Friday, May 23, 2008

Cerita Seorang Gadis.

Was reading all my past posts and I realized....why people only comment on my depressing posts?? That interesting meh???? Like watching some Indon drama kah?? (Well, that's what I thought when I read my past posts.) And my friends were complaining that my blog is so emo. Okay......I don't think there will be any emo contents for awhile. (Praise God? =P) Too happy to be emo lah.....

Anyway, let's get down to business. B)

About yesterday...*clears throat*

Pagi nothing much happened lah.....Except I kena scolded by my mom cos I terlupa dry the clothes and wash up and everything....I slept late bah so ada babo sikit. So babo that I didn't remember my daily routine. No wonder I felt weird. =P Dahlah she scold me like I don't do it everyday. =.=" The injustice.......

I was just being a couch potato in the afternoon. Watching Numbers and CSI. Cool eh? (NOT!) Got a message from Raphael at around 2 something but didn't realize till it was nearly 3pm. And you know what the message was all about? "I fixed my iPod..." And I was like.... Swt. That one also want to tell me. Then I just layan lah...sedangkan I was about to sleep while watching the telly. Well, I slept at 4pm. And Khira had to spoil it all by waking me up and asking me bout some of her stupid choir stuff. Haiyah!! Your choir lose lah!!!!! I don't give a damn lah wei..... I hate choir. Got up at 4.30pm to get ready for church. Cos my mom has a meeting at 5.30pm, I got practice at 6pm for the seminar and she wants to leave at 5pm. And I had an early dinner. A very early one. I ate PORK!! Ah....delicious! Can't live without it....

I'm so happy David Cook won!! YEAH!!!! Anyway....back to story.

Since it was still early for practice by the time I reached church, I decided to go lepak at Kenyalang Park. Went into the Theatre to enjoy air-cond and bought myself Mentos grape flavour. Went outside to buy ice-cream. Hee.... When I was eating the ice-cream, suddenly the atmosphere changed. I became Ice-Cream Girl in Ice-Cream land. And got very jolly background music. Dahlah I walk at the side of the street macam apa.... Everything was so jolly-jolly until......there were drips of ice-cream on my NEWLY-BOUGHT SKINNY JEANS!! NOOOOOOO...................................

This is my first time working with Uncle Hollis as his pianist. Uncle Hollis is Phael's dad by the way. He's an energetic ummm.....(can't say old man lah) ummmm.......for his age lah hoh. After practice we had a jamming session. I was playing the drums, the bass and the guitar. We were shifting. And this is how I look like playing the bass.........

Yeah...I look like I'm being swallowed by the bass guitar.

Oh yeah. During the jamming session, I thought of a really nice nick name for Raphael. Ah Phael. (pronouned: "ah fel") LOL. I think he'll cringe when he finds out. Too bad he's off to KL this Sunday. So I can't inform him of his new nick name. Heheh.

I was multi-tasking in the midst of the seminar. Listening, talking, messaging, writing and flipping the Bible. Message who? Siapa lagi kalau bukan itu Ah Phael ah.... During the seminar, I was so scared I fell asleep cos I lacked sleep. So I consumed one too many Mentos that I became high on mentos. (due to sugar rush I suppose) I had one, liked the "kick" it gives and I had another one....and another....and another......till it finished. (of course I shared some lah but I ate most of it.)

After the seminar, Me, Gwen, Elly, Frank and Micheal went to open air market to eat Mee Sapi or Beef Mee. Chio.....the beef mee now so mahal ah!!! RM4.00!! Gila..... Dahlah I tak cukup duit. Kurang one ringgit only lah. But still.... It's so expensive!! Price of things get higher and higher but our pay still remains the same. It's alarming. Had a great time with them last night. =) Shouldn't have splurged on the ice-cream just now. Dang!

Went home feeling tired but I wanted to blog. bro was using the PC. Dang!!

So.........begitulah cerita seorang gadis yang kiut-miut. =)

Selamat Tinggal dan jumpa lagi!

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