Saturday, May 24, 2008


Aiyoh...full now. Really full.

Anyway, haiyah....this post is gona sound very emo. Just when I vowed not to have emo contents for the time being. Oh well....maybe I'll just try to spice things up. Make it cheery.

Well, Gwen told me that Syl was complaining to Ah Phael (via SMS) bout Natasha. This Natasha girl just simply accused went like this......

"Oi you!!! Why you steal Raphael away from me??"
Kids these days.....Sighs......

HAHA!! That's the funniest thing I've heard!!! Why? Cos Ah Phael don't even like Natasha and she claims he's her boyfriend. Weird lah.......

Anyway, Ah Phael told, I forgot already. Got it all mixed up....oh well, have to wait for tomorrow then. Ahahahahaaha!!!

Well, bottom line of the story is..........
I deserve someone better lah. Those two idiots memang secocok with each other.
Bodo sama bodo.

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