Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Today, I see the result of my "master" plan. Now, Sylvia is slowly falling in love with Cyril. And she messaged Raphael (of all people) and asked him bout Cyril. Of course lah Raphael will say bad stuff bout him. She's making Raphael jealous. Where did her common sense go to??

Honestly lah, I don't feel so good bout this. The me before this would be so happy this happened because he knows how I feel now.

I have a confession to make.......

I knew how Sylvia can be easily swayed by sweet words and I knew how Cyril can be diabetically sweet. So, in order to "eliminate" my "opponent" and for Ralph to feel my pain, I introduced Syl to Cy. I knew something like this will happen. Sighs....jealousy can really make a monster out of you. And I certainly am NOT proud of what I did. Damn, I can't fix this already. Cos I'm out of the "game". (How could I even treat this as a game?? Ingat tok CS kah?? Or warcraft??) But true lah...I'm out of the game. However, upon seeing what has happened, I have to be involved but there's nothing much I can do. Sighs.....Why did I have to do this??? Oh well, what's done is done.

Gwen kept convincing me that I didn't do anything wrong. She said I just manipulated them and the Cy and Syl thing was their own effort. True lah...but it doesn't really make me feel any better. Still......I was the master mind behind all these and indirectly, it all started because of what I did.

I can't let Phael know that I introduced Cy to Syl. Cos......God knows what he'll feel. Scared lah.....I don't wana lose a friend!! It's bad enough that he's jealous. I'll just.....keep quiet. Certain things are best kept to myself.

I really regret what I did. And....I'm sorry. Especially to Raphael. But I know sorry won't fix things.


-cHangI- said...

you did that?.....that's kinda mean......but no pointing'll be alright...

Scribbles of A Girl said...

i know it's mean!!! aduh.....i'm comment. I'm such a different person when I'm jealous. Seriously. Like I kena rasuk or sumtin. It's pretty much messed up.