Tuesday, May 13, 2008

In Disbelief.

I went to school just to see the principal. The clerk lied to me that the principal was speaking for the Form 6 orientation. I had hate being lied to. And I certainly hate waiting for nothing. Turns out he was in his office all along. And he has no voice to talk.....SAY SO!!

Well, eventually he came out of his office. So I told him I wana go Form 6 for a while if he was okay with it. Pn. Sopiah being his representative, explained to me that I can't enter Form 6...not till the 2nd intake. I was so bummed. So I told her that I actually wanted to go Form 6 just for the sake of band. That's it. I'm not gonna make the class full cos....I won't be in class much. Really. Band practice takes up Fridays and Saturdays full day and one week before the competition, I'll not be in class for band practice. And besides, my brother is going to propose that we join KLWMBC (Kuala Lumpur World Marching Band Competition) which is next month. So....out of class again. Itupun if jadi lah... which I don't think it will jadi. Hard to find funds in one month. = /

Sighs....there must be some way that I can join band. I need to tell my band teachers in charge and Kester. See if they can do anything to help. If not...*sobs* it's the end of my career in Marching Band. For now, I can't give up just yet. Not yet....

Hmmm...I did say in Facebook that if I didn't get Form 6, I'll cry for seven days and seven nights. Well...I'm not crying. Just a little upset. I won't cry that easily one larh....this is just a small thing. If I don't get it, I don't get it. I suppose this is not what God wants. But that won't stop me from being the number one supporter of GRSB. (apart from Fabian...) I will still go for band...I will still support. I malas want to go back to Girls' Brigade already. After being in a Marching Band filled with perfect marching techniques and adrenaline filled physical training, I don't even think I want to go back to Girls' Brigade where there's no marching technique at all! Maybe to serve....but my heart's not willing. My heart's not there at all. My heart's in band.

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Lah..i said there what, the natural ones are understandable. The anorexic, bulimic and yang "sewaktu dengannya" is what i meant there.