Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Merdeka people!

Happy Merdeka to all Malaysian citizens out there! Hehehe... Well, I didn't do much lah...Just came back from McD to bid farewell to my cousin who'll be leaving for Scotland. Met Lizard on the way. Chit-chatted. Bla, bla.......

Oh yeah, there was fireworks near my house. It's was beautiful! Watched it with my brother. Sweet eh?

Anyways, nothing much to blog about apart from the fact that I am sleep deprived and my brain being unable to think properly due to tiredness. I wana sleep but I'm just to full to sleep. I ate a Spicy Chicken McDeluxe LARGE and it was still so small. Sighs. And it costs so much.

Almost forgot one thing....

I went for Girls' Brigade today. I was so tired after my maths quiz but I thought I'd just go. After all, I'm the one who decided to come back and serve. A commitment is a commitment. No compromise. Today's my first day with the Cadets (Cadets are girls aged 9 years and below if I'm not mistaken.) They're just adorable lots. They learned how to wash plates today and they got so excited by the end of it. Even the quiet ones suddenly became chatter boxes. LOL. After their achievement, they went to get their bags and two of them got my bag and water bottle for me. Awwww.....that is just so sweet! I'm am touched by their small acts of kindness. Thank you cute little ones.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Some people are missing out. Really. Missing out on this life that I have. My fun and happy (not to mention carefree!) life in college. It's the best man! Everyday does feel like a holiday for me. And everyday is a day to lepak and hang out or chill with friends.

Woe are those who missed out on this phase of life.

Woe art thou.

-There is something wrong with my twisted mind tonight.-

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Say "Fridge!"

Nothing much to blog about just that.......I'M BACK FROM SANTUBONG!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! lol? Anyway, patience dear readers regarding my finds in the thrift shop. Pictures will be posted THIS WEEK. After my report on lame refrigerators is done. (well, even if it isn't done, i'll still camwhore and blog. Haha! Just waiting for the right time.) Yeah. I gotta wait till the other 2 occupants of my rooms are out then can I do my photo sessions. *chewah!*

Am currently listening to Coldplay. Really reminds me of the time when I religiously listen to their songs everyday way back when I was younger. I tell you, their songs get better and better. I never get bored of them either. And most of my inspirations come from Coldplay. I mean, I listen to them everyday and if I don't listen to their songs, it's like....... My day tak sah you know! Well, that's when I was younger. I have a feeling it may come back because right now, I'm under the ecstasy of their music. Yup. In the middle of the night. There's something bout their songs that's therapeutic.

Okay, back to work!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Friends. =)

The day after meeting up with Jzlyne at Chillipeppers, I met Ant and Mandy at Chillipeppers the next day as well. Too bad Jesz couldn't join cos she got classes. Don't worry Jesz, Mandy will be back next April. ( long! sobs.. ) We had a great time talking and talking..... And I showed them Abang Cina. They were like,"Damn, he's hot..." After Chillipeppers, we head off to The Spring. And I wanted to show them my transexual "best friend". LOL. He/she works in elianto where I buy my nail polish. So I brought them there and they too went nuts over the range of colours elianto has. Haha. What a great bunch we are.

Ah....friends. What's the world without them?

I've been forgetful these days. Just have lots of assignments and homeworks to remember to do. Really scared that I forget another assignment. But in campus is still fun. Going out in between classes to eat. Hehe.

And I'll be going off to Santubong this afternoon. I'm not so thrilled cos of the snowballing assignments and homework I suddenly have.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Neon Purple Nails and.... Psychos?

Hmm.. I found out I've been dubbed "the girl with colourful nails". Cos yesterday, I remove the yellow colour from my nails and the guys were asking,"Why aren't your nails coloured today?" I never knew guys were that observant. The comment first came from Kelvin Chong. Then from Malcom and Josef. I suppose they like my nails coloured but at the moment, I'm lazy to paint my nails and I'm kinda bummed cos I ain't got the money to buy the Neon Purple colour that I want. Dad's coming back so I hope he'll stock up on my pocket money. Heeheehee... I sound like a spoilt brat right now.

Yesterday I met up with Jzlyne as well! glad to see old friends again even though they were quite a pain in the ass at times. (oops! =X) Haha! She was eating in Swinburne's Chillipeppers with her LKW friends so she asked me to meet up with her. Thankfully, I had half an hour.

And then there was the long awaited Drama Club meeting. This sem, we're gonna do lots of workshops. So exciting! But the uncool part was the time when a psycho dude sat next to me and talked to me. I tell you, I was extremely uncomfortable and nervous to the point that I was sweating on the inside despite the air conditioner being on. Honestly speaking, I think he has a 'thing' on me cos he was asking me questions like "Do you think I'm handsome?" "Do you think I'm ugly?" "Do you think I'm sexy?" And I told Janice that I'm uncomfortable with him so she tried to save me by asking me to go Chillipeppers. However, he wanted to follow as well. (OMG!!) So she asked Prof. Eileen to come along as well. We ended up going to the girls' toilet where he can't get me.

My God, that was one of the worse experience in my life! But it won't stop me from going for Drama Club. No siree! Yes Stephen, I will come again. I'm not gona let the psycho dude put me down. This incident really screams "Welcome to college life babe!!!". But this is not the first lah. In Physics class, there's this couple. And I was sitting behind them one time. And I saw the guy touching the girl's legs. Not the bottom part but below the hems of her short skirt. If you know what I mean. That's one of the things that I really HATE to see. Really.

That's it for now.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Tights and Skirts Are Compatible.

I want to wear skirts to campus more but due to the numbing, pricking cold of Swinburne, I rarely wear skirts. Only when I'm at campus for awhile then will I wear a skirt. It is a problem cos I'm bored of wearing pants most of the time. Often I wonder how those girls who wear shorts and mini skirts and spaghetti strap tops stand the cold. I deduced that.......they must be ice queens.

So I tried to find a way to wear skirts without feeling cold. After much pondering and wondering, I stumbled upon a fashion blogger's blog. And I saw her pic. She was wearing a skirt with tights. Yes! That's it! TIGHTS!! *the sound of light bulbs lighting in my head* Eureka?

I know, I know. I said that tights are a fashion disaster to me. But it's more for functional than aesthetic purposes. Of course, the tights has to be matching ones. I was thinking of purple or black. I must live up to my reputation as being a stylish engineering student. Well, that's what I think I'm being dubbed. See how perasan I am?

Which reminds me btw, I wore something so cool to campus today. Hehe. I'm really proud of my finding at the thrift store. *beams with a smile* Unfortunately, I am unable to post pictures due to my camera being in possession of my father who's on a trip to Pontianak, Indonesia. And I bought this really cool vintage dress. So patience, my dear readers. Photos WILL be posted soon.

Comments on what I wore: "You look very nice today." "Yeah, I like how you look today." "Nice shirt." 2 of em came from guys. =) "Nice shirt" came from Ivanna who's also a fashionista. Thanks Ivanna!

But a friend of mine gave a lousy comment lah...... "Why you wear that shirt? Look so ah ma!" That was the most unexpected comment throughout the day. At first nang terasa lah. I was like,"Excuse me?!" Then I told myself,"I shan't take comments from people such as these." I mean, she's not fashionable herself! Come on, t-shirt and jeans everyday? Take note, if I deem thee as unfashionable then I shan't take any negative comments from thee. I sound arrogant? I bet I do!

Yay! Gonna meet up with Antonia and Amanda this Wednesday! Yay! Obviously, I'm really excited! It's since SPM results were out! Yay!


Some people never change. Just a random thought I had yesterday. =P


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Choice Model

My favourite model of all time has to be Agyness Deyn. She's so cool! She has this interesting face that I like and has the punk rock look. Recently, she's been featured in lots of magazines and if I'm not mistaken, she did the ad for Burberry's The Beat perfume.
Agyness at the Converse Party.
I want her coat/blazer!

Cool Agyness. more pictures of the cool her. Now, Agyness at work (aka, on the runway!).

She has an interesting face.

That's her doing the catwalk.

Yes, I wana be like her. I've always thought that rock chicks aren't made for modelling but she proved it wrong. She's definitely not the stereotypical girl that you'll see. She's different from every other model. I like the fact that she has a little bit of a boyish look but at the same time, very pretty. There's no wonder why I like pretty boys. (Boys that potentially look like girls.) =P
Ah well, Agyness is definitely one that I would like to use as an example.

I can't wait for the very first Drama Club meeting on Tuesday. I am really excited for it! Really am! I'm definitely dying to try out a different art form. Well, I know and you know that I hate watching musicals. But you know what? I've always wanted to do one. Hehe. Unknown facts about myself eh? I know watching it is boring but to actually be in a musical, it's fun! That's one of the things that I've always wanted to do. A musical. And I really hope that through this Drama Club, I'll get a chance to be in one. Hopefully. To dance and sing and act. That's 3-in-1. Who knows, I might be a good actress. It's gonna be worth trying. Ah.....I love my 7 months holiday. Of course I spent most of it lazing around cos I know I won't have the chance to do it again but towards the end of it, I did things that I never thought that I would do. It's one of the benefits of not having a boyfriend, I realize. No one to pull you down!

Friday, August 15, 2008


Before I go, I shall post on what I wore to my cousin's wedding. Please, don't mind my sister's lousy photography.

What I wore for church wedding....

Me acting all Kawai.

Dress: Soda
PVC Belt: sister's
Bracelet: FOS RM10
Necklace: my own
Shoes: Hock Lee
Nails? elianto RM5.50 per bottle
(colour: hot pink!)

What I wore for the dinner........

Blouse: Some shop in Hock Lee RM30
Headband: Cindy RM1.90
Belt: given by Khira
Clutch/Bag: Sister's
Skirt: Ruby's. Which I cut and gave it a 'rock chic' look
Shoes: Vincci RM50+

Notice how I use my sister's stuff? Yeah, whenever we have things, our benefits are mutual. One benefits from the other. Life is bliss that way. =)

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I couldn't manage to blog any time soon. Still not done with EM. My class kena bomb by Miss Phang just now. Not big bomb lah.....small one but still can feel the blast. Quiz this Saturday. Die.

Anyways, just the day after I complained that I hardly have friends, I got friends. I tried to get to know my guy class mates better. I candidly invited Jap Siang to go to Spring with Liani and I. And he gladly drove us there instead of walking. =) Too bad Azmi wasn't there. If he was there, I'd invite him as well. Boo hoo! Who ask you skip class! But he came for English class. I said 'bye' to him and he sorta like offered to send me home. Cos he saw me waiting and asked me if someone's picking me up. Such gentlemen these boys are. =) So girls, they're up for grabs! Lol...I don't even know whether they're single or not. Skati jak I promote.

And I'm hanging out with Gina's gang as well. And not to forget my good friend, Liani, who would gladly let me tumpang in her hostel. =) And there's also Crystal, Jilly and the other two whom I don't know their names. (sorry! >.<") Mel, Joyce and Colin, you're all awesome too! Such awesome friends I have in campus! I thank God for giving me these friends. Now I'm not so lonely anymore lah. Hee...

Sighs.....tomorrow is the most heaviest day of the week. 12 hours in campus. Whoo!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Sickening psycho freaks.... can't they just leave me alone? First Amy Yong, now some dude who posted in my cbox that he wants f***. Go away. Leave me alone. I don't like this. Invading my privacy. Sighs. I do want people to read my blog but not these kind of people. Oh well.....

I miss my cousins. Azrin and Azrul. Met them this morning before they left for the airport. Took pictures and hugged and they're off. Sighs....really had a great time with them. Though just for a few days, I really got to know them even more. It was actually really cool to hang out with them. Next time if I do go to KL, we must hang out. And really looking forward for their next visit here.

I must be off to do my Engineering Maths. Adios!

The promised pictures will come, I promise. When I'm done and over with EM. Hopefully on Tuesday. More fashion oriented posts as well.


I'm telling you, I seriously went clubbing. I just got back and I HAVE to blog this. It was not fun. Really. It wasn't. It started out like this.......

Well, it's my cousin's wedding today. The clubbing thing was just an after party thing. I thought that Terminal One was some sort of a cafe to chill out. Like Chilax. Ne tauk bila sampe, got loud music and clubbing people in there! Yikes.......... Azrin, Azrul, my brother, my sister and I were like ---> o.O Melintang's idea lah...... ish. And just because I've just turned 18, Leon was determined to make me drink. A lot. Ish. I was thinking of hanging out, catching up with my cousins from KL and in a club, you simply can't do that. You can't even hear anyone talking to you except for the person sitting next to you. So, Azrin, Azrul and I were practically dumbfounded. We're dying to talk to each other but we just can't hear each other. Ish. What a place to hang out in!

I wish we were at Starbucks or Coffee Bean. At least we can chill, relax and talk. I just got so close with my cousins and this had to happen. I knew I had a bad feeling bout the "after party" thing. But I just went on with it, thinking I could get to know my other cousins more. Clubbing is NOT a great way to know others more. I'm sorry to say this but it just don't work that way. Clubbing is not my cup of tea. I would dance with my friends but I don't like other people smoking. I smell like smoke right now. And I was tired. The banging music just gave me a headache. I was so bored, I had this weird urge to throw my handbag at the girls standing next to me! My cousin didn't pour a drink for me that time bah.... At least if I have a drink, I wouldn't be that bored to the extent I wanna do something that drastic. I don't know why I suddenly want to do that extreme stuff but I must say, it's so rad that I won't do it. =P

My ramblings for the day. Tired now but I just had to blog this. It's so rare to see me clubbing. Pictures to be posted soon. =)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I somehow got tagged by Phoebe

The rules are:

1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the question about themselves.
3. At the end of the post the player then tags 4 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
~I just learned how to add and subtract. xD

2. 5 things on my to-do list today.
~my day's almost ended....oh well, my to-do list everyday; 1)get to class early 2)get my homework done 3)hang out with friends 4)blog 5)read my Bible and pray

3. 5 snacks I enjoy.
~I'm not an avid snacker but....i like that Julie's cheese crazkers, Big Apple's Wit Nut, Cheezels, sweets.

4. 5 things I would do if I were a billionaire.
~donate, save and thrift. Billionaire still wanna thrift. xD

5. 5 of my bad habits.
~Doing things that I shouldn't do (like now, I'm suppose to be doing E.M homework!), being sarcastic, diss people?

6. 5 placed I have lived.
~I have lived in Kuching for 18 years and 7 days.

7. Jobs i've had.
~registrar for Microsoft Conferences with Techmex Staging Productions under Caddy Services.

1. Elly Changi
2. Gwen
3. Anders
4. Jzlyne

Of Popularity and Such. Good or No Good?

warning: This post is gonna sound really braggy.

I realized popularity has boosted in the span of just a week. People that I don't know start looking at me, if not looking, smiling at me or smiling and saying 'hi'. It's just crazy! Being a freshmen and already that "popular". I was denying that I'm popular last week but this week was evident that I am. There was a girl that I barely know (or met last time but barely can remember) said 'hi' to me and talked to me. Apparently we've met in the past but I don't remember. Can't blame me.....I always put my past behind me. And there's this guy.......I know he was my senior back in Green Road but I don't recall ever talking to him or ever knowing him. Then suddenly at the lobby he was like,"Hi, Christine Dior." I just smiled at him and said hi lah. Then when he was away, I was like,"Who's that??!!! What's his name again???" I hate it when people know my name but I don't know theirs. Cos it's just plain not nice to not know their name. Or forgetting that we've met! Yikes! And I've just registered myself in the forum and I introduced myself, and people started saying,"I've seen you around in campus." And I'm like o.O. Literally. In front of the PC at home. Gosh.....I don't even know who's that!

Well, I think it's my hair and my unforgettable name. But...haiyah. Even though there's so many people who know my name and lots of people around me and stuff, I do feel lonely at times lah. Still do. Parting with my 'gang' and going out to Swinburne on my own was not really an easy thing to do but was necessary to meet other new people. Despite having friends, they're in a different course if not, different class. I'm still alone. The girls in my class.....well, they're always not including me. (maybe cos I look like I'm building an invisible wall) Thankfully, I managed to get closer with the guys. Talked with them and trying to get to know them. Little by little, I'll have friends.

So happy to meet Colin!! Sighs.....I do miss my friends in high school. I appreciate people like Colin and Anders cos they are the people who make me feel really welcome in the class. Sadly, it's just those two. Can say that my last year in high school wasn't my most memorable one of all. I mean, you like kah... being changed from a class that you've grown to love and suddenly being placed in a class you never wished to be in? No right? It was a mistake for the school to do that. Though a better class, my results weren't getting any better due to emotional effect. It was worse than my usual results. Bayangkan, I used to get A for Chemistry and in that class, it dropped drastically to a C or a D. Or even fail.

I miss you all. I miss Mandy. I miss Antonia. I miss Jzlyne. I miss Doreen. I miss all of you!!! I tried calling Mandy yesterday but I can't get her. Maybe I'll try again later. Hopefully she's still awake. Prolly I'll call the other girls too since I've got lots of credit.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Handsome Dude

I was Google-ing a band called 'Chicosci' from Philipines cos after watching the MTV Asia Awards, I thought the lead singer's cute and decided to have a pic of him. Lo and behold, he's emo! I didn't know that. Emo is so gay. Emo is just so overrated. His makeup makes him look gay! He's better looking without the makeup! But I do realize that he does look a little bit like the handsome dude. LOL. Here's a pic.....

That's Miguel Chavez. Aka Miggy. At this angle, he looks like Handsome Dude. Whatever his name is. I shall call him Handsome Dude for now. I have a really bad feeling he's from the "other side". *gulps!* If you get what I mean by "the other side".

Only One

Being in the Engineering course, I'm one of the minority girls in class. Yup. One of the MINORITY. Especially in Physics class. There's 4-5 girls and the rest are guys. It's really difficult for me to have friends (girls) who are in the same course as I am. My friend Liani is taking Engineering but our time table are totally different! Only Engineering Maths jak sama. My other girl friends are either in IT or Business. Darn. And I only know two people who have EXACTLY the same time table as I do. Azme and Jap Siang. Yup, both are guys. I do think that I can 'click' with the guys better than the girls. *cos the girls do look nerdy* So looks like I have to force myself to talk to those two. I do talk to them lah....but they're so shy! I always have to look for opportunities and think of something to talk with them. I personally think guys should make the first move but I always HAVE to make the first moves. =.=" Call yourselves guys! Hmph!

So yeah, that's my short rambling of the day.'s my 100th post!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Birthday Bliss

Waiseh....yesterday, i tiba-tiba got a lot of ang pao for my birthday. Totally unexpected!! I specifically told my family I don't want anything fancy. In fact, I didn't even asked for anything on my birthday! Ne tauk they started giving me money...and my mom's friend too. Sighs. But my dad forgot my birthday.

Anyway, I went for the biggest, most hugest shopping spree I ever did in Kuching. Never in my whole 18 years in Kuching did I buy that many things before! I only do that in KL. Such a blessing! I really thank God for it. Even though at times money seem tight but He somehow provides! Financial problems are one of the reasons why I didn't want anything fancy-schmancy. Other than that, I'm just a person who don't demand much. My sis even told me how God provided her the money to give me.

Last night was also Green Road's Malam Kebudayaan. My brother told me it was a blast and rugi I didn't go. Argh! I wish I went!!! The highlight of the night were the shufflers and band. =) Somehow the combined performance of guitar+lead vocals+marching band+choir of Mara Bahaya worked. I can't believe it! Because it's deemed musically impossible but it turned out great. Weird huh?

Well, I did something better. I did the best shopping of my whole entire life. (I'm just saying that to console myself for not going.) Well, that's bout it. That's my not-so-fab-but-cool 18th birthday.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Birthday Lawak.

I still can't believe I actually forgot my birthday this year....again! My goodness!! After I got ready for college, I on my phone after it's whole night charging. I received 3 messages. I read the first one from Sylvia. It read "Bla, bla, bla..... Happy Birthday....bla, bla, bla...." And I was like,"Birthday?? My birthday meh???" Then I asked my sister,"What day's today?" "Friday. Why?" I stood there thinking for awhile...... Then I said,"Friday....Friday......... Oh yeah! Today's my birthday hoh!!!" *Stands there laughing* Yes, I laughed at myself. I suppose I was too engrossed with my Physics homework last night and also trying not to be late for class. I remembered last night actually. Kian Wee actually chat with me announcing "TOMORROW'S OUR BIRTHDAY!!" =.="

So that's my day. And I'm going out tonight! After class though. =.=" Till 8! I hope Raymond chia me..... My birthday woh.. *hint, hint*