Thursday, December 9, 2010

Be Patient, I'm A Work In Progress

I know I've not been updating much on things substantial but do be patient as I already have thought of what I wana do once my exams are over. Expect something more exciting, more pictures and the likes. It's gona be like imagination let loose. I myself can't wait for it but I have to focus on studying for the mean time. So I'll see you lovelies soon! =]

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


All shots were taken at the back alleys of Kuching. Who knew they were so beautiful? Although it needs a little cleaning up (city council, mayor, take note!). But still, there's beauty in it.

Top: Wheat grass + C. Which is just wheat grass drink with added evaporated milk. My brother ordered this. It's in JUMBO glass! The first I've seen in Kuching. Usually you get big, huge glasses in coffee shops at West Malaysia or at Singapore. But now it's available here. Can I say Hallelujah? You betcha.

Below: A typical breakfast in Kuching. Mee Pok with Char Siew Oil. Translation: Dry Noodles with Barbecued Pork Oil. Hence the redness. Doesn't look appetizing but trust me, it's delicious.

I had breakfast with my family at Chong Choon Cafe. The breakfast place for Sarawak's legendary Sarawak Laksa. You have to wait from early morning for the best. Or so they say. I've not tried the Laksa here yet. The stall wasn't open (I think we're a bit too late for it) and I didn't feel like eating Laksa today.

Oh, Anthony Bourdain visited this very coffee shop for a bowl of Laksa.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Study Attire

Studying makes me feel unfashionable. I've been so tired the past few days that I just don't feel like dressing up. I hope I do soon! I look so depressing sometimes. But at the same time, it's cool. Funny.

I look stressed out, don't I?

Cardigan and tee, Pull&Bear; Jeans, Pop Soda; Shoes, Converse; Bag, Topshop

I love my Topshop bag. It served me well. It's one of those expensive stuff I've ever owned! And worth buying since I use it a lot and has not failed me. When I first got it, I was more worried about people stealing the bag than the content itself! But I don't have to worry about it now since nothing has happened yet (or should I still?). Yeah, I should.

Ok, I should get back to studying now.
Does Energy and Motion sound exciting to you?

Monday, November 29, 2010

These Boots Are Made For Walking

Hello all! I know I've been away for quite a while. My grandpa passed away recently and I had to go back to my mother's home town. When I got back, I had a test (which I did not do so well in), I had some assignments to finish off and my exams are coming soon! Yikes!

But it's all good. All taken care of. I just need to study and now I'm back again! So glad to be able to blog again! =)

After my grandpa's funeral, I realized that I don't have an LBD. It was sparked by my aunt's comment on how in the West, they would dress smartly in black at a person's funeral. I don't have an LBD! I suppose I just really oppose black. Not that I don't like it. I want to avoid having too many black items in my closet.

I guess my next mission is to hunt for the perfect LBD:
Something decent but age appropriate in an affordable price range.
Sounds hard to look for!

I finally got my ankle boots and it is PERFECTION! A simple look can look so va-va-voom with these boots on. It's amazing how a pair of shoes can just take a look to a whole new level. Didn't take many shots though.

Blouse, sister's; Jeans, Pop Soda; Ankle boots, Fashion Girl Boutique

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oh Day...

Today was yet an unproductive day for me. I really was not in the mood to study at all! After this post, I'll try to motivate myself again.

I wore my brother's gift for me from Korea to class today. But I kinda 'dissected' it cos it wasn't figure flattering for me. This is what I meant by 'dissecting' it...

I wanted to take a picture of me wearing it. I even brought my camera to class and wanted to ask my friend to take a picture of me. But I totally forgot about my camera. I guess I kinda had a hard day due to some unnecessary stress which kinda made me forget about it. Oh well, there's always another day.

I've been wanting to get a pair of black peep toe ankle boots lately and I saw one which I fell in love with and have been saving up for it. I hope I can get it by this week. By hook or by crook, I must get it. Here are some pictures of some lovely ankle boots.

This is one shoe I would love to have. =)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

There's So Much Fun In Our Own Backyard

Sheer top, sister's; Floral peplum skirt, Zigzag boutique; Strappy sandals, Nose; Watch, Kenneth Cole; Brown floral dress, absolutely; Cardigan, Fashion girl boutique; Vintage bag, boutique; Vintage belt, my mom's; Platforms, Nose.

Today I finally get to do what I've been planning to do for weeks! I finally got my friend, Guinevere to take pictures of my personal style. I've been bugging her a lot about this. Haha. Poor her. I've been wanting and itching to share my fashion sense with the rest of the blogosphere. It's a holiday today anyway. And I've done it!

In case you're wondering where I get all my clothes, I don't usually shop at the same place but I do have my favourite places. My current muse is One Jaya at Jalan Song. I love the choice there! I bought my brown vintage bag there.

Some items I got were cheap. Some were moderate. Some were pricey (for me anything over RM60 is pricey!) and some were just free. I don't really buy expensive and branded goods cos I can't afford. But I do have a few as they were like presents. The things that I buy never goes over a hundred. Not unless it's something that is so hard to find in Kuching and I really like it, I'd try my best to get it.

I got this pretty brown floral dress from Absolutely Dress[ed] Gallery. I loved it the moment I set my eyes on it! And I never regretted having it. It had that vintage feel to it so I decided to pair it up with the vintage belt and bag and also layered it with the cardigan. For the other look, I was inspired by other fashion bloggers with their sheer tops. So happened I saw it in my sister's room and decided to pair it with my peplum skirt that I've had for a while now. And I got this look. Voila!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I do hope to get some feedback! If you like, please do follow my blog! I'd really appreciate it! =D

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

MANGO Adventures

Today's Malaysia' Independence Day or is it Malaysia Day, I don't know. What better way to spend a nice sunny day with shopping with my favourite girls - my mom and sis!

Had a good gu bak mee at Green Hill Corner and off to The Hills we go. We stopped by at MANGO or MNG and my sis and mom decided to buy something there. I took the opportunity to try on some clothes cos I've always wanted to do that but never did! So I tried on these....
This was my favourite outfit to try! It's my first time to try layering. Turned pretty good! I shall call this my MNG Fall/Winter 2010 look. =)

I love the colour of the dress!

This playsuit is just so adorable! Prefect for our ever-summer weather!

I always had this crazy idea of trying on stuff that I can't afford. I mean, since I can't buy them, why don't try them on? And I got to do this today. When I got out, my sister asked if I wanted to buy. I just told her that if that's the case, I'd buy all three or the whole shop! Haha...MANGO's like heaven for me! I think I could mix and match and create a whole new outfit with the whole store!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Wandering Eyes

I'm back from the Church Camp! I have to say I learned many things. Despite the speaker being the Bishop of Kuching, he actually has something substantial for us this time around as compared to last year. Unfortunately, I did not prepare my mind for it so during his preaching, I was 'on' and 'off'. Overall, I had fun. =)

I also realized that the camera loves me during the camp. Unfortunately, I do not love the camera as much as it love me. I'm not that daring enough to show my true affection for it. In other words, I'm not that daring to pose radical poses. And I can't really give a beautiful face. I'm just so shy to! I tell myself that I'm not photogenic when I was younger and contact lens was not that appealing to me. I was very camera-shy, I did not like to appear in pictures. Now that I've blossomed and I do admit I do think I'm beautiful but I really need to embrace it! I think the reason why I don't really want to embrace it is because I'm so scared I'll become so full of myself and forget what TRUE BEAUTY is all about. I think it's important for me to focus on what's on the inside than what's on the out.

I am blessed to be beautiful. I have genes to thank for that! Haha. I found out from my uncle that I actually have Dutch blood. That's why some of my relatives have orang putih look. (Genes tend to skip generations by the way.) One of them happens to be me. It's both good and bad. The good is that I look unique. The bad is, I look very orang putih which means people can't tell that I'm a Bidayuh. Unlike most Asians, I am very proud to be an Asian and I want to embrace every Asian feature that I have. But I do have a feature that resembles my Asian-ness - I'm petite. It makes me feel very close to my grandmother because my dad's relative would say that I look beautiful and small like my late grandmother.

It's funny how international students were asking each other "where are you from?" And I'm surprised they ask the exact same question to me! Don't I look like my countrymen?? =( It does make me feel 'alien' when people ask me that. But I do feel a little sense of pride as well. It's bittersweet, really. Some thought I was Eurasian and some thought I was....Italian (???). Dior's French! Ah well.

I'm gonna miss my brother. :-'( The house feels empty again.

I have tumblr by the way!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Understanding Christine 101

The thing about me is.....I like to avoid problems. Because I think my life is already so complicated just as it is, I try to minimize the problems I encounter. Things that are worth complicating my life with, I will try to endure it. Things that are not worth even one second of my life, I'll just brush it off.

I'm a funny little thing back in school. Most girls would enjoy getting into fights. This girl doesn't like this girl and a huge he-said-she-said going on. Even though they look angry and say 'I hate her and why does this have to happen to me?!!', trust me, they enjoy every bit of publicity they get - even if it's bad publicity. As for me, I didn't wana trouble myself too much. Cos I acknowledge that my life is complicated enough that I know better than to get myself involved in a cat fight. It's just a waste of my time and my life. For a teenager I'm kinda matured compared to most. I have no idea why. Even I myself find myself weird. Thankfully, in most areas, I'm like any other normal teenager. Back then I was involved with lots of stuff. I had my studies to worry about. Church organizations, school activities. Thank God I wasn't in a relationship! The most memorable thing I did in my school life is struggling with the band accounts. Haha...all those paperworks and leadership roles I took is really challenging and I wondered how I got by. Seriously. Sad to say, I didn't do a very good job but I saw my flaws and hopefully in the future I am able to be better.

Now do you see why I don't like being involved in drama. With all those things going on, how can I possibly care bout petty things?? It just adds to the stress that I'm already under. I remember one time, a girl didn't like me because I was friends with her enemy. (Stupid right?) She said some really insulting things to my friend outside the toilet and me being me, I defended my friend lar. Start la ya....she wanted to 'wage war' with me. And I was like 'GREAT' *rolls eyes*. When I was nearby her, I can hear her talking bad bout me but I just ignored her. Say what she want lah, I've got no time for this. I was not going to give her the satisfaction of a reaction. She was like a dog barking at a tree. Do you know how satisfying that was? VERY! The opposite of love is not hate but not to care because when you hate, you still care to hurl insults at the person you hate. When you don't care, you don't acknowledge their existence at all. So which one is meaner? I'd say the latter.

I'm surprised that even after secondary school, she still detest me. While I totally forgot bout it. I do remember at times but thought how stupid it was. I mean, come on! After secondary school?? Really?? I've put that past behind me and there are more bitter memories than that like being ignored in class in Form 5 when it should be the time of my life. I'd say that is worse than being hated by someone I barely even know.

So...this is something about me. Hopefully it is interesting. I'm not like most girls and I hope to stay that way and keep my uniqueness. I won't lie to you, sometimes I do wish I am like any other girl but I understand the importance of making the right choices and I never regret any of the choices that I've made. Doesn't mean I never screw up either cos that's for me to know and for you to find out! ;-)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cover up!

I've got a new cover coming up! So stay tuned!

"Three months and I'm still sober......."

Let's Play Dress Up

Now that I'm back to blogging, I decided to post my fashion inspirations. =) Do enjoy!

Crotchet and florals.

My mom made a crotchet top but she couldn't fit it so she gave it to me. I was wondering what can I do to make this crotchet top look fashionable and not granny-looking. So I came up with this combination. Didn't think it would look good together but it worked! Would be nice if it was a lace top though. But my goal was to use whatever is in my closet and make it current and I did! I feel so proud of myself!

Crotchet top - Mom's
Peplum skirt- Zigzag at Wisma Saberkas
Gladiator flats - Lea Centre
Black sling bag - Sister's
Black plastic bracelet - F.O.S.


Doesn't it look elegant?

Clutch - Mom's

This is an awesome outfit to go shopping or hang out.

Black long beaded necklace - Sinma, Boulevard
Tee - MJC (RM 12.90 only!!)
Denim-like shorts - American Denim, Boulevard (ONLY RM 19.90!!!)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I am still wondering why am I doing Engineering. But then...I do know. It's so that I have money to start doing things that I want to do. I really want to start a business. The food business to be exact. And I can tell you I have CRAZY business ideas. But as they say, the best ones are mad.
Wouldn't it be great if you can turn fantasy into reality? Being in a different era or a different world?
I know I dream of the impossible but it is an idea that I believe would work.


Hey guys!

It's been awhile. I wonder if anyone still reads my blog.

Anyway, I've been buying masks from my friend, Doreen and I can tell you that that stuff really works! It's from Taiwan. Usually I'm really sceptical about things from China or Taiwan. But it's been tried and true and I believe this friend of mine who studied Biotech wouldn't sell things that aren't good. Sides, Chinese and Koreans have great skin so I want to try whatever they use. Below's the blog link and go browse around for something you like and suits your face. (Psst..they come in cute packages too!)

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Today was GB's Award's Day. An event where the girls get their awards for their hard work. I felt good about myself during this day. And at the same time, I felt bad. I felt bad because....I am actually deciding on not going for GB anymore. And yet....they are still praising me for my contributions.

Truth is, I have no heart for this. I have tried liking it. I did. still isn't enough to make me wana come every week. Every week, I have to force myself to come. Like there is no thrill to it. I just can't be enthusiastic about GB as I can be enthusiastic about band. It's just not the same.

Throughout my 2 years in GB, (Gosh, that's how long I forced myself to go??) I can say that the girls are lacking or should I emphasize more, DESTITUTE of discipline. I know the officers are doing a great job on the spiritual part but not the discipline part. I think they are too concerned about the spiritual part of GB that they overlooked the discipline part. It's true that one needs to have Christ in their lives to be changed. But we need to remind ourselves that we are a UNIFORM BODY. And these are teenagers we're dealing with. I couldn't emphasize more. It is our job to try and impart discipline in them.

Honestly....sometimes I don't like what the girls post in Facebook. If I compare them to the band kids in my previous school, the band kids are a whole lot better. Band kids are what you call....what you see is what you get. The girls....some pretend. Best part about band kids is that not all are Christians and it's not all about Christianity but they are so much better than GB girls. Of course, when they are on field and doing work, they really do their work. Off field, they're like a bunch of hooligans. But at least they know when to work and play. The GB girls? Sad to say...they can't even salute properly. How la?

In my honest opinion, GB suddenly became a community centre. I watched on TV, a community centre is a place where they take in girls who have been rejected by their families - teenage pregnant mothers, teen mothers, delinquents etc. to do things for self-improvement like sewing, cooking and stuff. That's what GB suddenly become. But we are not a community centre. We're a uniform body! I really need to stress that.

These girls never really know what it's like to be enthusiastic. To look forward to something. In band, they LOVE coming for practice every week without fail. They just keep coming that when they don't have to come, they still want to come! Instead of begging them to come, we have to beg them to stay home! That's the kind of dedication band kids have. GB girls? No. I don't see that in them. I can see from some of their face and body language that they're not so thrilled to be there every week. They look like semadi jak mok datang...for their KK marks. That's all. Some are enthusiastic. But not the extreme kind that I see in band. It's just not enough.

I think GB Malaysia needs to re-evaluate the GB program. We have been using the same GB program structure since like...what? The 70s? What was relevant then may not be relevant now. Times have changed. Kids are getting more and more advanced. We need to cater for their current needs. How to get them interested and keep them coming. We need to revamp and be current to attract kids to come. And from there, we can sow God's word into their lives. But with the current structure, I don't think it's going to be very effective anymore. Us officers have that responsibility. In order to keep them coming, we need to keep updating.

As much as I would like to continue, my heart is not there at all. I know I will miss out on opportunities but if my heart isn't there, there is no point in being there at all. I need to humble myself to leave instead of keeping my pride by staying. I wana do other things. I hope I find a constructive one and one that I really love doing. Somewhere where I can really contribute. GB is not suitable for me. Unless there is change. I know....some may tell me,"Why don't you be the change?" I ask that myself a lot but I can't. There's a lot of work in that and I can't spend so much time on this. Besides, I want to be more involved in my uni.

That's all for now. I really need to let this out. I hope that I don't sound that I'm dissing. But I need to move on and keep searching what I really want to do. Where do I fit in. I need to.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kuching Meets Singa

Hohoho.....I'm back from Singapore!!'s been about 3 days since a came back. Been lazy to blog about my trip but I shall do it today. Teehee...

What can I say bout my trip to Singapore?

Watch Paramore live. Check.
Meet Paramore in person. Uncheck.

Well, it was my first time overseas so I am definitely stoked bout this trip. And it was so amazing! Watching Paramore live in front of me still feels so unreal! It won't be real unless I meet Paramore in person. That would be much better. It's in my to-do list before I die. Meet them in person.

Hayley live on stage was unbelievable! She headbanged and jumped and run around the stage and she didn't even have pitch problems. It's like what you hear on the radio. It's like what you watch on a Youtube video. It's just....perfect! Perfect pitching on vocals. Awesome showmanship. She really knows how to connect with the crowd. Performers like her don't come around very often.

I got myself a Paramore T-Shirt. And I got interviewed (is that the word?) by MTV Asia. Well, some woman with a camera man approached me and ask if I would like to give a shoutout to Paramore while showing our T-shirts. So I got my friends with me and we gave a shoutout. Funny thing is we promoted Borneo more than we did Malaysia. =P If Paramore does come to Malaysia or better still, Sarawak, credits to us then. xD Despite not being able to meet Paramore and have a picture with them, at least I still get to have my moment with MTV Asia right? Hopefully Paramore saw my shoutout. I'm gona be mad if they didn't. Buang air liur aku jak. Hahaha...

Seems like I'm talking so much about Paramore that I haven't talked about Singapore yet. But Paramore...there's just so much to talk about, really. There's this group of crazy girls who I found out were from Malaysia too. They made a really nice banner just for this. And they started mostof the cheers before Paramore actually performed. I'm so proud of my fellow Malaysians. =] Btw, there's this girl in front of me who kept camwhoring. She kept taking the same angle for like...more than 10 times? Really annoying. It's not the camwhoring that's annoying but the flash. Gosh!! It really blinded my eyes la. Want to camwhore, please la....turn off your flash okay? And tukarlah angle. You won't look any different with the same angle. Some people....they are just too absurdly vain. Sempat also I took a picture of this camwhore. Hahaha....jaik kan?

Hayley actually said that Singapore was the loudest crowd they ever had. And I'm like 'Seriously??'. I bet she was just saying that to please us or something. And she promised that in 5 years time, she'll come again to Singapore cos it was just so fun. And I was like..."Hey...the crazy ones are from Malaysia!" LOL. =P But seriously. The people at the standing pen were like not doing so much. In a Paramore concert, one must headbang. And one must show the devil's horn. Personally, my friends and I should be in front to show them how it's done. Yeahhh....

Life at not a life I would wana live. Too fast paced. Everyone's rushing around me. Sometimes I'd like to just stop them and say "Hey, slow down. Enjoy life." with a smile on my face. That is what I think Singapore needs every now and then. I noticed that you don't see any overweight or obese Singaporeans. They are pretty much fit. Well, they rely a lot on public transportation. And my 3 or 4 days experience there showed me why they are kinda fit. I didn't even feel semput during the concert. The days walking around the city really prepared me for the concert.

It's tall buildings everywhere in Singapore. I've never seen a place where tall buildings are located so near each other. On the air, it looked like a LEGO display. Hahaha.... But shoppping there is definitely awesome. Let's not think of converting la ha. Food there's cheap too. I did quite a lot of shopping. Found really cute gifts for my friends and boyfriend too.

What I like a bout Singapore is that it's civillized. I can just text people out in the open without worrying that people would eye my phone and snatched it from me. Cos...well....people are mostly using iPhones or Blackberrys. Me? I'm using a very outdated k770i as compared to their phone. I can just listen to my iPod without worrying too. And I was sakai about the auto flushing toilets. Hahaha!! I like how organized thar city is. I said. Not one that I would like to live in. I would die if you ask me to stay another day there.

The length of time that I stayed there was just nice. Reached Singapore pretty early and enjoyed the next 3 full days just getting lost in the city and doing some shopping. It isn't that expensive to travel there. As long as you know where to shop and where to eat. You won't go wrong. The 3rd night was the concert and after the concert, I felt that it was a great way to end my trip and I was ready and desperate to go home already. Hahaha....besides, I was missing him already.

So that's my trip to Singapore. And I got to see my favourite band performing live. It's just such a blessing to be able to achieve my dreams. When I first heard that Paramore's gona have a concert at Singapore, I thought that never in a million years I'd be able to go. But I did anyway. This experience is proof that I can achieve my dreams if I put some effort and take some risks.

Monday, March 1, 2010

In Memory of Jason Kiu

On February 26th at 2am, I lost a friend. His name's Jason Kiu. Not sure if you guys know him but I can tell you he's a nice guy.

When I found out about this really awful news, I can't help but feel regret. I regret not maintaining a better friendship with him. You see, I was a classmate of his way back in Form 2. I sat behind him so naturally we became friends. We had awesome times in class. We're also Prefects at the time which was cool. Know why? We can go out early for recess. So sometimes we hang out in and out of class. The thing that I remember most about him was that he is definitely a very nice guy, who cares about his family, and is easy to talk to.

It is sad that a life of a person who is nice being taken away. Even more so that he is still young. He just turned 19 December last year. He barely made it to 20. Just gone too soon. He had a life ahead of him.

Prior to his death, he lost control of his car and it mowed down some wired fences and hit a huge tree. The car then overturned to the middle of the road. He didn't die on the spot but he died on the way to the hospital due to massive bleeding. Investigators believe the cause of his death is speed. The car he used was bought barely a month ago. A Honda Accord by the way.

I went to his funeral yesterday. A lot of people were there to pay their last respects. Many of whom are 20 year olds like me from SMK Green Road. Really great to see all of them again. Saw a few Swinburnians there too. Even the Chancellor, Mr. Helmut was there. It just shows how good Jason was. How one way or another, he impacted our lives.

The funeral was hard to watch. For most part, I was putting myself in their shoes so that I can digest everything one by one. First, his devastated sister. I imagined if it were my brother, I would be welling up like her because we spent a lot of time together and constantly advising my little brother to drive carefully but yet didn't listen. In a way, I would be questioning "Why didn't he listen??"

Secondly, the mother who was sobbing all the way after the funeral service ended. That was the hardest to watch. I can imagine, if that was my only boy and my baby..... I would be sobbing away like her. I also imagined if that were my own mother. Losing her favourite son like that. It's not a pretty sight to see.

Then there is the girlfriend that I saw at the burial site. If that was my boyfriend, I would definitely be hysterical. I can't imagine losing someone whom I love like that. It would hurt so much! Not being able to hear his voice ever again. Not being able to hug him anymore. Him not being there for me anymore. Losing someone whom you gave your heart to would feel like you lost your hopes of a future with him. And that feeling sucks. It is worse than a break up. This one I can relate to even more.

As for me, as a friend, I am truly shocked. Shocked because I didn't expect this. We take it for granted that just because we're just 20, we still have tomorrow. Truth is, we can go anytime. Cos we don't know what the future holds. But as a friend, I regret as afore mentioned. I have this habit of leaving the past behind. That instead of building bridges, I built walls around me. It made me think whatever happened to my friendship with him anyway? I did talk to him but it was just small talk. Somehow it didn't feel enough. I've seen him around in campus. I remembered the last time I saw him, I smiled at him. And....who knew that would be the last smiles we'd ever exchanged huh?

One thing that bothered me the most - a soul is lost. I don't even know whether this guy accepted Jesus Christ. We may be church going people, but that does not mean it gives us a passport to heaven. It just makes us bench warmers. I don't agree with the doctrine of praying that his soul gets to heaven after death but I believe in praying for his family members for peace. Sides, I don't recall ever reading it in the Bible. The getting to heaven part, I leave that in the hands of God to judge.

It was an interesting experience being in a Roman Catholic church. I got so curious along the way cos there were some things that they did that I don't usually do in my church. So there were a lot of 'why this' and 'why thats'. I do that in my own church sometimes. I do that eveywhere cos I believe I should have my own stand rather than believing in the God of my parents or fill my head with "He said, she said.". You never know whether people are intentionally feeding you lies or giving the wrong information. That is why it's important to question everything that's thrown at you and do your own homework.

Anyway, I lari topic edi.....

So.....I learned so much from this experience. And I certainly will not forget Jason Kiu. Because this reminded me and made me realize some things. That there are things in me that I need to change. And whenever I pass by Jln Ong Tiang Swee to campus, I will always remember. How can I not remember anyway?

Rest in peace Jason. I pray that the family of Jason Kiu would have peace and that Jesus will be with them in their time of grief. And that He would carry them through this hard time.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Love You

Valentine's Day is just round the corner! This year, it is something that I look forward to. Now, allow me to be transparent and let out my affections for a special someone. It's not like I get to do it all the time, not that I like to show PDA anyway. But for this Valentine's Day, let me boast of my love (chewah!).

His name, Josef. Never have I fell in love with a man better than he. Just saying his name makes my heart skip a beat. Despite being together for more than half a year, it still feels like yesterday and I hope and wish it continues on like this forever.

For those who know me, I've not been with anyone since my first boyfriend and had my heart broken once in between. And I don't simply choose a guy. He may not be like any guy that graces the covers of magazines, or rich, or popular, but he is definitely a guy that has character and a gentleman - something that is close to extinction. Best of all, he is mom approved. =) I know that he may seem to be like a nobody but what people don't know is that nobodys are more faithful, more loving, more caring and very sweet as compared to somebodys. Somebodys would say sugar-coated words to make them more popular but nobodys will correct you, even though it hurts.

He understands a great deal about me, and when there are some parts that he don't, he'll make an effort to understand. He opens the door for me even if I don't want him to. Takes my bag for me even though I say that I am capable of doing that myself. I always think that I can do things alone but he makes me realize that I need help sometimes. He is the one that I can share anything with. He would tell me how I stand out from beautiful girls because of my character.

People ask me if I'm worried if he cheats on me. Why should I be? You should know whether the guy you wish to pursue is a player before you go with him. We started off as friends and gradually grew to love one another. In a way, we figured each other out. Slowly, but surely. Best of all, he is someone who shares the same faith. He is someone that I can talk about God with and pray with.

I just want you to know how much I do love you and that you are my pride and joy. You are someone that I boast to my friends whenever I can. And at the same time, I love how we kept things low. People don't even have to read this to know that we love each other. They just do.

I am definitely looking forward to that home cooked meal with you this Valentine's Day and the Chocolate Brownies. ^^, Nothing fancy, but I definitely love it. I don't wish to spend RM68++ for a dinner anyway. Why should we spend so much when I can cook a delicious meal for less than that, right dear?

Hugs and kisses.
I Love You.

Harap maaf kalau sangat PDA. Skali jak. ^^v

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Finally, after so many weeks since the New Year began, I have come up with a New Year's Resolution. =D

I noticed during the holidays, I've been staying at home. And the people I hang out with most during this holidays, are people from my church. The friends I have at Uni are mostly from Miri or elsewhere. Which means during the holidays, they're back at their hometown. So...this leaves me no one to go out with. Shoot! Friends from secondary school are all working. Sad. Which brings to my first resolution: Get a better social life. Cos I seriously think it's a drab. Ways to get a better social life: Join Swinburne Choir. Join the Drama Club. Join the Dance Club. I hope these measures would help me get a better social life. Also, I need to change my own mentality. I shouldn't be too choosy with who I be friends with. I should accept people as they are, no matter what.

Second resolution would be to work my ass off! Time to not be lazy! These few days, I'm trying to get busy with ANYTHING and try to get things done! This is also to get ALL revisions, lab reports, assignments etc. done ON TIME. I've learnt my lesson the last time of submitting late. My lecturer almost didn't want to accept it! That shall not happen again.

Thirdly, I want to be committed in EVERYTHING I do. I do not want to say yes to anything until I can fully commit. No more giving people empty promises and learn to say NO when I can't. Which reminds me....for Girls' Brigade, I'm gonna give myself one more year. If I am still not serious about it, I'm gona have to say asta la vista to it. Because the others are committed and the last thing they need is for me to bring them down due to my lack of commitment. So that's set!

Actually I thought that my resolution this year is to NOT make any resolution. But...we can't live a life without goals can we? We need a clear direction of where we want to go. Otherwise it would be a ship without a captain.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Pants On The Ground

I was watching American Idol last night at midnight till 1am. Totally love Season 9! So intense and....hilarious! There's one in particular that I liked...Hahahaha.....He's a General and he's 62 years old! Can you believe that? And he's got some moves there... It's a song with a tell you to get a belt or....You'll be looking like a fool with your pants on the ground! Here's a video for your entertainment. =)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm Going....

Btw, did you know that Christine's going to watch Paramore LIVE in Singapore?


Say what??

Even I myself can't believe it!!

It's definitely gona be my first time overseas. Minus the time I went there when I was a baby. That does NOT count. Cos I barely can remember ANYthing.

I can't wait to see this......

And this.....

And this...

And...she ain't a blonde nemore...

Gona get me some faux leather jacket when I'm at Singapore. If I can afford any, that is. Can't seem to find it here...Boohoo...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Time To Go~~~

Hey guys!

I know you've all heard about the attacks on churches last Friday and I do believe it is a detestable one but I shall respond in grace. For I do believe REAL Muslims aren't like that. Am I right my Muslim friends? They are just a bunch of people who do not read or know of the Quran. And instead of protesting in peace, they protest in violence. Islam is a religion of peace. The group of imbeciles who threw molotov cocktail have just contradicted what they believe in and shamed their own people and religion.

But us Christians, we forgive you. For you do not know the basis of your actions.

Today, after much talk with my brother regarding his future, you know....which College/Uni he should go to since he recently finished his SPM. It reminded me that the time has come for me to apply for scholarships too. I was so fired up to apply for a scholarship last year but most were not open for application yet. Most of em open their applications around this time. Now that the time has come, it's, I'm applying for a scholarship! And to think that when I got my SPM results, I wasn't ready to leave Kuching yet. My results weren't that good either..

So I guess I shouldn't let go of the oppourtunity. My Foundation results are good. 3.5 for my first semester and 3.21 for my second semester. Though I didn't get all HDs, I'm proud of my achievement. It's better than any of my academic achievements in my whole life! I guess you'd say I shouldn't pass the opportunity to apply for a scholarship right? So I'ma gather up my gutts to apply for one.

And they asked whether I wana study in Malaysian Universities or Overseas....

I decided overseas.


I have absolutely no experience living in a foreign place without my family. I am used to being apart from them though. But for a long time? I really have no idea how I will respond to that. Maybe for now I won't feel anything. But maybe when I get there I will. Perhaps it will make me appreciate my family more and not take them for granted.

Overseas....which country? I hate being cold cos my hands would freeze. So I decided that ANY country that snows is out of my list. =P Meaning US, UK and China. Which leaves Australia, Thailand and Indonesia. It is tempting to go to Thailand and Indonesia but I have to remind myself that this isn't a vacation. Hahaha..... That's when I decided Australia it is. Besides, it's a little closer to home. Geographically's not like I can go home frequently...=( And it is also the end of the boyfriend.....I can't stand long distance relationships. Neither can he. And that IS the hardest to let go of.

This is a big step for me. And I am wondering whether this is God's will. But I will try applying for it. I'm sure if I leave it in His hands, He will take care of it.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hello people!!

First and foremost, I wana wish everyone a Happy New Year!!

I know...I've not been posting. Been busy! A lot of things were happening...and very fun...mostly busy with things at church. Carolling to be exact. When there's carolling, there's eating. I can tell you that I did put on weight. Two people that I have not seen in a long time told me that I put on weight. It's a good thing for me. It means that my metabolism rate has slowed down. But it also means that I have to start being a teeny weeny bit more concious about my weight, making sure that I don't balloon too much. I was concious bout my weight before this but more to putting on weight. Now, I have to focus on toning my body. I want the fats to be evenly distributed. =D

So how was your New Year's Eve? Mine was simple but great! Been having so much extravaganze that I just wanted it to be simple. We had a home cooked Western meal that if we were to eat out in a restaurant, it would've cost RM700 or so. But we spent less than that. Probably it cost around RM200 - RM300? We had Sausages, Bacon, Mashed Potatoes, Salad, Buns and Red's an awesome family meal. I made the Mashed Potatoes. Hehe...made it so sinfuly full of fat! I put loads of butter for a nice golden look and great taste...milk for a softer texture...oohhhh now that's good!

I spent first day of 2010 and Sarawak Club's Golf Club. Went swimming and then had a relaxing time in the jacuzzi...awesome I tell ya! And we had lunch. We discussed bout getting my room a dressing table and stuff...and my mum suggested I swap rooms with my older bro since my room is getting too small for both me and my sis. Well...I will miss my old room but I do need a bigger room. What with my books and beautiful orange striped sofa study table...I sure do need a bigger room! I am actually thrilled that I'm getting a bigger room...I can get to go crazy with my interior design cos that room's got a BALCONY!!! =D I've got a place to chill out!! I'm really, really excited!!! And I'm thrilled that I'm getting single bed now... All this while I've been using a queen size bed with my sister. I have to tell ya that I don't like it after the years. Since my mom gave the green light and daddy is willing to pay, I can go crazy with expressing myself. Yahoo!! Happy happy happy!!

Tonight am gonna have a cousin's night out at Secret Sanctuary...yayy!! I really am enjoying my New Year. =]
The bacon and sausage!!


The sinful mashed potatoes.

The salad.

Buns with butter as appetizers

A meal fit for a King?

Buns and wine.

My meal. =)

After the meal, we went to church for our night watch. That's where I do my New Year's countdown every year. Ushering in the New Year by praising God. Every year starts with God and ends with God. =) After the church service, went for New Year supper with Gwen, Elly, Frank, Raymond, Ruby and Tarang. =D Whoo!! It was definitely a blast!!