Friday, May 9, 2008

9th MAY 2008, Friday.

Lol...I don't know what title to put. Haha.... Well, today nothing much happen larh. No band so kinda boring lah today. But I went out unexpectedly (usual lah...unexpected things always happen on my free days) to buy Khira's school shirt and go a little bit of shopping.'s more of Khira's shopping day. Cos I told her that she seriously needs to get some girly clothes. What she wears now is know, sports tee with shorts. It's not baby-T alright? It's a guy's tee and it definitely does not do any justice to her figure. Not very flattering to her body. And I bought a necklace today. =) =) =) So gona wear it this Sunday!!

I fell in love with Crown Square!! The things there are so nice! Kinda fave would be the shop at the ground floor, forgot what's it's name. Oh well...... Will bring my dad there and he'll pay, as usual. Eheheh.... Ah....I caught the Shopping Syndrome again. It's when I step into a shopping mall, I keep coming back in again. It all started with Boulevard. (Dang!!)

I feel so good. =) I have a new job.....being a match maker. Right now, I'm trying to match make my friend, Sylvia with Cyril. Well, their progress sounds very good. more details. Shhss......, I messaged itu Langi to tell him to delete Syl's photo from his Friendster but he mati2 don't want so I biarkan him lah. And I did it in a nice manner. Then he send me a message saying something like,".....if only i got other friends like you....." I was like....eeewwww!! I'm not your friend!!! And after a while, he sent me a message...asking for my name. Over my dead body will I give him my name!! (I messaged him anonimously....) Dowh... Die...... It's a sign that he perasan. But of course, I totally ignored that message. I didn't reply. Even the one him claiming me as his fren, I didn't reply as well. He's clearly not a very sane guy...... I honestly regretted texting him. Me and my keponess......

Oh! An old classmate of mine called me today!! Shocked but happy.'s nice to hear from an old classmate actually. Unfortunately, I never bothered to pick up the telephone and call them. Plus, my autograph book's gone!! I really don't know what happened to it lah..... Sighss.....I wish he would call me again cause I honestly didn't talk enough. Talk half way then suddenly line cut off....don't know why. least I sempat give him my number. But I forgot to tell him to miss call me so that I will have his number. Now, I'm back to not having contact with him again. Sighss......

Huhu....Mandy's leaving tomorrow for Labuan. I just messaged her just now. She's not okay and not ready to go to Labuan. It's normal to feel that way lah.....If it was me, I'd feel the same. She's leaving early tomorrow morning! =( Well, all the best to you Mandy! God has a purpose for you there and I will keep you in prayer.

Oh...the kepo-ness of today.
Oh....the surprises that I've got.
Oh....the things that I've bought.
And oh, the friend that will depart.
Today is indeed an adventure,
full of surprises and also,
weirdness and love too.
But that's just how life is.

Hey, I got a poem! Haha!!

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