Monday, March 30, 2009

By Popular Demand..

...i shall blog. So many happened which led to a long hiatus. Haha.

Loads all started with my uncle's passing (at least I think it started from there), I went to Sibu for the first time, I'm no longer working in 5 Loaves Cafe and..... My long-awaited 2nd Semester has finally begun! Back to the life of the ordinary student..

Fast forward, I shall not elaborate on my previous adventures due to insufficient time. I have other important things other than blogging to do. I have a life outside the virtual realm!

First week of the second semester and I already feel the pinch! First class was Engineering Physics and I was late! I drove to campus but unfortunately, it was filled with people! There was no parking space left for me. Even the multi-storey carpark had no more parking space! I drove around campus for half an hour just to look for parking space! And I was already late! In the end, I had to park across the street at Cilipadi. I was already prepared to go home if there was no parking space for me. I felt so ashamed as I entered the class.....only to find that my class is filled with lihai people. In this case, in Iban I can say that aku merinsa.

After the first class, I drove back cos I don't want to drive during the day. Honestly, I've never seen the campus so packed with people! I guess now with the campus expansion, it really attracted alot of Kuching kids to study at Swinburne. And Kuching kids being Kuching kids, they drive to class. Seeing Swinburne carpark full, perhaps, we all need to practice carpooling. And that's where the refusal to drive to class during the day came. I didn't want to be late for class either. I drive for night classes only.

And yes, my classmates. Sadly, I've been separated from my usual classmates. Namely, Jap Siang, Azmi, Josef, Malcom, Nimai, Syaza etc. Well, for some classes, I'm the same with Malcom but the rest? None. At least there's Yanie who have been my best pal in campus since last semester. Oh well, we still hang out and talk, which is great. As for my new classmates, they're not like my old classmates. My old classmates are all selamba. My new classmate? They're so lihai la.....

My new classmates kinda reminded me of Form 5, the year that I dreaded the most. Honestly, I feel so stupid in class for Engineering Maths. I couldn't remember some stuff that I learnt last sem so most of the time I sit there bewildered. Well, at least now it's not so bad. What's bad is for the recent Quiz, I got the lowest mark, which is 60%. Everyone's getting 100% while I didn't. Well, can't blame me for being lazy to remember how to differentiate that particular question. And that's why my lecturer made me sit in front. All because I slipped up for one question.

And some people are just trying too hard to be cool. It's just not natural. I won't disclose the name cos it's just too plain embarassing. More for myself because I was seen in public with this person. Okay, that person is a guy. He was telling me a joke that was honestly super lame but I just laughed anyway. But he? He laughed so loud and his saliva actually came out and the worse part is.....PEOPLE WERE STARING AT US!! So much for my reputation for being dubbed as 'cool girl'. He destroyed it. I shall stop here cos that's enough to explain how embarassing that person can be. There are other instances but I shall not say....just too embarassing.

For my subjects content.....for Engineering Physics, we finally discovered how complex the process of getting the existing formulas that we use now. Something so simple actually derived from something that is so complex, so profound that you never actually thought it was possible but IS possible. Uhm....doubt it if you all understand but this is for my own rating aight?

And the thing that never change about Swinburne................

Banyak orang eksen. Me included.
'Nuff said.
yours truly.
**stay tuned for more from Scribbles of A Girl**

Monday, March 9, 2009

Recently On Scribbles of A Girl.....

What up?

Guess I went on another hiatus huh? This time for a week. Phew! It's been that long already?? I didn't even realize it. Well, I've been sleeping early. =P And I have bad internet connection lately. Streamyx, you suck! So much for broadband....

Loads of stuff have been going on. All the more I can't online when a family friend's father passed away and my uncle being hospitalised. Latest news about my uncle's condition is that it's critical. So please pray for him!! Pray that he'll have a chance to live to know about Jesus!

Few weeks ago I attended the Basic Officers Training at St. Thomas' church. It's concurrent with the Young Leader's Preliminary Training so I get to meet girls from other Girls' Brigade companies. Well, most of them are ngegeh, vain and....need I say more? I think ngegeh gives you the best overall description of most of the girls participating. And honestly tell you, I was uncomfortable with these girls and I felt disgusted! Then there's this thought that came to my mind, that it is girls such as these that need to join the Girls' Brigade. It is the sick who needs a doctor, not those who are well. And so, these girls need GB to be disciplined and to learn about God. Like it or not, throughout that weekend with the girls, I had to keep an open mind about them. And when I did, those girls don't seem too bad after all. They're a nice bunch of girls who just aren't following the right group of friends in school. That's just it. Talking to them and trying to relate to them, they're actually really awesome girls and creative too.

Sometimes as Christians, we need to remind ourselves that we are no better than non-Christians. Cos we do wrong stuff too. I have to say...I can be ngegeh too. So I have to accept them and understand them even though it was really hard at first. We gotta be understanding and we shouldn't shove them aside. Just cos they don't pray. Just cos they don't dress decently and all doesn't mean they should be dubbed as the scum of the society or sampah masyarakat. And it also doesn't mean we should give them that holier-than-thou attitude that most of us (me included) tend to do.

These young girls....though they are difficult to handle, they give and attitude, they rebel and somtimes, are rude. But you know what? We can't give up on them. They're the future. Given the right approach, they'll definitely be better young women. We just gotta put ourselves in their shoes. And be a little more understanding. Correct them in a way that they would listen and take it in. You'll be surprised.....they might change and when that happens, you can't help but be happy for them too.

And that, I hope, will be something that I'll experience in future. There's so much for me to learn about these young girls. Even though there's only a small age gap between them and me, I still feel the difference. Things just change so fast.