Monday, May 13, 2013

I'll Be at Swinburne Bazaar!

Hielo! What's up? I just wana announce that Scribbles of A Girl and friends are teaming up to sell some stuff this Wednesday (15th May) at the Swinburne Bazaar from 10.30am till 4.30pm. If you love what I'm wearing, I'll be selling some of them during the bazaar. Other than my clothes, there will be clothes from my friends and books too. I can assure you they would be something you'd like! So please do head on down to Swinburne University of Technology to get some goodies! Clothes will be sold for as cheap as RM5! What are you waiting for? ;-)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Good Beauty News

I am reluctant to reveal this information but I must. For if I do not share it, then I am not a good messenger to all the ladies out there and it would not fulfill the purpose of this blog. It is just too good to keep it to myself. I have a craze for a certain particular product. It is so affordable. In fact, to say it is affordable is completely an understatement - it is cheap. If you have not heard of the brand called Essence which is available at Watsons' at Boulevard Shopping Mall, then you were missing out on the best deal in the whole of Kuching - maybe the entire world even. I have owned a few of their products: two of their lip gloss, one lipstick, a concealer, blusher and a gel liner brush. Not a big fan of their lip products but their blusher is so pigmented! I used the blusher on my post called I'm Walking On Sunshine (click here). I did not use so much and it is noticeable. On Monday, I went to Watsons' and I tried out their pencil eyeliners. I am truly amazed at how black the black is. And it does not rub off so easily. I am definitely going to purchase one of the liners next time. This is how the testers look like....

See how black the black is?? For a price of RM10.90, I think it looks pretty good. I'm very interested to get the lime green shade as I thought it would be fitting for Spring/Summer (haha, it is ALWAYS summer here!). I always opt for black as it is universal and can never go wrong but I feel like being adventurous and try something else. After all, it is very cheap. If you want to view more of their products you can go to their website at or just head to Watsons' at Boulevard Shopping Mall. I guarantee you will not go back empty handed. The cheap price would entice you, tempt you and seduce you until you fall to your knees to say "I must have you!".

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Coral's My Moral

So I brought this bad girl of a skirt out again. Got bored with the black tank top combination and I wanted a 'pop' of colour. However, I did not have a bright coloured top but I did have a coral coloured skirt. What did I do? Turned it into a tube top! Would've been nice if I had a chain necklace instead though. That would be on my next hunt.

My favourite accessory at the moment! I got this ring as a gift after volunteering to help my friend model her collection. Pretty eh? The only downside to it is that it wasn't as gold as it used to be, most probably due to oxidation. Even if it oxidizes, I think it would still look pretty cool.