Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Different Side Of Me

Title: "Poem no. R"

My thoughts so blank
Whatever can I say?
I'm so stuck here
I need some help-an inspiration
Oh, would you inspire me?
Oh, would you breathe into me?

You're my inspiration
I love the way you smile
It brings a deep warmth within me
And God, it makes me tingle!
And you're the only one
who makes me feel this way...

Tell me you love me
Cos I wana share my world with you
It feels so right
With you by my side
And I know.....
We belong together (haha!!)

* yeah, I know. Something so jiwang coming from a girl who never, ever shows her vulnerability. I wrote this in like...15 minutes. Personally, I don't like the last stanza. it's so......I don't know. Comments are very much desired. =) I'm trying to compose a song actually....last2 jadi poem. Oh well...

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