Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pinafore vs. Baju Kurung....and Skinny Is Ugly.

Gosh...I actually went online just to post this. ( day tak sah if I don't post it crap.) Just now I was totally drunk of tiredness and I know that I HAVE to sleep. But....I just ate so I have to wait for it to digest. Anyway, back to the topic.....

Pinafore vs. Baju Kurung. Honestly speaking, I've never worn Baju Kurung in my whole entire high school life. Never. Cos for one, my brother totally objects me wearing it...calling me a social suicide and an embarrassment to his friends. (Not that I care what he says or think about me....) But I like opinions. The real reason I don't wear Baju Kurung is that, it does not give me a nice body. Come on, I'll look like a stick if I wear it! (It's enough that I'm skinny...) shape, just straight! not hot. And, usually.....And I do mean USUALLY not ALL. Usually, those girls wearing Baju Kurung are the ngegeh type of girls. Well....not all lah. Cos my friends do wear Baju Kurung.

Now to the Pinafore. I like the Pinafore cos it gives me a great figure! Especially those that really fit. Seriously, if you know how to wear your uniform, you CAN look great. My tip in buying uniform? NEVER BUY A UNIFORM THAT'S BIGGER. Buy the ones that just fits snuggly on you. Not too tight......otherwise you'll just look like a *****. I think that the Pinafore gives that "rock and roll" kinda feel to it. Just wear a pair of white shoes that look like Chucks. (btw, Chucks are Converse shoes.) My choice has always been North Star. Plus, it's more cooling than the Baju Kurung. And not transparent. =)

But I like how my friends look like in Baju Kurung. Especially Amanda. She looks soooo cute in Baju Kurung!! I think bigger sized people look a whole lot better in Baju Kurung than skinny people. You already know you're skinny...why on earth do you wanna look worse? Being skinny isn't all that great, all right. It's not beautiful. It's ugly. The bony part showing is just ugly....I wish I have more fat.

Seriously. Being skinny is not something you would wana wish for. It's hard to go shopping. It's hard to find things that are my size. (hey, even a size 0 don't really fit....) They're usually too big. I don't really like shopping for a blouse cos it's usually big at the bust not cool. And as for pants or skirts....I wish they would always fit me nicely, but they never do. Sighss.... They are always loose and my underwear can be seen. Or I might have to use a belt and it makes it look ugly.

Well....that's all for today. Got church tomorrow and I'm playing piano. And oh, Sylvia's phone got stolen!! She will have to survive a few days without messaging Cyril. With deepest sympathy.....

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