Friday, August 17, 2012

Black, Leather and Prints

And so I'm back again! I know I said that I wanted to do a Birthday photoshoot kinda thing. But that didn't worked out cos some of my friends had exams on my b-day! I thought of doing it another day but it just wouldn't be the same! :( While that didn't work out, I had a nice and simple tea party with my close friends who were available on the evening of my b-day itself. It was better than what I initially had planned although having more people would have been awesome. So now, I am officially 22! Yay!

Now to the topic at hand.....

Last night, I went to watch The Expendables 2 with my bestie. I was going through my closet and saw my leather jacket that has not been used in about 6 months. But last night I had an epiphany of a really cool outfit that I could pull off with the jacket. The result? Testosterone wreaked look injected with estrogen resulting in a dangerous fine line of looking like a tranny. No pictures for proof, unfortunately. But the point is, I went to watch The Expendables 2 with a badass outfit. Leather jackets are badass and last night, I felt as though leather jackets would come back again (not that is out of style yet, it's just not so phenomenal due to the season and I haven't been keeping up with trends). And today, I have been on the Internet wasting my life away and I decided to see if my hunch was correct - that leather jackets are back. And it is. Below are some looks that I personally like. Not too OTT and kinda acceptable here.

I also came across some stuff I like that's not leather but mostly blacks and prints. I think these are very clever ways to spice up your look - play around with visuals. Although, not many people are very good at this. It takes a lot of practice! I'm not too good at it myself.

I definitely wana try these out someday!