Thursday, July 31, 2008

Continuation of Utter College Sakainess.

Okay, Allistair told me that I might be spending a lot of money cos Swinburne peeps really dress up fashionably and has the ability to influence you to spend on clothes. My opinion, they're not fashionable. They're just overdressed. xD *i hear the world laughing and an " wonnddeeerrrrr* My equation of overdressed people. Overdressed=They're just too damn rich and can buy all the damned clothes they want. Honestly speaking, I'm more fashionable than they are. xD Sounds perasan but I do have a great fashion sense alright. I may look simple at times but simplicity is good. As Coco Chanel says,"Take of the last item you put on." Chanel was definitely trying to imply that we shouldn't put on too many things. =) *can you feel the sarcasm?*

SMK Green Road's Malam Kebudayaan's coming up and I heard the highlight of it all is the band. And heard that they played and performed very well. Good for you all. Sure makes me wana be in band again. But I've had my fill.

Sometimes I hear seniors or those my age complain to me, "Why our band like suddenly so wild?" *actually it was no discipline but I don't like to hear that so I changed it. =P* I just tell them,"It's good what." Why did I say good? Well, it just shows that they know when to play, have fun and when to be serious. I tell you, when you ask them to work, they work and give you EXCELLENT results. When they play, they're just like monkeys. I mean, you can't be serious all the time right? Loosen up lah!

I must say that I love the band now, more than I did the band of the past. The band of the past was albeit boring and mundane but I can't say that I didn't learn anything either cos that will be a lie. The band last time was just too serious in everything, even if we're not "at work". I feel so confined. I feel like I'm pretending to be someone who I'm not. I'm talkative and I like to play. I don't like being serious when I don't think that I need to. Especially for public performances, we're always reminded to 'behave'. We can't even misbehave a bit. I feel as though we're just putting on a mask for the public to see and make them think we're good. So, if ever more seniors come complain to me, I'll say,"Well, at least the band knows when to distinguish work and play." With that sarcastic smile of mine.

I really must thank Kester to make my band the way they are now. During my time in the band, I've always dreamed of being like SJS Band. Cos I knew how they were like. How they are serious when it comes to work and are like monkeys when it comes to play. It was just so fun compared to my then boring band! At times I do feel so lazy and burdened to go for band cos it was boring. And I get scolded even though I make jokes a bit and play a bit during music practice. Sometimes I feel like telling them,"Lighten up a bit lah..." Being in the committee, I thought that maybe I could share what I envisioned my band to be. However and as usual, I wasn't heard. They thought that,"Nah, GR is GR, SJS is SJS." But I'm like (in my brain lah),"HAve you any idea that we are LOST and CLUELESS?? We need help!!!!" I've always felt that we were too proud to ask for help from St. Joseph, we think that we have everything put together when we actually don't. We need a guideline on how a band SHOULD be. And how to make it interesting and instead of begging for people to join, people come join us. And to know how to make a good band, what better way than to ask the veterans themselves-St. Joseph.

I've always dreamed of the day when some SJS people will come to help GRSB. And the day has come. And I am happy that I had the opportunity to be under Kester for awhile. And I tell you, I enjoyed it MORE than my past years in band. And since then, I'm forever loyal to my band and totally hyped up everytime I hear "band". Most of the old seniors didn't really come back but most of us who were under Kester, really enjoyed ourselves and never looked back. Because there was nothing better to look back to.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Utter College Sakai-ness.

I'm so thrilled!! You know why???? I got my first homework!! Engineering Maths!!!! I love Engineering Maths!!!! cos 1) I got homework 2) got better looking guys 3) I'm smart. =)

I'm definitely enjoying my time in Swinburne. Staying back in school, chilling with friends. My first E.M. homework and I'm so thrilled. =P long didn't see homework. I actually missed it! I can't believe I'm saying this! Next thing you now, I'll be complaining of over-burdening assignments, quizzes and tests.... In due time, I will.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful..... That's all I can say about Swinburne. I can't wait for the new blocks to be opened! Opening's on the end of August. And Kak Azreen just asked me if I would like to be one of the students to do the Campus Tour. I said ok of course! I want to! PR stuff....I like it. Even though I don't really know the campus yet, I still have enough time to adventure around the whole place. Swinburne ain't that big anyway. Another reason for doing this is to get more testimony for me to get my scholarship. It's definitely a great way to outshine other students and prove that I'm scholarship worthy.

I think I'll be talking a lot bout college this week. Still syok about it bah.... I'll get bored of it. Sure one.

Turning 18 real soon.... It means I'm legal to go clubbing and drink and sign my own forms. Bla, bla, bla. But I hate drinking lah. Really do. I can't stand white wine. Beer's worse. Drinking's not new to me lah... Biasa already. It's not a big thing I tell you. Drink before your legal age and when people say,"cool, you can drink and go clubbing." And I'll say,"Sick of drinking, clubbing ain't healthy. College is. =)"

So stay in school, you young peeps!

Btw, about the handsome dude.... I'm starting to see his flaws already. He somehow looks..........a bit ah beng lah. My mind is happy. My heart is disappointed. Get it? Don't get it? Ask me.

Monday, July 28, 2008

The First

First day of college and I'm already having eyes on someone! Haha! ( be honest, since Orientation. =P) Well, he's the ONLY good-looking guy that's having the same class as me. Can't blame me for that. Except for General Maths though. How I wish we were in the same class for that..... But I have a great view of him in Engineering Maths. It's not a good thing cos it's just so distracting! How I wish he sit behind me kah.... And I think he's the ONLY good-looking guy in Swinburne. Why do I always end up in schools that are deprived of handsome guys?? Oh well, I suppose God's trying to keep my mind focused on the right thing. =P Hope we're in the same Physics class! (argh! Stop wishing for distractions!!) Then again, the seniors haven't started their class.

I don't like my time-table that's given lah....... My senior told me that it's normal for it to be that way. But I don't like it. It's like, morning got then got long break before the next class, which is at 12.30pm! Such an odd time! And afternoon long break again then at 4.30pm got IT class. Yet another odd time. I went back to college for awhile just to attend that rather insignificant subject. Well, at least tomorrow I've only got one subject. Physics. But again, the time!! 11.30am!! And I just stay there for only one hour! Thankfully my sister can pick me up after work. I don't drive to college ya know.... Even if I had license, I won't be driving to college either. Sucks right? Due to the other cars being un-economical in terms of fuel.

MY Student ID pic so ugly! Blueks!

And I'll be celebrating my birthday with a whole day in class. Hooray...... *with a bored tone* 8.30am to 8pm you know! Don't play-play!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Happenings

So much happened this week. And I must tell you that I was stressed like gila babi. This week alone, I have to chosse songs for this week's Sunday Service, choose my musicians, choose the readers for the OT reading and the Epistle reading, prepare Bible Study for YF, find ushers for Sunday Service, settle my loan, go for registration and oreiantation. Phew!

I didn't expect this week to be so busy at all. Which explains my absence here. Not that choosing songs and choosing musicians and backup singers were that hard cos I have my usual people to choose from. But.... Suddenly most of them said that they can't make it for practice and some of them have something on in their Uni on Sunday so yeah, I sorta panicked and really had to look for someone else and had to borrow from the main church punya singers and musician.

Plus registration and orientation is his week also. Sighs........ It was okay lah. But on the day of orientation, I woke up with a bad pain in my neck that I can't even lift my head off the pillow. What's worse is that I couldn't even turn my head. The pain just made me wana cry. And knowing that I don't cry so easily, yeah.....It was really painful. I had to tahan the pain to lift my head from the pillow. And to get out off bed, was hell as well. When trying to get off, it somehow strained my neck muscles so I couldn't get off. All in all, it took me half an hour to get out of bed. I woke up at 7.15am. Managed to get off the bed at 7.45am. And Orientation starts at 8.30am. Wow..... I tried massaging my neck myself but I couldn't, got my sis to massage but still hurts. When my mom got home, she massaged and it was the best. After her massage would be a massage using the massage chair. Felt better after that lah except if I turn my neck at a certain position, it hurts. So I was hoping there wouldn't be any vigorous activities which they didn't, thank God!

My Orientation was alright...... Met friends so fast! And the weird thing is most of em are a year older than me. Cos two of them who was from LKW studied a year and their parents suddenly decided that they take Business in Swinburne. The other was from UiTM. Same case. And met some other people as well whom I don't know their names. I just talk to them. And the international students are interesting. We had two Nigerians, a couple of Indonesians, one from Myanmar, one from Tanzania and one from Sri Lanka. Just so cool....

Oh yeah.....during orientation, we met the guy who cycled from LA to Taiping! Yup, I met Tzuo Han. That guy in the ad for When I first heard Mdm Cindy introduce him, I heard 'Zohan'. And I thought, isn't he that guy that said he cycled from LA to Taiping in Cos his voice sure sound like it. And then he said he cyled from LA to Taiping in 10 months. Yup, it's definitely him! Weird thing is, when you look at him, he doesn't look very interesting. No, I don't mean good looks or anything but what I mean is that he looks like a guy who doesn't seem to have anything interesting to tell. He just seem like a boring person. But seeing him talking up there, you can tell that he has seen the world and learned many things. What I'm trying to say here is that, sometimes we tend to look at people and conclude that their not interesting or boring. But if we don't take that step to just talk to them and know them, you just never know what adventure they've been through and you wouldn't be inspired to do things that you've never done before. He gave us a funny but a very true piece of advice. "When you want to cycle round the world, never ask you parents." -Tzuo Han. Because we all know very well that our parents would say no.

Stressful as this week may seem, I feel that it made me handle stress very well. I actually got things done. Thought not perfect but I learned from it. I believe God is trying to prepare me for my upcoming busy life in University.

In the midst of my stressful week, I managed to go thrifting. Ah....yes, buying 2nd hand clothes. Never underestimate 2nd hand shops. Being in a 2nd hand shop was like heaven for me! You'll never know what you'll find in there. And I tell you, I got great finds of vintage stuff and some currents trends and also branded stuff for less than RM5. I'll share my findings some other day. Going to a thrift store is so much better than going to a mall where you might get a blouse for RM50+. In a thrift store, you'll get blouse for only RM3, tees for RM2. And they look great. You just need to wash it, that's all. I think I'll be having new clothing items every week! The best part is you're thrifting for a good cause, the place where I thrift is next to Life Book Centre. The money goes to Mission Works all over the world. So people, I encourage you to thrift! Especially you cheap skates and careful spenders out there like me.

That's all for now.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A New Era Has Begun!

Ah.....The new life. Am excited yet nervous. I haven't even got my scholarship loan done yet. in Swinburne. I wonder how it's gona be like. I've already made plans to study from day one. Cos....I can't fail. I can't afford to fail. Literally. Cos if I do, I have to pay RM300 just to re-sit it! When I start school, I don't wana be at home much. Rather stressful to be at home. I wana be in the library or do extra curricular activities, since I want the scholarship. Actually I don't want to be so involved in ECAs but.....for the scholarship, I will!! is such a powerful motivator.

Imagine if I went to a government Uni where I don't have to pay much. I think I'll take it for granted.Really. *thinks of Form 5* Since I know how much I have to pay for Swinburne, it's a motivation to not screw up! I can't screw up la...Rm300 *gulps!* That's a lot! My parents will kill for my bad results because of the money. And again, money. Money's always the issue isn't it?

Who Needs a Title?

I've not been updating much. My apologies. I don't know why am I apologizing. I doubt it if I have that many readers anyway. But for those who have been faithfully reading my blog, I thank you very much. My recent commenter just makes me feel as though my thoughts are being heard. Thank you haiziyu. =) Whoever you are.....

My not updating has nothing to do with the dress that I said I'd be working on as mentioned in my previous post. For I've not even started sewing. Still trying to figure out how to make it. That's why. But the real reason has to be that I'm just too plain lazy to get to the PC. I've got bored of it already. And kinda sick of being on the PC for long hours once I start. I'm gonna start Uni soon so I'd better kick off that addiction.

Last night, some car passed by my house. Not just any car but a car that pasang loud music. No, it's not the sickening ah beng techno song but it's an old song. I wasn't irritated but I am in awe of the person. I usually get irritated and usually curse the car that plays those ah beng techno songs that sounds more like rubbish to me. And I don't think it's cool. But this car...... I salute him!! I find it cool somehow. It's cool cos it's out of the norm.

And yesterday, I am proud to announce that my mom bought me a copy of Joshua Harris' I Kissed Dating Goodbye. I've been wanting to get the book for years! Since I was like....Form 2! Cos I was so in need to know the principles in a relationship.

Okay, the title is not really what it's all about. It's not to discourage dating. The author called it that cos he took a break from dating to find out what God has to say about relationships. And, he stressed many times in his book that the joy of intimacy is the reward for commitment. This book was an answer to all my questions all these while! It really addresses the issues in dating. In our culture today, people often have a relationship based on physical attraction and romantic feelings without commitment. When referring to physical attraction, we don't just mean sex, we do mean appearance as well. Commitment should be the goal in a relationship. And commitment must come first then the romance. Really interesting facts eh?

I've seen my friends who are in relationships over and over again. And I often ask myself, what's the point of the relationship when you keep ending up hurt and disappointed? If it's such a burden to you, why do you even have one? Some even spend so much time with their boyfriends that I get neglected and I just don't want to hang out with them cos they're not who we knew anymore. And when they broke off, they come to realize that they've got no friends. They didn't maintain the friendships around them. Most of all, I can honestly tell you that my friends who have boyfriends, don't have a chance to know themselves. They don't know what they're capable of, what they like and all sorts of things about themselves. They missed out on that. They really did.

Singleness is a gift from God. And there's a time to be single and a time to be in a relationship and a time to get married. The time to be single is God's gift for us to help us know ourselves and what we're capable of. And most teenagers don't know that. Well, not that I knew this before but one of the reasons for me to be single is that I have so many questions that needs answers and I'm constantly looking, constantly trying to find answers. And what I got was I got to know myself and did things that I never thought that I would do.

This book really helped me to understand what God has to say about relationships. And it really changes my perspective of it. It makes me wana make my relationship very pure. Because pureness is a good thing. Something that not many people can attain. It's really a paradigm shift. I've made my decision to put dating on hold for now because there are some thoughts about relationships that I need to change. I cannot rely on romantic feelings and such for if I do, the relationship will only last as long as the feelings do. I need to know how to make commitments first before the romance. And I tell you, that's hard! Cos the world's telling you a different thing. And friends would encourage otherwise.

And I got Hillsongs Kids! Haha!! But not bad you know... It's for Aunty Adeline's son.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Entering The College Realm

Yes, next week I'll be going to Swinburne for registration and orientation. I wonder how orientation'll be like. And to think I'll be missing GB this week and next week(if I do go for orientation on Saturday). Apalah officer tok....mala jak sik datang! Wahaha!! And the week after next week, I''m officially in college! Woohoo!

I am excited to go to college. Really am. New challenges to face, new place to study and new faces. But I will face bad things too. Like peer pressure and all. I just hope I won't fall into temptations. The good thing is I'm here, close to my family, close to the church I grew up in. That is also an issue. Studying here in Kuching, I lose the opportunity to be independent. I wish I would be going somewhere and to feel how it's like to miss home, to not eat when there's not enough money, to do my own cooking everyday, to go fly on an airplane alone and all that. I miss out on all that! And to study out of Kuching, I can run away from certain things that I face here. Not that I can't be independent or anything...I know how to. Just that I'm never in a situation where I'll be 100% independent. Get what I mean?

To be honest, I don't really wish to take Engineering in Swinburne. I wish I was taking Fashion Design in Lim Kok Wing or Raffles' Design Institute. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers. Anyway, Engineering will give me a better career than Fashion Designing. I have to be practical and think of my future. At least there's a subject called "Product Design" in Mechanical Engineering. At least there's something to do with art in it.

Well, I'm off for now. Gotta get ready cos I'll be out..

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Ex

Crap lah my cousin for talking so much. All thanks to me for starting the topic. What topic was it? It was of The Ex. Tim.

It all started with me seeing him at driving school. Heh. Sad part was....all these while, Tim thought I hate him! That's so not true! It's just that...I couldn't bring myself to talk to him. I may seem to hate him but I really don't! Just because I don't talk to you, I hate you. I just can't. I don't know why but I can't.

I thought that he should be the one to hate me cos I'm the one who dumped him in the first place. The reason why I dumped him, aiyah...dumped sound so horrible. 'Left' lah hoh. I left him cos I was so occupied with band and all. I just can't be in a committed relationship. I didn't want him to be hurt because I can't spend much time with him. And I don't think he'll understand the commitment that I have to make.

So I was telling my cuz that Tim talks so easily with my friends and not me. Then he said he still has a crush on me, till now. Just that he thinks I hate him. Oh my....I feel so bad. Really bad that he thinks this way. But knowing my cousin, I asked him for proof. My cousin said that Tim likes this girl in his church and asked Tim to compare her with me and he said he still prefer me.

I admit that I am touched by what he said. That I was always special to him. And I also admit that he was the best I ever had. Being post-Wilfred, post-Ghubbie and post-Raphael, the best is still Tim. And I was single ever since Tim anyway. Never had a boyfriend after him.

Ah....but still, I don't feel like being in a relationship right now. I don't feel like being committed just yet. Well, maybe. See how things go. I still have my dreams of having my own fashion line. And I haven't started college.

Crocheting and Knitting-Not For The 'Faint-Hearted'

Crocheting and knitting is definitely for people who are patient (like me), dedicated (like me) and committed (oh, so like me!). It's for people who really put their head into it and actually finishes it. Definitely for people who likes sewing and has a passion for fashion. It is not for people who loses interest easily. Why am I saying this? A certain event occurred which brings me to say this. So think before you decide to take this up.

Crazy Amy Part II

I did a grave sin yesterday. LOL. I provoked Crazy Amy. Yes, I did. And I caused her to sin! She scolded foul languages at me. So ah lien of her. You know, all the c**** and the l******. Okay, so what I did was unblock her for a while. Then she starts with all the 'hi' and all those craps. And nudges me non-stop. I got rather annoyed and irritated and replied,"boh kaco aku pompuan gila!" then she nudge like gila you know!

Amy: kenapa kamu macam itu?
*sah, sik faham apa dikelaka aku. xD*
Christine: ko tok nang gila ngan retard
Amy: c**** you and your family
*haha!! like that's gona help*
*nudges like a mad woman*

Amy: l******
Christine: lawak eh
*nudges even more*
*goes offline*

I feel bad. I feel very bad for doing this. Yet, it was very entertaining. It is entertaining to see someone make a fool of themselves. Yes, I'm mean. Very mean. But only in the internet and to strangers. In reality, I'm really not like this. Really am not.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Cute Niece

Yesterday, my cousin Vickie came over to my house for lunch with her whole family. She brought along her very adorable daughter, Emilie Dara Michel. Ah.....she's so cute! She's French-Iban. I got some pictures of her.....

Cute, ain't she?
Her pictures just make me wana pinch her chubby cheeks.

Monday, July 14, 2008

More Busyness..

I just had an idea on a dress. So I suppose I won't be online much again. Will be working on the dress. And I want a mannequin. Yes, I'll be back people!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


I feel so malas wana blog.... even though a lot of things happened but for some reasons, I don't feel like sharing it. =P I feel very stingy these days.

-->Amy Yong still unknown. Blueks.
--> I went out till late night. I have no such thing as curfews. Thanks ma for trusting me and raising me to be responsible.
--> I was being all housewife.
--> Two days ago, which was Friday, I so semangat iron my GB uniform and
polish my heels.
--> Today, I got my Auxillary Worker title and got my black lanyard with a whistle. =)
--> Erm, unexpected things happened which words cannot explain. Yerdeh! Actually lah, I refuse to explain. Wahaha!! My pride and ego does not want to admit it.

There you have it, my week in a nutshell. Boring right?

It is I, in GB uniform.
Not my Gaban uniform. =(

2nd Kuching Company Girls' Brigade
3rd Kuching Company Boys' Brigade.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Ain't Laughing

Very little updates cos I've been busy with the house. My mom was away in Sri Aman so I'm the cook and the cleaner.

Well, turns out Amy Yong was Anders. Anders, that was not funny. Haha? It really freaked me out lah........ Don't do it again lah................

Don't know what to blog about but I'm just waiting for GB to start. Hmmm....feels kinda weird going back to GB. At the same time, excited as well. Haha! So I'm gonna be in church for the whole day today cos right after GB, I'll be waiting for practice to start.

Oh yeah! I went to watch a movie with Gwen, Raymond, Carlson and Frank. It was Raymond who invited Gwen and I cos I always merajuk when Raymond went to watch movie without me. So, good Raymond koko invite me loh. But I pay lah.

We watched probably the most lamest movie I've ever watched.........Journey to The Centre Of The Earth. Long is the title, so was the movie. Not long lah....but sure felt long due to a lot of boring parts. Eh, we should have watched Hellboy 2! Cos I've watched the first one already. Hellboy can be boring as well but I'm pretty sure it will be more interesting than Journey. So people, if you wana watch movie, watch Hellboy lah.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Verdict

Okay, so I asked her which firm she works with, she said she's working in KL. Now, you know that she asked me to meet her at Boulevard right? How can she be working at KL when she resides here? The facts contradict each other. And she told Gwen something different as well. What made me even more suspicious of her is that after I asked her that question, she went offline.

I've blocked her.

She's a crazy bitch.

I hate people who stalks me.

Crazy Amy

I'm now listening to Hillsong's album for this year, This Is Our God. I am indeed enjoying it. Thanks to Gwen who gave it to me as my early birthday present.

Yesterday, I was chatting with this really weird 26 year old lady. *whether she is actually one* She is so weird. First, she added Gwen and chatted with her about me. Now, she's added in MSN. She knows about my family and I'm like.....what?? She's so much like a stalker! She's really freaky I tell you. That 'she' might not even be a 'she' but a 'he'!

The conversation went on like this......note that my status was "Busy".

Amy: hi! can we get to know each other?
*i was contemplating, and as usual, decided to ignore strangers like i always do.*
*Amy nudges*
*thinks that maybe I should just layan her a bit lah*

Christine: yeah, sure.
*NOT! rolls eyes*
Amy: my name is Amy Yong
Christine: Oh...I'm Christine
*shocked at the familiarity of her name. messages Gwen to confirm whether that weirdo that bugged her was called Amy Yong and true enough, it's her. Gulps! Evil, merciless, straight forward mode on.*
Amy: Are you still studying?
Christine: Yeah
Amy: Gwen.
Christine: Oh, so you know Gwen.... I see.
*duh, aku buat bodo lah ya....*
Amy: where?
Christine: I'm gona study in Swinburne
Amy: What course are you taking?
Christine: engineering
Amy: wow, so clever!
*just because I'm taking engineering, it doesn't make me clever, bodo!*
Amy: How many years are you studying?
Christine: 5 years
Amy: so long
Christine: 1 year foundation, 4 years degree
Amy: o
Amy: So how many As sis you get for you SPM?
Christine: 4
Amy: wow, so clever!
*can you like, cut the "wow, so clever!" bull?? You're obviously saying that to be polite!*
Christine: So what you do?
Amy: lawyer
Amy: like ur sis and dad
*this is the part where it gets freakier*
Christine: oh, i see.... So you should know them.
*trying to get her red-handed*
Amy: not really
*hah! stalker!*

Then I got disconnected. Thank God! Reconnected and she bothered me again. =.="

Amy: What happen to you just now?
Christine: disconnected
Amy: o
Amy: why you put yourself busy?
*celaka, banyak soal!*
Christine: cos I want to
*cos I was about to play DOTA when you disturbed me!*
Amy: o
Amy: can we meet at Boulevard at 7pm tonight
Amy: ok
*0.0 what retarded online person wana ask someone she just met to meet in real life so soon??*
Christine: nope.
*xD wahahaha!! i don't want to be polite.*
Amy: y?
Christine: cos I barely know you
*xD you're funny!*
Amy: ok
*why does she seem so cool about it? didn't I hurt your feelings?*
Amy: what about next week we meet
Amy: ok?
*she's definitely a retard.*
Christine: like I said, no. If i'm not interested now, what makes you think I'd say yes?
Amy: ok
*she goes offline after a while.*

Ish. She's online now and behaving super polite. And as usual, she's nudging me. Twice. I'm ignoring it. She's kinda like a ten year old kid right? Yeah, I think so too. Told my sister about her as soon as my sister came home. And she said she don't know anyone by the name of Amy Yong. My mom got worried so I told her not to worry cos it's just MSN.

Pfft! Call herself a lawyer! A lawyer's suppose to be a discrete person! They're not suppose to talk to people freely and telling them "Hey, I'm a lawyer!" She's one stupid lawyer. Wonder which firm does she work with.

So people, if anyone by the name of Amy Yong wants to get to know you, just tell her to go away. Which is what I want to tell her now. But I think ignoring her would be best. I think I'll just ask her which firm she works at then ignore her. I need to investigate.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Controversial, I think

Well, I suppose this post can be offensive but it's my blog so I can blog about things that I want to say and my opinions.

For my birthday, as afore mentioned, I'd like it simple, low-costing and meaningful. What made me decide it to be meaningful? I was always watching My Super Sweet 16. I watch it not to see how cool their party is, I watch to see how pathetic and selfish rich and spoiled kids can be. I usually laugh at them. It's true that common folk like me can't afford all those lavish things that they have. But I often wonder... out of the all the crowds that attend his/her party, how many of them do him/her actually know? How many of them actually went through thick and thin together? How many of them actually know him/her well? I'm sure it's only a handful, if not none. For I suppose most of them would go for the so-called 'fun' and enjoy the bits and pieces that the rich kid has to offer.

So, what's the point of the party when at the end of the day it's all for nothing. You spend a whole lot of money which could have been used for a better purpose i.e. for charity. I'd like to call it sinful spending. I think doing good with all that money has more of a sense of fulfillment than doing a party. I've no idea what's the purpose of MTV showing My Super Sweet 16. Perhaps to show the ugly side of the rich and famous or perhaps it provides a 'battle field' among the rich kids to show who's hot and rich. I don't know but it does seem like it. Sinful, sinful....

I remembered my sister telling me that she would want to bring me for clubbing during my 18th birthday. I tell you, I was so uncomfortable with the suggestion. Seriously, I don't want to be seen in a club. It's beneath me. Not beyond, but beneath. And I don't like places with crowds (I realized that during the Chad Blondel concert), I don't like rowdy people, I don't like meeting drunk people and most of all......I detest meeting under-aged clubbers. So spoiling my birthday with clubbing is not an option. Someday I'd like to try and see how it is but not on my birthday, please.

I'd like to go to a place where I can have some alcoholic drinks, some finger food, friends to chat the night away with and a live band to watch. That's the ideal night life for me. Laid back, peaceful, meaningful. I'd pay for that.

Rainforest World Music Festival coming soon.... I'm not going of course. Everyone's talking about and am getting sick of it. I've been to it. Way before everybody wants to go for it. Back then, people go there to enjoy music, learn about music, appreciate music.....of course got dance lah. I actually joined the workshops which are almost the same every year. As a real musician and a real music enthusiast, I got a lot out of it. But now? People go there just to dance, to get wasted and guys go there to flirt with girls and girls go flirt with guys. And everyone wants to go there.... Now I just think of it as a waste of money.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


And did I tell you that I decided to go back to Girls' Brigade and I'm sure you're all like "OMGWTH?!! ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS?!" *due to excitement*

I'm going back as an officer. An Auxillary Worker to be exact. So.....all the best to me! And Enrolment Service is next week. Very soon eh? Tell me about it! Time to erase my memory of Marching Band marching techniques and put back my long-forgotten knowledge of GB marching commands.

Gawai 2008

Yup. It's finally posted in here. Well, I'm lazy to ceritakan everything so I'll give you a link to my photos on Facebook. Behold, my Gawai trip!

Gawai Trip 2008 Part 1

Gawai Trip 2008 Part 2

And I absolutely love Lala Liu's blog. Go check it out! Her designs are so cool! And her fashion sense rock! Hope to turn out like her someday.

This Week....

Well, I know I've not been updating for a while. To me it's long cos I usually update everyday. But this week I happen to be busy and I'm sure you're all like "She's on a holiday, how can she be busy??" Well, I've been keeping myself busy. This week, I was busy doing something that I should've done weeks ago which is my Guardian Angel mailbox. I just couldn't get my lazy ass to do it till recently. It's still not done but it's almost done. =)

Well, today's youth meeting is really different. Today, we declared it Brother's Day. Hehehe...... It was fun! I didn't think it will turn out so well. I never really have confidence when I'm in charge cos I'm really scared that I screw up or something. *thinks of Youth Party.. Yikes!* It was a mess!

Anyway, our program for today is really simple. Kicking off with Praise & Worship (which we did accapella, turned out well though), games, praying for the brothers and we finish off with refreshments, courtesy of Gwen who won the lucky draw for last week's ADYC dinner.

The games were the best! We had fun and I thank the guys for being so sporting. You guys are the best! =D Well, there were only 3 of them there. Frank, my brother and Raphael. The funniest game will have to be the newspaper game! Cos we had to dress the guys with newspapers. My model being Raphael, Gwen got Frank while Sylvia got my brother. Rasa Project Runway lah tek... Guess who won? Me lah..... Aiyoh...the guys had to catwalk which was so funny! Especially Raphael cos when he won, he really.....OMG! looks so gay! Then he tore off my beautiful creation. Ish! We won that fluffy thing that Elly was holding. That Raphael go and secretly put it on me and me being ticklish, got freaked out by it.

Sighs....too bad I didn't bring my camera so no pictures! Huhu!! It's just so funny and probably one of the funnest meeting we've ever had so far. And I could've added pictures of the guys in their clothes to catwalk in and the winning creation which is mine. Such a day to treasure in my life. =)

And I thought of something great to do on my birthday! =D

Thursday, July 3, 2008

KLWMBC Roadshow 2008

I knew I forgot to blog about something! Being smitten by a cute guy made me forgot to tell of what was more significant in my life, which is band. Sighs.....the power of infatuation. Curse you infatuation! You vile thing!

Yes, I attended the Kuala Lumpur World Marching Band Competition Roadshow at The Spring. It was a blast! I went to attend it right after church. Gwen, Sharon, Sylvia and I walked to The Spring shopping mall. Ahh.....I just love the fact that Spring is so near my church so I didn't have to trouble my parents to send me.

First off, we ate at Kluang Station. The only thing I could afford there was the Nasi Lemak. Wanted Hainanese Chicken Rice but it costs RM10.90 while I only have RM10++. Oh well....the Nasi Lemak was superb by the way. After the meal, we went to the heart of the mall for the event.

We went there and I met Kester and bla, bla, bla.... The Colouring Competition was still on so we had to wait a bit. SJS Kuching was already there, hanging around. And my brother and his gang were there too. They were busy mingling around with the SJS blokes.

The event was just so cool! The performance was great! And Kester, Julian and Kelvin did a Colour Guard performance. It was so nice!!! Too bad I didn't bring my camera. I'm so not ready when it comes to these things. Sad.

After the performance, there was a freebie giveaway. We have to blow a bagpipe and if we produce a sound, they'll give us a goodie bag which includes a ticket to the Preliminary Round and the oh-so-cool KLWMBC t-shirt! There is a catch's for NON band members. Just imagine, I was actually happily making my way to the stage and when the emcee announced that, I just walked away. It's not the tickets that I want cos I watched last year's the T-SHIRT that I want! I want! I want! I want!

But I hate the emcee though. He specifically said that it's for non band members but for the last round on the bagpipe, he let Hajar blow it!! And she got it..................... And yes, I was green with jealousy so i screamed "She's a band member!! She's a band member!!!" But nevertheless, he let her anyway. This world is not fair, I know. Well, they told me the T-shirt was too big so good thing I didn't go for it. Hehe.

Band members raiding the shopping mall was just awesome. Haha! It's like the Spring was being attacked by Power Rangers or something. During the breaks, Gwen and I just went into every shop we see. It's not that we gila shopping or got loads of money to spend but we just went in to kill time. When we were at Parkson, we met Raymond, Franklin and Ronald. And Frank was like,"What's the Gabans doing here?" And we talked lah. After we talked I was like,"What's Gaban??" xD Apparently Gaban is something like Power Rangers of the 80s.

And I shall end abruptly here. And btw, this was suppose to be posted days ago but somehow, I can't get my lazy ass to the computer.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Well, not much update lately. Got lah but I couldn't go online the past few days. So my creative thoughts were forgotten. Oh well, they'll come back. So what will I be blogging about? I know! ADYC Dinner.

What's ADYC you may ask? ADYC stands for Anglican Diocesan Youth Council. It's a council for all the Anglican youth ministries in Sarawak and Brunei.

Well, back to the dinner. The dinner was okay. It's like any other fund raising dinner. Too bad I didn't bring my camera. Sighs. Then I could've taken a group picture with Frank, Raymond, Gwen, Uncle Hollis, Dennis, Laurena, Pamela and Raymond. Quite surprised to see my cousin Jonathan, Aldrich and Timothy.

The highlight of the night? Well umm....there's this cute guy from St. Francis, Kota Samarahan. Kept noticing me. xD At first I thought I was being perasan or syok sendiri or whatever but I was wrong. After the whole thing, I went out and he was out there, totally checking me out man! But I looked away lah. Worse part is, he was actually walking towards me and talk to me. That's why I looked away.

That's not the first time I've seen him anyway. The first time I saw him was during Thanksgiving Dinner at Penview Inn way back in 2006. And I must say, I was already smitten. And earlier this year, I saw him at my church cos we had something on. Best part was, we talked.

The bad news is.......................He's Form 4. He don't look Form 4 lah....... He looks older. More like my age.