. First surgery: mouth.
023: First piercing: ears
024. First best friend/s: her name was...Sherene I think.
.025. First award: must something from kindergarten.
026. First memory: am I suppose to know??
027. First pet: dogs
028. First vacation: singapore. I was a baby then. =(
029. First concert: hmm...uhm..either planetshakers or Battle of The Bands.
030. First crush: kindergarten? haha!!


031. Last time you went out: haven't been out this week...
032. Last time you had a good time: just now. thrilled to have written a song. =)
033. Last time you cried: december.
034. Last award: can't remember. all too many...
035. Last trip abroad: none. =(
036. Last concert: RUTH concert. my next will be Planetshakers!!
037. Last album you bought: Flyleaf. =)
038. Last song you played: my song.
039. Last phone call: Gwen. But I was bathing..
040. Last laugh: Just now. Conversation with family.
041. Summer or winter: summer please.
042. Rainy or sunny: sunny
043. Britney or Christina: Christina
044. TV or YouTube: TV please.
045. Oprah or Tyra: both!
046. McD’s or KFC: Burger King
047. Soccer or tennis: soccer
048. New york or San Francisco: mana-mana...
049. Eating: not eating
050. Drinking: not drinking
051. Wearing: shirt and pants
052. Im about to: read Sherlock Holmes
053. Listening to: Take That's Greatest Day. An uplifting song. =)
054. Food: Laksa and Kueh Chap!
055. Drinks: Milo Peng
056. Colors: purple, grey etc.
057. Numbers: 7 and 8
058. Want kids: 4
059. Want to get married: definitely
060. Life: is great.
061. Goals: to make it into the music industry while doing engineering
062. Where will you live: eh..asalkan got a roof over my head cukup.
063. Buy a house: yup. =)
064. Buy a car: yeah. must!

066. Love your mom?: yes
067. Love your dad?: yes
068. Are they still together?: most definitely!

068. Lips or eyes: eyes
069. Hugs or kisses: both are good =)
070. Shorter or Taller: definitely taller
071. Lean or plump: lean
072. Romantic or spontaneous: spontaneous
073 . Nice stomach or nice arms: both la..
074 . Sensitive or loud: erm....i think I would prefer loud
.075 . Hook-ups or relationships: relationships

076. Bungee-jumped: no
077. Shook hands with someone important: yes. the deputy chief minister of s'wak.
078. Kissed a stranger: eeeee.........
079. Drank bubbles: can kah??
080. Lost glasses/contacts: never......i'm as good as blind if that ever happens.
081. Ran away from home: wanted to..haha. how childish of me..
082. Liked someone younger: yes.
083. Older: yes.
084. Broken someone’s heart: i think i did.
085. Been arrested: no
086. Turned someone down: yes
087. Cried when someone died: yes
088. Liked a friend: hmm....yes?

089. Yourself: not all the time
090. Miracles: yes. happens everyday
091. Love at first sight:
092. Heaven: yes
093. Santa clause: no. i'm no fool
094. Sex on the first date: no
095. the more you hate, the more you love: logic kah?
096. Angels: yes, they exist.

097. Is there one person you want to be with you right now?:
098. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at a time?: never.
099. Do you believe in God?: yes
100. Will you tag 10 people to continue this game: yeah, sure


He Takes Care of Me =)

Yup. That's right. Western countries are having an economic low down which means it's gona affect most South East Asian countries as well. I heard from a guy who quoted this,"When America coughs, the world catches a cold." Kinda true ain't it?

As you all have heard (or may not know) about 45, 000 people are gona be jobless after CNY. And that is sad. I really am happy that I have job! It's during this time that money disappear overnight. I watched CNN a week or two ago and it was reported that there were many suicide cases because of the global recession. And the suicide cases are all those big and successful business people earning probably millions. It is pretty alarming how these people lost their money overnight and resolved to take their own life. And all because of what? MONEY. But can't blame them. I mean, they've relied on their money that without it, they just don't know any other way to live. (Well, truth is, nobody can!) LOL.

And so it all boils down to we just live for money? I think for a person who is an atheist or an agnostic, the answer is yes. So we put our trust in money and when it's gone, take your own life? Wow. That's pretty.....boring I must say. There MUST be more to life than money. There has to be. We all want a purpose. For many, their purpose is to earn money. But what if there's no more money? Then there wouldn't be purpose anymore right? So what's our purpose? Living for God is my answer. Money is not the answer. Money comes and go. God's the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and all the days to come.

So who or what do we rely on? God? Or money? Money is happiness, happiness is short-lived. God is joy and joy is forever - even if we don't have money. Cos there's always other things to be thankful or grateful for.

Today, since I'm not working and there's no GB, I decided to write a song. It's a song that's about my experience with financial problems. Cos I for one am not unfamiliar with financial problems but this time, it's harder. But it's okay. Cos I still got a house to live in, still got food on the table and I've got clothes on. I can't have all the luxuries that I used to have but hey, at least I've got what I need right? Hardships definitely made me a lot more grateful for small things. This song is called....Take Care Of Me. I didn't record it cos it's not finished yet. It's not finished cos my bro suggested that I put a bridge in it so yeah, I'm still working on it but I hope this song will encourage you. =)

Take Care Of Me

When times are hard
It wrenches your heart
Trying to find someone to blame
(Trying to get out of this mess)

You blame your dad
Thinking he's not trying hard
To get food on the table
(And it gets harder still)

But there's a lesson to learn
To just keep holding on
To cherish the simple things
That's right in front of you

It's as though the birds sing sweeter
It's as though the sun shines brighter
Though I don't have Dolce & Gabbana
I still have clothes on my back
Isn't the Lord keeping His promise
To take care of me (4x)

Just to give an idea of how it should sound like....think of...Story of The Year. It kinda has the style. This song is for a male vocalist. Am gona hunt for one in church. LoL. Well I just can't wait for the day that I can actually record this. Anyways, I just hope it will encourage you to have a different outlook in life.

As for myself, I will take Gio's advice to stop spending on what I want but on what I need ONLY. I rummaged into my closet and found loads of clothes that I don't wear anymore and decided to give it to those who needs it more than I do. All of them are still in good condition. There's one Adidas tee(and the only Adidas that I have!) that's still good. The person who receives it will be thrilled! =)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Palak 'Dented'

Why did I bother apologizing in the last post?? I don't think it was the politic post that made you angry didn't it? It was definitely the Edward Cullen post. I'm not apologizing for that.

Anyway, life must go on!

One of the things that I don't like about Chinese New Year..........


A casualty happened early in the morning at work. Well, I was in the kitchen and my boss asked me to so something. Thierry was taking in all the 'tiang'. So, I go out of the kitchen door to do my thing. He comes in the kitchen door with the 'tiang', doing his thing. And collision happened between my head and the 'tiang'. My God! It didn't hurt! But it was embarassing! Dahlah I takut Thierry rasa bersalah...Accident bah. It happens. Aku ok. Cuma.........PALAK AKU BENJOL!!! =( It was red at first. So I attempted using makeup to cover it. (Thanks to my bag that's filled with junks I never take out!) But still doesn't work! Still red!

Oh my forehead....DENTED! D=

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sincere Apologies

To the offended,

I see that you are offended and I would like to say I'm sorry that I did. When posting that post, I didn't intend it to anok anyone or insult anyone. But when I read it again, it did sound like it and I really am sorry. At times, I'm just such a brainless moron who doesn't think about what happens after I post a blog post. It's my fault and I don't blame you for being mad at me.

Actually my intention is just to tell about Malaysian politics and wanted to just make us young people realize how important being a good leader is so that we can lead the country in future. I suppose you did misinterpret it and I shouldn't have used that example. It's really mean of me to. And I'm really not proud of what I did. So I deleted the post.

Just so you know why I didn't post anything on my cbox or any blog post before this, I had internet problems. I don't just let my friends "fight" for me and I just cower behind. No, I don't wana do that. I got myself into this shit and I'm gona make up for it. My friends have got nothing to do with this. So, leave them alone. It's me that you're angry at.

If I do know you personally, please do tell me. I will gather up all my courage to apologize to you personally, face to face. Just e-mail me at I only guess that I know you but I don't wana apologize to the wrong person and I don't wana jump to conclusions. And if you don't wana accept my apology, fine by me. But if you wana wage war with me, I'm not gona participate. I don't wana waste my energy just to be mad and bitter. You're not gona get what you want anyway.

If I don't know you, please, you're just wasting your time.

I don't care what you have said about me. After all, they're just words. Words that will just leave me unscathed. People will listen to those who knows me well. People will listen to my friends and family.

I wana thank my friends and family for being very defensive and thank you all for standing up for me even though I wasn't aware of this madness till last night. the biggest shock of my life to see my cbox filled with vulgarities. You all fought Gaza-Israel style! Anyway, at least now I know that there are people who actually care and I know that I can turn to you all whenever I'm in need. Really, thank you all so much! I feel.....terharu. Serious. Ganas betul you wasn't necessary actually. Just ignore that person sudah cukup lah. You all just made yourselves even more angry. Buang masa you know..

To the person who is offended, would like to hear from you soon. Tell me who you are. =) If you are willing to settle this once and for all.

Undeserving of your forgiveness,

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bad Taste

Why people think Edward Cullen handsome arr?? He's not lah!! I really have no idea what's so good looking about him. He looks weird!! Weird I tell you!

Thank God I didn't waste my money on watching Twilight. Heard it's bad. And I bet it's another typical vampire story. If it's predictable then why should I waste my money on it?

Phew! Almost watched it...

Come Fly With Me

You know, the thought that I'm gona be in Kuching forever and ever scares me. Seriously. All these while that I'm in Kuching, looking at my friends who live in hostel really makes me envy them. I thought of staying in Swinburne's hostel but it's darn expensive and I can only stay them for one sem or is it one year and we have to move out and stay in our own place. Which also means renting a place. No point for me to stay in the hostel if that's the case. Sighs. I long for a REAL campus life. Right now, I feel like a Mummy or Daddy's girl still living in the house. I have things easy for me. Too easy in fact. Hmmm.... Thought of doing degree overseas but..I have commitments here in Kuching. Darn. So can't go so soon. Thought of looking for a scholarship but I might have to leave that out. This leaves me with my one and only choice - the Swinburne student exchange programme. =D I really wana do this. Get out of Kuching and at least have that experience of being away from the family (not that I have issues at home or anything). Swinburne student exchange programme. I think I have to be chosen for that. So I'm gona have to maintain my grades..

What Do We Have Here..???

You know, in Facebook there's the photo app where you can view other people's photo albums right? Well, I kinda got sick of people's camwhore pics. I don't give a damn!! Really not interesting to look at. And I realized that nobody's interested in events pic unless it looks really nice. Now that my contacts have reached a 100++ and no matter how hard I try to delete people, I still have 100++ friends, so I have loads of people uploading photos. I only like to look at pics that are really artsy like Sonia's. Loving her art projects. It's just so different. My sis' has friends who are professional photograhers and they take really interesting pictures. And this explains why I've not created a photo album for so long. I'm still getting my inspiration back. Now with Summer Semester over, I'd probably do some photography projects. Just need to find my inspiration and ideas once more(actually, I got it back). So...yeah. I miss SPM cos that's when my creative juices were really oozing. Hahaha....
gosh...can't put my head into Malaysian STudies nemore. I really wish I'm at work and not studying this useless Malaysian Studies. My work's way more fun than this....

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Do I look like I care if I make fun of myself or don't look so pretty?

Certainly not.

I am shameless to show the world who I really am.

And that is how it should be anyway.

Life is fun that way.

The 5L Saga Continues

Yesterday, for the very first time, I attempted to speak Hokkien to a customer. All these while I never actually conversed and I usually say the common Hokkien terms like lu chiak ho bo? or wa be zhai. Cos this one customer, every time I spoke Mandarin he replies in Hokkien and he seems to not understand some Madarin words. pien have to try conversing in Hokkien. Mandarin and Hokkien are quite similar, just different way of pronouncing it. So, I managed lah. Perhaps during my hols waitressing, I may be Chinese-ized once more. This time, speaking Hokkien. o.O Wow. Cos 5L customers are mostly Chinese. Got typical Chinese men that don't speak English come eat here you know! In fact, these people are the ones who are REALLY loaded. Hehe. I took a peek into their wallet when they wanted to make payments. Wahahaha.......

My title sounds so Sci-Fi. Hahahaha....

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hot Cocoa

I'm so not liking Safari. It takes forever to upload photos. I think I'll get back to using Internet Explorer lah. Cos it's way faster at uploading photos on Blogspot. C'mon...Safari!! By Apple? Why aren't you living up to my expectations?? -.-" Screw you!! Gona download Mozilla Firefox when I do remember to... Safari brings shame to Apple. It's either that or Apple is lousy but has beautiful packaging. Microsoft rocks!!

Now, anyway, yesterday was a cold and wet day and I happen to have a blocked nose and I felt a little bit sick so I decided to make Hot Cocoa. An out of the blue experiment that just fits the weather so well.

So here's how....

First off, you take a big mug and fill it with milk. Not too full to the brim as you might wanna add some water to the hot cocoa later on.

Next, you pour the milk from the mug into a pot and bring it to boil over low heat.

When it starts boiling, quickly add one spoonful of cocoa powder and chocolate if you like. (I tried chocolate chips but it didn't melt well so I think chocolate should be better.)

Pour the mixture into the mug and DON'T FORGET TO ADD IN SUGAR. Just add in sugar to your preferred taste.

Top hot cocoa with whipped cream and sprinkle with cocoa powder and if you have chocolate shreds, feel free to add them. Or just add anything you like.

Sip. Enjoy.

The face of satisfaction.

Life At 5L

First day of work was awesome. I really love my job it's not that tough really but a really good experience for me. But before I went to work, I saw this....

This car was seriously on fire. But thankfully when I reached the traffic light at the other end, the firemen came. I really wonder how it got on fire. Till today, the 'bangkai' kereta is still there.

Anyway, work. Yes, work. I met all my co-workers. Apparently, one of my co-workers was my old friend, Ina Chong who used to be in GB as well. And there's Mel, my sister's friend. (my boss is also my sister's friend) I met Julie, an Iban from Lubok Antu. She is really talented in making drinks. Even though she's not very educated, I admire how she can try and replicate a drink. Goldie (yes GOLD-ie) is our chef at Five Loaves. And then there's Thierry. A guy same age as I am. Kinda *ahem!* hot. =)

The cute guy from LEPO did come and lim teh with his tauke. And today, I made a delivery to SUPP office and on the way back, I met with cute guy and he passed me a tea cup that his tauke brought back and forgot to return. The fun thing about my job is that I do deliveries. =) At least get out of the cafe once in a while.

Overall my workload not that heavy cos not many customers these few days. So relax abit lah. At one point around 3pm like that feel sleepy cos nobody come. But once everybody come, nang hectic lah. Today, I don't know why but most of our customer's face nang gaok lah. Takut aku.... There's this 2 ladies that came, very gaok, b****y looking, sat down and smoke. I tell you, it scared the hell out of me! And I'm the one who have to serve them. =S Scary dowh...they look like they're gona scratch me and eat me anytime. And another one bukan main jeling lah.... After the whole chaos, Julie was telling me,"Bisik dik pedak mua customer nyak? Ukai main ya jeling aku..." Translation: Did you see that customer's face? Keep on jeling me... I totally understand you Ju. I just kept myself busy so that I don't have to look at their ready-to-kill faces. But there were extremely friendly customers who really made me feel better lah. Thank God for these customers!

Oh yeah, some customers very funny one. Some will ask for things that are not on the menu. For example, maggi mee goreng. So because of these customers, we suddenly have maggi mee goreng in the menu. And I had a customer who ordered Kueh Tiaw Soup which is non-existent in the menu also. Somehow my wonderful boss, Angel came up with a KT soup. Haha. How do we charge? Simple. We usually have standard pricing for noodles in a bowl. Some customers very fussy one. Yesterday they let me rasa a regular that is extremely fussy, who wants his soft boiled egg not too soft and not too hard. And he wants very little butter on his roti. And he even added ," Boil the eggs for 6 minutes." Wah.... And yes, I wrote all that down. Scared mah...have to make the customer happy. If customer not happy, my boss not happy, then I not happy also.

And staffs of 5L are busy preparing for CNY!! We made these....

So this is basically my work life, wiping tables and taking people's orders. No matter how scary and fussy people may be, I still enjoy what I do. It's still fun. My co-workers are definitely the coolest. By the way, if you wana work, there's still vacancy for waiters/waitresses cos there's definitely not enough people in here. Permanent ones are most preferred.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wanted to blog about work and other nice stuff but....suddenly my flu got worse and my head feels terrible. =(

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day Job

I got a job!! =D And it starts tomorrow!! Woohoo!! I'll be working at Five Loaves Cafe. Same row as LEPO Music. Heehee.. I just love the shop that I'm gona work at. I'm a person who's passionate about things like ice-cream, breakfast and anything sweet. I love making breakfast. Banana French Toast. My own version of Cheese Omelette. Things like that. So I will opt for places like Desserts or Scoops. These were top on my list of work places but then my sis told me that FLC is hiring, so I didn't hesitate. FLC is more of a breakfast place. They serve stuff like Nasi Lemak, Bread Pudding, Sandwiches, Fried Noodles and they've got interesting drinks too. Ever heard of Banana Chocolate Smoothie or Banana Peanut Butter Smoothie? Tastes real good. I'm a regular customer so I know kay? Those smoothies taste darn good! If you want something refreshing and healthy, they've got Cucumber Lime Juice and Buah Kedondong Juice. Definitely a good place to go for breakfast. So come and visit me yeah.

The best part of my job is that I get 2 free meals and I don't have to work on weekends and I only work from morning till evening. No night shift for me cos.....FLC closes at 7pm. =) Ah.... wonderful isn't it? So I don't have to worry bout my job clashing with GB and music practice. =)

And I get to see that cute guy working at LEPO too. =P Sometimes he orders lunch at LFC.

I just can't wait for this working experience. =) And also my paycheck. xD

Monday, January 5, 2009

Nostalgias and Praises

oh yeah. Last night I went for the Carolling apprecitation dinner at Chef's Special. I always underestimated that place. I didn't know the food was awesome. And....there was KARAOKE!!! The moment I saw it, the temptation to sing and go crazy is there. Hahaha..... And sing and go crazy we did. All that WITHOUT ALCOHOL. People can have fun without getting wasted you know. It's better to have fun and remember it the next morning rather than have fun and wake up to find that you don't remember anything. Savour every moment and every second of your life. Don't waste it. Anyway, we sang lots of songs from our youth. (Yerdeh) Songs by Westlife, Spice Girls and the number one chosen is Backstreet Boys. I laugh at the sight of Nick Carter cos I remember my childish crush on him. I was wondering what did I find so attractive about him as a child. Haha. Come on, that hair is so passe! xD

I remember our Barbecue party at my house. We invited friends over. It was a whole lot fun and all that without booze. My older cousins came to our house at around 11pm and he was so impressed that we did it all without alcohol. Come on, we can have fun without it. Well, what I do is just provide juice and food. Bring friends over and let them mingle around. We're just plainly hanging out. It's not really a party with dancing and all that. We do have music but it's not meant for dancing. I wonder what happens if we have karaoke? =D That would be bliss.... I'm so gona ask my parents for karaoke. xD time we shall have a karaoke party!! =D =D =D Oh.....delightful!! XD

Blame the karaoke madness on my cousin's wedding and last night. Wahaha...

From Kuching to KL.

Gosh...i miss my cousins. Kinda sad that they couldn't drop by at my place before they leave. Huhuhu... Ah well. Will see them soon. I hope. =( But I do intend to go KL alone or with my brother to visit them. =) This year. I WILL go to KL. It will be my New Year's resolution to be fulfilled. If my cousin's would read this, they'd be laughing.

So I'm gona go look for a job. Get myself some cash for the trip to KL. Woohoo!! It will be an adventure.

And this year...KK. I must go. Kononnya for my cousin's wedding lah but the real intention is to go sight-seeing. Bahaha!! I'm sure Azrul would know what I mean... Hahahaha.....

Let's just hope I remember not to speak Melayu Sarawak to the Malay shop keepers there like last time. It's been a long time since I've been to KL.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


New Year...

It still don't feel like it.

But I've learned much in 2008. As for 2009....there will be more to learn.

I've decided to concentrate more on music. I wana polish up on my piano and pick up my guitar once more. I should be more versatile in musical instruments. Anyway, the guitar would be more challenging for me.

So, 2009, what do you have in store for me?

Friday, January 2, 2009

Where'd You Go? I Missed You So...

Wow....I've been away for long time haven't I? Didn't expect it either.

Well I've been busy. Going back to Sri Aman to visit my grandparents. The day after coming back from Sri Aman was yet another busy day of decorating and practising for the party. Cousin's wedding the following day and Barbecue at my house. So I am sleep deficit since I came back from Sri Aman. Last night was the New Year's Night Watch at church and tonight....just finishing up my Malaysian Studies assignment. And it's now nearly 1am. 2nd January 2009. It's sad that Christmas is over so soon. And the New Year is in. Fast isn't it?

1st January. I decided to spend the day with my cousins. I had fun with them. Especially in the arcade. And today was the first time I ate in Sushi King. I must say, awesome lunch I had there. Really. Sushi was good. Yummy.... Too bad I didn't buy anything though. But I saw lots of nice T-shirts which is in abundance in my closet. Ah well.

2009. It's so fast. Now it's like....2 years ago since I finished secondary school! o.O I'm old!! D= But my looks say otherwise. So what's my New Year's resolution? Haven't actually thought about it to be honest. But I did make one sometime in November. My resolution is to be able to sing and play the piano at the same time by the end of this year. Also, I'd like to discover myself even more this year and to become closer to God. These are the 3 main things that I ask for this year.

Well, I wana go off now. See ya around guys!