Thursday, January 27, 2011

Let's go indie

Bowler hat. Random indie people. Foals' album cover.Vespa. Photo of indie style photographer, Jonathan Leder.

I am currently inspired by this song called Spanish Sahara by a band called Foals. I totally love the vibe in the music. So today's inspiration would be indie music. Or is it indie? Anyway, I like songs that have some Coldplay vibe in it. I guess I have a fetish for British bands. I would definitely want to dress indie more often. And I do dig guys with messy hair, dreamy eyes, checkered shirt and is in a band. Haha!

So this is the song that inspired me. Enjoy!

Photo credits: Pasta Primavera, My Modern Met, Pequenas Estorias, Stockholm Streetstyle

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

we could be a band of hippies...

Graphic tank - Forever 21; Racerback tank - Button Up; Jeans - MANGO; Shoes - Converse; Shades - borrowed; Bracelets - Sinma; Ring - Chamelon.

The madness that goes on on Sundays. I love these bunch of people.

I love this graphic tank that I bought at Forever 21! By far the best find ever! I am so looking forward to hot sunny days to wear more tanks and shorts though Kuching has not been so cold anyway. Haha. We only had crazy rain for a week and today it's crazy hot. I'm so not digging the extreme weather though.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pure Seduction

On Monday, I bought this Victoria's Secret's Pure Seduction Refreshing Body Mist and I love the smell so much! So sweet and true to its name, purely seductive. It smells so girly! It has a tinge of innocence but yet alluring. I like that. I bought this from a friend of mine. It only cost me RM20 cos this is the miniature bottled version. If you like, you can get it here.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Let's Have Some Fun

Blazer - thrifted; Dress - Forever 21; Necklace - Sister's; Charm bracelet - Sinma; Boots - Fashion Girl; Glasses - Alyssa's.

It was suppose to be an ordinary Sunday afternoon. The usual routine of going to youth fellowship after church service. It's then that we decided to just take pictures. Well, I asked Micheal to take for me for this very blog. Haha. Thanks for the wonderful pics Mikey! =D

Personally, out of all the pictures, I love the 4th picture. The one with the dude. He's my brother from another mother, Shaun.

The other dude in the last picture is Raphael. The guy that took my picture here in this post.

We're totally different people but we share one thing in common - we're Bidayuh! Though among the three, I'm not purely Bidayuh. Only half. Okay. So maybe we're still different. Doesn't mean we can't be friends. =)

Posing for the 3rd photo was actually Alyssa's idea. I called her a visionary. LOL. And she borrowed me her glasses for it. It gives that corporate, secretary like or should I say in Sarawak's local language skema look. (It means 'rigid' by the way) Many thanks to Alyssa as well!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Today's inspiration: Stacked bracelets. Blazers. Black. A little pop of colour.

Photo credits: Stockholm Streetstyle, The Sartorialist.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Sunday Afternoon

Necklace -; Tank top - Forever 21; Jeans - Pop Soda; Boots - Fashion Girl; Cardigan - Pull&Bear.

Hello ladies! This photo was taken by my friend, Raphael. Meant to post this on Sunday but I got the pics kinda late. My parents came back from KL yesterday but they did not come back with the leather jacket that I asked for. My mum meant to get it for me but she did not know where to get it. But it's okay. It's not that important. One can still be fashionable without a leather jacket, no?

It's been raining since last night in Kuching and some parts are starting to flood. The rain has stopped now. Hopefully there's no bad flood after this. The rain was so bad that even one of the airplanes skidded off the runway! Thank God, no one was hurt! But I heard they had to close the airport for awhile.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Photo credits: Stockholm Streetstyle, Natalie Off Duty.

Went through the world wide web yesterday to gain some inspiration and lookey what I found! Some pretty pictures. =) The whole idea is the effortlessly beautiful look. Relaxed and all. I like it. Hope you're inspired too!

Monday, January 3, 2011


Oh wow! I've been away for so long! I see cobwebs on my blog already. I know it's way overdue but...Merry Christmas! I'm still in Christmas mood! After all, today is the 10th day of Christmas. ;-)

So how are you all doing? I've been good. Really good. Right after exams, my holidays were jam packed with caroling, visiting my grandma, day trip to my dad's village and going for parties. It has been non-stop until today that I finally get to sit down and really do some house work and some of my own things. Don't wana bore you with a long post on what I've done but I'm gona summarize my Christmas and New Year. It was awesome and that's all you get to know. =P

Today my mom made me and my siblings to go to her friend's for dinner. The scenery was nice but unfortunately, it was dark so I couldn't take much nice pics. Here's a few outfit shots.

Shirt - Pull&Bear; Skirt - momoe; Belt - vintage; Shoes - Fashion Girl; Bag - some boutique at OneJaya Mall.