Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Back By Popular Demand

Obviously my title sound so....perasan. HAHA!!

Yeah. I decided to start blogging again. Hehehe....and I know my number of readers has dropped exponentially (mathematician's way of saying 'dropped dramatically'). But my purpose in blogging is not to be famous right? (Wrong!)

So my absence is due to my 'rising fame'. Cos I find that there are a lot of people who actually reads my blog (from Malaysia and out of Malaysia) and thank you so much for reading it. It's an honor that people actually do read my rants and find my ideas interesting.

But the thing is.....this....'rising fame' is scary to me. I came to a point in my life where I realize that I am a private person. And the thought of people that I do not know knows something about me. And the thought of some random kid in college go "Hey, you're the author for Scribbles of A Girl right?" scares me. All of this scares me. But the fact that I am blogging right now means that I am giving it a second chance. But of course, I'll only write what people want to read. Nothing so very personal. Maybe a little. Like I said, who would want to read a blog post that's just talking mushy stuff about a guy right? I wouldn't want my dear readers reaching out for a plastic bag and barf all the way. =) I'm too nice to do that.

There's lots going on in my life right now. Am doing my 1st year Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Yay! =( Life just gets harder. And at times, I wonder why I have to do things I don't enjoy to get by in life? It's.....unfair. But what to do? Without money, we can't pursue our dreams. That is a fact.

I met a new friend this semester! Yay! =D Well, I thank God for her because she is truly a prayer answered. =) Because I had a friend in Foundation who is high maintenance. Not in terms of money, but in terms of care. And she has been a burden on me. The only reason why I didn't 'dump' her is because she doesn't really have friends and is constantly having suicidal thoughts. And she's always making me feel guilty. After my Foundation studies was over, I really asked God that she wouldn't continue here in Swinburne but elsewhere. And I asked God for a friend. Better than her. I even gave God the criterias that I wanted in a friend. LOL if you like, but it WORKED. He gave me a friend, though she arrived 3 weeks later. Haha..... God works in amazing ways man.....and guess what? She is everything that I wanted in a friend...sama palak but not so sama. If you get what I mean. =P

Okay, that's all. (Well, not really.)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pa Dap Pap Pa Dap Pap Pa Ah.....

Hey there!

Yeah...I know my blog's been stagnant and boring. meh. Blogging's getting boring. Well, not really. Haha. Actually, I've loads of ideas floating in my head and by the time I get to my PC, I just don't feel like sitting down and blog. I just need "THE MOOD". LOL.

Anyway, I logged in just to post a video. It's New Empire's New Empire TV. Watch it closely. =P

Enjoy! (^^,)