Saturday, November 23, 2013

I'm backkk....

Hey alls I know it's been a long time. There have been many factors but the major one is that I have been plagued with gastritis which rendered me immobilized at times and not in the mood to be dressy. Lately I have been better and so I am in the mood to blog as well. Also, I recently went to KL for a shopping trip and so I have new clothes! Yay! Here's an outfit I wore on Wednesday....

Jersey dress, chain necklace, red tights and boots. All from H&M Undivided.

I literally fell in love when I saw this dress because it has a picture of a cat on it. Perhaps this will enforce my future as the crazy cat lady. Who knows? But this is an homage to my cat, Smokey because she is awesome. Even though this was not the most expensive item I bought but out of all my purchases, this was my favourite! I liked it so much that I thought I left this dress at the hotel I stayed in. Unnecessary heartache for nothing! Not sure why I decided to do that to myself but I did. I must be so tired that I think weird things. Weird shit like that happens to me, believe me.

Upon wearing this outfit, I thought tights were fitting as I have ugly sand fly bites on my leg that I wanted to cover up but it was so unbearably hot so I ditched them. I thought since I could wear this style with such a humid weather whilst in KL, I should be able to withstand the weather here. I obviously thought wrong. However, upon reaching campus, the weather decided to change its course and become windy and set my skirt flying about. Brilliant, really. But all is well once I went indoors.

A friend of mine have been convincing me to get into the beauty blogging bandwagon. I would love to but I was never entirely a skin care kind of person. My skin is not exactly my best asset. I love clothes and would much rather spend on clothes than skin care or make up. But I will try my best. I do think that I should pay more attention to my skin as honestly, it does not look great. I should do something about it.