Monday, September 29, 2008

Dear Perdy

I miss my orange cat, Perdy. It's been about 2 years since she disappeared but I still think about her at times. I miss her crooked tail, I miss her sleeping with me, I miss how she would scratch my hands and bite them playfully. I just miss her. =( I can't play with Hannah cos Hannah's claws are too sharp. But either way, I do love Hannah also lah. Perdy may not be some pedigree cat like Hannah, but she's always special. =)

The Clothes Junky

Today, I was really lazy to go for class. So I went late. Hehe. No transport bah. My sis was lazy to send to me actually. So waited for my mom to pick us up. My class starts at 8.30am but I went at about 9am. Reached campus at about 9.30am. Heh. Then my lecturer was like "I thought you were celebrating Raya as well." xD No lah. Had trouble getting out of bed. I love Mdm Sandy for her sense of humour and motherly way of treating us. Unlike Miss Phang. Yeah, I admit. I dislike Miss Phang. She and her nagging voice? Ugh.....hurts my ears. It's like hearing music that's off key. Just now, most of us didn't complete our homework. Yeah, I know. Homework?? It's really unheard of in college but it does exist in the eyse of Miss Phang. As long as you're under Miss Phang, the word "homework" still exists. Anyways, she started threatening us with...."By the way ah, don't think your finals is still a long way to go. You must do your homework to improve...." Bla, bla. Something like that lah. And I was like,"Are you threatening me? It's my life. Not yours. I know what to do." For those of you who are kinda rebellious, I think you'd vomit blood having a lecturer like her.

I just came back from a little shopping with my sis and younger brother at Sarawak Plaza.I saw this really cool hat!!! My bro likes it too. Ah....he memang sama palak with me lah. Argh!! Hate it when I go shopping. Gerenti I see something I really like and totally lust for it after that. I want that hat. =( Then this lady bought the exact same hat that I liked!! Dahlah I already thought of getting my sister to buy it for me. Cis! Poser na that lady.....

Hmmm.....I fear I may become one of those Swinburne gals who dress really over-the-top to campus. Well, I can't help it lah. I get bored with what I wear easily and I'll always think of new ways to wear my clothes. Currently, I try not to buy new clothes cos I have too many already. I'm already a clothes junky so better not have more junks in my closet. All I need to do is mix and match. But I still want accessories with my clothes,

I should give away the clothes I'm not wearing. Some are really nice and still in good condition so I should bless others with it. So that should be my mission on my Wednesday spring cleaning. Get rid of unused clothes and clear up everything!

On the way back, I think there was a suicide attempt at Wisma Saberkas. There were lots of cars parking at the road side(you know, the kepos) and there were Fire Brigades and an Ambulance. No smashed up car or a bloody corpse. When I looked up at the carpark at Wisma Saberkas, I saw some guy at the edge and a fireman and another man trying to convince him not to jump. Well, I just assume they were doing that. We'll see in tomorrow's papers.

Dang, my sister has a blog and I think she's reading mine. I have to hold back even more now. =.=" Sis, if you're reading this, I want you to know suck. xD No lah....just kidding. =P You're the coolest sister ever. Just don't read my blog. Please....

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Shoe Talk

By the way, I saw this cool shoe at Fashion Girl in Kenyalang Park. I am very determined to get it cos it looks so high fashion. The best part is, it's only RM49.90! Something so high fashion at that price? I just can't say no. How can I? It's so irresistable, so tempting..... Though it wasn't what I was looking for, I must get it!! Lol....I'm so not following priorities. But hey, if I can get it for cheap, why not? There's Fashion Girl at Spring too but I think I can bargain at Kenyalang Park. Hehe. Can't blame me for being a cheapskate aight? I'm just a girl who has a father that has money. I am pennyless.

I am looking for black flats to replace my current ones. My current ones condemn already. Haha. Still haven't found one. I was thinking of getting peep toed ones. Ah well. Gotta go survey more and buy "the one" that I fall even love with at first sight.

It Sucks and It Rocks

I feel sucky. Like....really, really sucky. Know those moments that you feel as though something pierced your heart? If no, nevermind lah. If yes, hurts like hell right? I can't put my mind into doing EM. Miss Phang's so gona kill me. Then again, kill lah. I'd rather die anyway. I sound so EMO. Anyways, Raya coming soon and I decided that I'm gona spend my Raya by cleaning my room and my bathroom. On second day of Raya, I'm gona go Kpg Sadir to relax and enjoy and escape the hoo-haas of the city. So gona do lotsa things on those two days since it's my ONLY holiday left for this semester.

Waterfall, here I come!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Love Is........Blind?

So mad now that I can't blog about happy things. Wanted to tell of something happy and good but SOMEONE had to ruin it all. Kelahi with my brother just now. (mind you, not my younger brother. we never kelahi.)

Ah well, anger aside and let's talk bout what happened today. I had a chance to be Good Samaritan today. Gwen and I went to Kenyalang Park for dinner after we waited for all the girls to go home. While at Kenyalang, there was this couple. Blind Iban elderly couple. They were walking around in the food court bumping into tables and chairs and people too. At first I didn't layan cos I thought they may be cons. But then, they bumped into me so I decided to help them. So I hold the old man while Gwen hold the woman. I said to the man,"Duduk ba ditu uncle." Then suddenly, the old woman was like,"Akai! Dini utai aku? Dini utai aku??" And she walked off so fast, bumping into chairs and people again. I paniced la...scared ba see old people bumping into tables and chairs. I asked her," Nama utai nyak? Dini ya?" Luckily Sharon came to help as well. Cos I'm not that fluent in Iban and I couldn't hear the lady when she said "plastic". I practically commanded the lady to not move. Haha. Anyway, we manage to find the plastic with the lady's kuih in it. Brought her back to where we seated her and the uncle asked me to help him order his drink.

I felt good eventhough I had to abandon my kueh chap which I was longing to eat and I was tired. My dream of helping blind people has come true!! I've always wanted to help some blind man. And it happened today. =) It happened inconveniently but it's not much of a help if we aren't sacrificing right? And thankfully I have Josef and Malcom who really helped me improve my Iban. If it weren't for them, I don't think I could've conversed with the blind couple.

Gotta go! Am tired. Really need rest to compensate the nights that I've stayed up. Nights!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Ever wondered why chickens got wings but don't fly? I was thinking bout it just now cos my family and I, we went to Sarawak Club for dinner. So my brother ordered this Chicken Chop that came kinda long. So my dad said that they've cut the wings (cos we got our Chicken Wings) so it won't fly off and right now, they're trying to catch it cos it's still running. Then it struck me.....Chickens can fly meh?? Got wings but can't fly

**walks off in deep thoughts**


Today, I really do not have a good mood but I try not to show it lah. I was trying my very best to be really happy and not stress myself out. Memang my thoughts not tenteram the whole day cos I was thinking of my essay. Yeah. I just can't be at peace when I know something's not done. Thankfully, I have friends around me to make me feel a whole lot better.

And..I really couldn't concentrate in EM just now. My lecturer was saying loads of things that my brain can't register. At least I understand my notes lah. It's either that or I just don't like Miss Phang. Yeah. I don't like her for some reasons. Just now, she asked us to try some examples. A while later, she asked us,"You all finish or not?" And I got annoyed by that question cos I wasn't done yet. So I said to myself,"*grumbles* haiyah, not that fast lah!!" =X And she heard it. My goodness....nang kantoi lah just now. And to think that I really said it angrily. I meant to say it to myself but ne tauk, she heard it and replied me.

And...I can't believe I actually skipped General Maths. Tired bah. I had to go to the library to sleep a while after my lunch. Cos I know my lecturer's gona teach a bit and we'll be doing nothing for the next one hour.

But today's really fun lah. Well, everyday is. Hehe.

Right now, I'm just feeling sooooo....I don't know. Emo and jiwang combined? Really kinda sucks. Adalah another thing that's bothering me. Mala jak ada distraction. Okay. I'm off.

Oh hair!! Makin gugur you know...I don't know why but I think cos I'm just stressed. A lot of my hair fall off these days. Huhuhu.....I don't wana be bald!! I hope it gets better....I'm so changing my shampoo.

I Don't Wana Say It

I just found out today eh, yesterday that this guy has a HUGE crush on me. Obvious li! Well, after few months of observation, he obviously and obsessively likes me. =.=" Alamak.... He's a black aight. Their culture is so different from ours. When they like some girl, they would really show it out. Now that freaks me out. (Well, not all of them do that lah..) Worse of all, the class knows it. It's sooooo embarassing. Just last week he said that he won't talk to me(after some conflict at Chillipeppers). I was so happy when he said that. Then all of a sudden, he talked to me. Huargh!!! Freaky man!!!! Then he started taking my pics in class. Dammit!! But thanks to my best pal Rahim who told him to delete my pics. Thanks lots Rahim! Anyways, this guy, he even wrote "I'm sorry" on the whiteboard. Gah!!! Hey, even Malcom knew that message was for me. I just pretended that I didn't see it.

Oh what did I do to deserve this??? I shouldn't have been nice and friendly to him. Ish!! But what to do? That's my nature bah. I treat him like friend and he treat me more than that pulak. But yealah....I can be super nice and yet super mean. I'm not talking to him at all. Got abit lah...just to answer his question. And I never let go of what he said to me. It really isn't polite to say that to me. Of course I won't let it off that easily. What he said really tainted my dignity lah.

I don't like! I don't like! I don't like!!! Eew! Eew! EeeewwwwWWW!!! And by the way Mac, I so don't pilih rupa.

I really don't know what to do other than ignoring him and not talking to him for the rest of my life. Heck! He scares the hell out of me!!! I need people to be with me when he's around. Haihs....I wish Arvin came sooner just now cos that guy was at the lobby, talking to me. Then all the madness started again........

I feel like swearing now. &%^&((()(&&%^%#$#@@!%%^%*^*%@$%&(_)*&%!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thou Shalt Speaketh Of Me!

I wana sleep but I have to do my essay. I'm hungry too. Lazy wana cook maggie. Haha....

I wana talk bout myself. heehee....

Me? I'm 18. Legal and single. Hahaha....

A Bidayuh that does not speak Bidayuh and knows no nuts bout Bidayuh-ism. (Lol?)

Bidayuh sesat lah ya....


I speak Iban and Chinese.

That's cos I'm 25% Iban and 25% Chinese.

The other 50%? Bidayuh duh...

I love language.

I like long walks alone in a very calm place and I eat ice creams on cold days.

Music is my ecstasy.

I have 2 brothers and a sister. All bachelors, attractive but hard to please. Ahaks..

Prefers cats over dogs and dress over skirts.

NOw for the boring bit..

I'm currently doing Foundation in Engineering in Swinburne.

And I often wonder......

What the hell am I doing there?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fragile Hearts

I can't believe that guy's going around breaking people's hearts again. Is it not enough that you broke mine and my friend's hearts? What is it that you want? X puas hati ka? Why does innocent girls have to suffer? I know many girls are so into you but why do you wana be with them when you feel nothing towards them? We're not toys you know! We have feelings! Emotions! I just don't know how such a handsome guy can be so heartless. I care cos it happened to me and I don't want others to feel the pain I felt.

Ah well....hopefully he'll change. Well, he's the past. I wana go for guys that are a little less good looking. For they're the ones who are kind and nice. Respecting me and not treating me like some toy.

And I've found him..... He was right in front of me all along. =)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Must Have Title Ka?

Whee~~~~ I'm free of tests!! For now lah..... I can sleep well tonight. =) I've not been sleeping properly cos I was worried about my test. 2 tests in a day is insane. Both are major subjects and I don't think I'll do well. Not to say I won't pass(of course, hopefully I'll pass), I might not meet my expectations. And I have to admit, I am different from the Christine you saw back in high school. She's a little more kiasu now. Well, I am kiasu when need be at least.

Prom night's coming up. I'm still contemplating on whether to go or not. Still not sure. Well, mainly I'm waiting for luck that some guy asks me to be his date(ahem! Abg Cina) or just go with friends. Like what Phil, Liang Wei and I talked about the other day. We go as bachelors(I, the bachelorette) then we look for partners while we're there. if we're excellent flirters. I don't think that's gona happen.

I don't really know what I wana post today but I thought of an interesting one. The other day, I don't know why, by chance or whatsoever my friends were asking me how's Green Road like. So I tell them my story. So I think I'll tell you things that you may know or not know about my school. And also our deepest and darkest secret that may shock you.

Green Road's nothing much actually. We're excellent academically, often having the highest number of PMR and SPM achievers in Sarawak(I think). That's the good part. The bad part or perhaps the coolest part bout Green Road, is that it's a school with no rules. Yes, the rules are there but never practiced. "Ghost rules" you may call it. Why is Green Road seemingly without rules? Wana go out? Skati you la. Go out of class la. Teacher won't scold. If they scold pun nothing happen. So just go out if you want to. Don't feel like coming to school? Sure. Stay at home is you like. Wana sleep in class? Go ahead. There's no stopping you. Just sleep. Need to smoke? Yeah, sure. Just head down the toilet to smoke. Greeting teachers? Nah, who needs them? Wana fight? Fight la. It's not like the teachers or the school's gona do something bout it right? Girls would wear earrings and have crazy hairdos or not tie their hair at all. So does the guys. Their hair all spiked up and long.

Yup. That's Green Road. The irony is that we're smart. People usually have this impression that smart school people are lao sik, goody-goody people with halos floating over their heads. Haha....think again. It's really not like that in Green Road. Really. I am not making things up. All the things I said up there is all true. (I am one of those who skati keluar class and sleep in class btw.) But honestly speaking, I think we're a little too young to not have rules.

Hmmm.....I don't know what's this thing that I have with Physics class. Way back in Form 4, I always sleep in Physics class. In Form 5, I get sleepy but not to the extend that I'll actually sleep lah. Then now, in college, I still do that! I can't help it lah. This week, I was really sleepy tahap dewa. I really had to sleep that day. It's like......I'm cursed to sleep in Physics class or something. Haha...I don't know. Maybe cos of the way the lecturer/teacher teach is boring and uninteresting.

That's all of my ramblings for now.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I'm tired and I'm sleepy but I gotta go on.

Ever wondered why we're suppose to do something but do other things instead?

Yeah, me too.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Music Pumps The Heart

I'm dropping Drama Club. Definitely. I sorta lost interest and came to realize that it isn't really what I wanted. It was worth trying though. I want music!! I want....a band. Like marching band or something. Something a concept that I like that is. No way am I gona join Choir. No offense but.....there's nothing to it in choir. No challenge, no nothing. And it's very much old fashion and out of trend lah. Marching band is already invading Sarawak(in fact, we're one of the states that produce good bands.). If you think marching band, you should think world dominion. LOL. Cos that's what it's looking like now. Widely advertised. It has become cooler and more appealing than the conventional orchestra or choir. Meh. Once you're in a marching band, you'll get what I mean.

Music....I need music. That's what I need and that's what I miss. The music scene. Swinburne definitely has nothing much to offer in this area. No marching band. No orchestra. Nothing. Nada. No way am I gona join Dancesport Club. They keep using that song "Low". Got bored of it already lah. It's pretty much like......if you hear "Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur......" you know that Dancesport Club's just round the corner practicing. It has become their trademark.

I was thinking of joining the Avant Garde concert my brother was talking bout. But....I'm really not confident with my flute skills lah. And to think of practice time some more. And being with people who actually had formal flute lessons. Unlike me, who learn secara koboi. Hmmmm...... It's been a while since I've touched the flute and read tauges. Hehe. I'm a more of a spontaneous pianist. I don't like following tauges.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Name Is Chris

I don't feel like doing anything tonight. I'm just tired. (LOL. Serve myself right for going out till late!) Ah well. It was a good movie. Anyways, I forgot what I wanted to say. Hahaha.......

Come one, think! Kinda suk bout something but I better not 'dwell' in those thoughts. Ah! I suddenly remembered what I wanted to say! ehehehe.....

I've got a new nickname! Well, not so new but I've not heard people calling me that in a Loooonnnggggg time. They call me Chris. =) I actually LOVE that nickname. I just don't know why people don't call me that back in high school. They like to trouble themselves by calling my full name. Christine. Hello? That's TWO syllables! And the people who calls me Chris are guys. First, it was Malcom of course then it was Mac. And that Azmi....laughing at the nickname Mac gave me. Apelah awak nih? Tak penah dengar ke? Yerdeh....speaking lepeh inda...Kuakuakua!!

That phrase "They call me Chris" reminds me of a song by The Ting Tings. Hahahaha..
"They call me her. They call me Stacey. They call me Jane. That's not my name. That's not my name...." A really stupid song. MAybe I should remake it to my own version.

"They call me her. They call me Christine. They call me Chris. That is my name. That is my name...."

I un-proudly present you...... THE TING TINGS!!!! (HAHAHHAHAHAHA......weird name..)

Sighs. My style is like....really down in the dumps. I just don't know what to wear anymore. I just simply grab something out of the closet. That's not so good. Ah well, I'll get past this someday. Someday. Hopefully soon. And I really need to get well from my flu. And cough. Grr....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I Love Tuesdays. =)

I am not hanging with my 'bestfriend' anymore. Hehehe..... I'm now hanging out with the guys. Malcom, Aldrin and Josef. Yup. Iban guys. I'm more comfortable with them anyway. They're nice. Really. It was nice of Malcom to invite me to join him for lunch but I want to go home for my lunch. It's Tuesday! My freest day of all...I don't wana waste it.
I memang hang out with guys lah but now, I wana hang out with them even more. I know that some people may think I like this guy or that guy cos I'm close with them or whatsoever. I just let them think so. Kinda interesting to see people have misunderstandings. Ah....but they don't know who am I really into out of all the guys I hang out with. Well, that's best kept to myself.
Can't wait till I can legally drive. I was speeding and my car mati in the middle of the road. So embarassing. Haha.
And I like Quietdrive's Rush Together. Makes me jiwang all over for some reason.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Life Is Simple.

Life is simple. Believe or not?
Don't believe? I show you lah. Life actually very simple one.
And you think good deeds can bring you to heaven?
Then again, why work so hard? God's grace, we can enter heaven.
(I ain't saying to take God for granted of either.)
And again, life is SIMPLE.
Why make life difficult? Why be upset over petty things?
To make life simple.....
Discard all unnecessary burdens.
Cut here and there.
That's when life becomes sooo care free. =)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why lah?

These days I very nyanyuk lah. Last week, I didn't check my Blackboard so I didn't know that there's Engineering Maths extra class. So I came an hour late lah. Malulah I.... And for IT tutorials, it's suppose to start at 2.30pm but I thought it starts at 3.30pm. I was at library lah then I got a phone call from Yanie. Conversation went something like this..
Yanie: Christine? Ko cne?
Me: Library.
Yanie: Aih... kan dah start class?
Me: Yaka? Kan start 3.30pm?
Yanie: Sik lah.... 2.30pm!
Horrific right? Dahlah when I went to class, lecturer like got bad mood jak. Seems like I wasn't the only one who's late. According to my friend, a lot of them came late so she's pissed. Darn. Not a good day for me. I was hoping to make people laugh at my story but...memandangkan she don have mood, then no.
Lesson is, never be nyanyuk and make use of the Reminder function in your phone.
And I am so sick right now. I can't continue EM and I don't think I'll be going to class tomorrow. much as I want to, I think I won't. I really wish I can puke right now.