Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Anything Could Happen

I have always been inspired by the likes of Ellie Goulding, perhaps it is because I like electronic music but Ellie Goulding is truly a star of her own. I love her style. Grungy but at the same time very feminine. What I always like about her is her choice of accessories. She does not wear much of them but when she does, it has impact. I particularly like it when she uses chain necklaces and also when she uses triangular studded earrings. Here in Kuching, when latest trends hit our shores (especially when it comes to accessories!), they tend to be so pricey and when you further inspect it, the quality is not that great either and you feel that it really is not worth the money! And so I waited for the perfect timing to get one. 

On Sunday, my friends and I were just going about our usual routine of having lunch and then head off for Youth Fellowship thereafter. We decided to have lunch at Kenyalang Park and since we had some time, decided to buy some munchies at the theatre. I was just browsing the earrings when I saw it - gold triangle studded earrings! It was only RM4.90. Such a bargain! I bought it without hesitation. And later on, my eye caught this awesome necklace which I will show you in a bit. And it only cost me RM13.90 plus, the quality is not too bad (as in not so pasty looking). Such a design in Kuching can sometimes come up to RM45, which is so ridiculous I must say. Well, it is true that good things come to those who wait! I sure am glad I did! So here is today's outfit.

Simple, casual but at the same time, full of impact! I'd definitely wear this look to classes. It is amazing how you can find gems in the most unlikely places. At first glance, people may think I bought all these gorgeous pieces at expensive places. I got the bag at Boulevard Hypermarket. No brand name whatsoever but it cost me about RM25? The disco shoes were a great find too. I did not get it at all the big names like Vincci or Nose or Summit or Heatwave or whatever...I got these lovelies at SOS. I can't remember how much they were but I can assure you they were really cheap. (I would not have bought them if they weren't!) It is not easy to spot these but my tip is every time you see something you like but feel that the price is not worth it, I suggest you not to buy it right away. Also, do expect to find these in street markets and not shopping malls.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Outfit Idea

Since tomorrow's Valentine's Day, I thought I'd share what outfit I have in mind for this lovely occasion. I believe that special someone would be quite pleased to see me since everyday I wake up, the first person I see is that special person. Although that special person usually wakes up to see me in my PJs, I believe this would wow that person. And who is that person you might ask? Why, me of course!  Yes, I am one of those people who would be celebrating Single Awareness Day as opposed to Valentine's Day. Fret not, for it gives me a very good reason to dress up all pretty and give you ideas on your special day! My gift to you ladies who have a man to celebrate this day with, so to speak. I celebrate my singlehood for it gives me more time and energy on myself - and that is the reason why Scribbles of A Girl has now got a new look, a new attitude and new ideas! Blessings indeed!

First off, you might want to don a pretty dress (preferably floral with red or pink flowers, whichever you like) and look like you are waiting for your man to pick you up to a romantic dinner.....

Since the dress screams love loud enough, we shall tone down on the bling. I simply chose a simple silver necklace with some diamond details.

And don't forget your makeup. Let it be as lovely and sweet as can be, accentuating what he is already in love with - you. This might help you in your conquest.  

To top it all off, you must smell as good as you look. Try this one for a nice, floral scent and leave your man feeling like you're a miracle in his life.

The pearl necklace is only decorative.

There you have it! My Valentine's Day outfit. Hope it gives you some idea on what to wear and I will see you next post.

Monday, February 11, 2013

2012 Favourites

I know a month and two weeks have passed since 2013 have begun but I would like to share with you my favourite products of 2012. These are products that I find really effective on my skin and for your information, I have combination skin and it's really oily on my T zone and cheeks.

Oh dear, I see a speck of fur. I love this product because of the smell. I find it too sweet when I first bought it but I guess I grew to love it since I spent money on it. For those of you who don't like anything too sweet, this may not be the product for you. In terms of whether it moisturizes well, I really don't know as I don't have severely dry, rough skin on my hands.

I had a terrible breakout last year around August and I was really in a rut with my face as my usual skin care routine was not working anymore. At the time, I was doing the 'layered' skin care but I really don't recommend doing that for combination and oily skin. Plus, it's such a waste of time. Anyway, my sister decided to buy me Clinique products for my birthday. The lady at the counter recommend this and the bar cleanser and the pimple gel to me. Overall, I love the Blemish Solutions line. It worked really well and my favourite of all is of course the toner. They did give me the sample of the moisturizer but that was horrible. It really dried out my skin making it oilier than it originally was. I don't recommend the moisturizer but the rest is great and I'd definitely repurchase despite being a little pricey but hey, it lasted me a really long time. I've used this since August last year until now and still counting.

Sorry for the rather blur image but I believe you've seen this in a Guardian or Watson store. It's Keratinology by Sunsilk and I'm using the Overnight Treatment for curly hair. I love, love, love this product on my hair. I put this on while my hair is still quite wet (I air dry my hair) and when my hair gets dry, my hair feels soft and looks moisturized and healthy. The smell is a plus and this bottle is my second bottle.

This is by far my favourite perfume to use out of the three that I've already owned. This is Black XS by Paco Rabanne and I got this for my birthday present last year. What I liked about this is the packaging. Small, pretty, red, with a rose embossed. I loved it the moment I opened it. I can tell the person who bought this for me really put into thought about my personality and tried to match the smell, packaging etc with my personality. The smell is equally as intriguing and sexy as the packaging. It's sweet but with an edge. I really don't know how to describe. All I can say is...it smells like me. Haha! 

And the BEST product of all has to be this. Since the Clinique moisturizer failed, I went scouring in Guardian in hopes to find the perfect moisturizer. I was about to give up all hope when I saw this baby. It wasn't fancy looking, doesn't smell very great but it caught my eye for some reason. After using this, I just cannot stop raving about it. Even my sister loves this. It is so good for my combination skin. I've never had a moisturizer as good as this! This moisturizer is water based, which is so hard to find as most moisturizers are gel type, cream, emulsions etc. It moisturizes well too. It's just nice. Not too light, not too heavy. Perfect for the oily spots and not too drying for the non-oily parts. Of course my skin does oil up after a while but takes longer to become so. And the best part of this is that it costs me about RM8. As opposed to the Clinique moisturizer that will cost me RM100 for a 50ml tube, this one's a definite winner. This is the holy grail of moisturizers for combination skin types. I've bought 2 bottles and now I'm going to get my third. 

So that sums up my favourite products of 2012. Hope this helps you especially all you combination skin types out there. Sometimes it's amazing how the most unlikely product is the best product to use. And being so cheap, how can I resist? I feel the need to share the love. So I'm really happy and proud of my finds this time round. Till then, see ya next post!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Need No Reason To Dress Up

Today I woke up with absolutely no reason to dress up and dress up I did. All for this blog post of course. Oh, and by the way, this is my 400th post! Yay! And so I put on what I wanted to wear and put on my make up. Since I thought what I wore on Sunday looked good, I'd like to share with ya'll what I wore so let's pretend it's Sunday and I am dolling up for a purpose.

Oh! There's a star on my forehead! That is from my Christmas lights that I put in my room. Yes, it's Christmas everyday in my room. 

What I'm wearing....

Shirt - Cotton On
Skirt - Momoe
Shoes - Primavera
Belt - Mum's hand-me-downs
Butterfly Ring - Bought at Chamelon

Simple outfit. I wanted to wear this beautiful turquoise shoes so I downplayed everything else. And of course, I must have red lipstick on. Last but not least, wear a smile! No one loves a frown. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Cotton On Haul!

Hello there everyone! Hope ya'll had a nice day. As you can see, I changed my blog header and I personally LOVE it! Wadaya think? But what matters most is that I like it. Hehe.

Last month, I worked at Hollika Holika for two weeks and I got my paycheck! Working there was awesome as I could try on ALL of the makeup and products! How cool is that? I also had the opportunity to meet some interesting people and it was my first time working as a promoter. Not so different from being a waitress but I still prefer being a waitress as I get to communicate with customers more.

So what did I do with my paycheck you may ask? Well, I decided that I will spend it all and have some retail therapy as I had none last year. It was as though all hell let loose. Well, it did. The moment I got it I got a few makeup that I like at the shop (which I will share with you later on) and I was like a mad woman as I felt the thrill of purchasing something. The next day, I decided that I'll shop at Cotton On. Initially I thought of going to Brands Outlet so that I could buy more things but I've been there and I wanted to try something else for a change.

And these were my purchases....

Forgive me because it's creased as I've bought them a while ago and I am just too darn lazy to iron them out for this blog post.

Tadaaa!! An overview of what I've bought.

Rubi strappy sandals. Finally I bought something flat. I either buy something wedged or a flat that is gladiator style and simply so difficult to put on or take off. This, I just need to slip it on or slip it off. Easy and fuss free and it only costs RM59. You can get two for RM75. It was really tempting but my budget was holding me back. 

One of the graphic tees that I bought. I absolutely love the tribal print on this shirt and it's oversized so I love it. I am such a sucker for oversized tops. However, it would have been better if I had gotten this in XXS. I am amazed at how big the size actually is. So those who are petite, be wary of the sizes. I bought 2 of these in different prints for RM75. 

The other print of the graphic tee. I was also drawn to this piece as I thought I don't really have to wear a necklace if I bought this. Again, it's oversized and folded at the sleeves. Just what I'm looking for.

These beanies are absolutely the cutest things ever. I loved it so much I not only bought one but two! In different colours of course. I was not sure about purchasing this but I was so eager to try and see how it would look with my curly hair. This only cost me RM5 each so I don't feel the pinch if I don't look good. Well, I looked good in them so it was RM10 well spent!

These jeans! They make my ass look so fine! I purposely bought the smallest and the tightest due to past experiences in purchasing denim. True enough, after a wash, it fits so well! Best fit I've ever got in a pair of jeans. What I loved about this jeans is the zipper details. Looks absolutely rocknrolla! This cost me RM30 only!! What a deal!!!

However, my happiness was cut short....

D: I've checked the jeans properly for flaws I did not expect this!! I thought the zip was fine. And I have never encountered this problem before. I intend to send this jeans for alteration and I hope the tailor would have a solution for this. What's worse? I couldn't exchange because I've taken off the price tag and washed it! As you can see I've done some 'temporary solution' to it but how long can I keep that up?

And that sums up my Cotton Up Haul. Oh, after I purchased these, I was actually entitled to a 30% off on online purchases at their website. The best thing about buying things at Cotton On is that they don't have a different price tag for East Malaysia. They're the same as I checked the website. So go on, make your way to Cotton On. I know you want to. ;-)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hello 2013!

Howdy everyone! I just realized my last blog post was in November not December. Oops. Hehe. I was preparing for finals at the time. And then there was finals. And then Christmas and then New Year and then I became plain lazy to blog. I'm on holiday at the moment, if you must know. Which also means I don't have much of a reason to dress up. So outfit posts will slow down for now.

Since it's already 2013, I'd like to wish Happy New Year to everyone! A recap of 2012.....

It was probably the most eventful year in terms of experience. Probably the worse as I had my heart broken like never before. I've never been this sad my whole entire life but I do hope I will never be this sad again. If I do, oh God, have mercy. Last year, I've said yes to things that I would never have said yes to. Like the photoshoot I did last year. And I also said yes to having a relationship with someone who unfortunately, was not here to stay and so, I've learnt a good but very painful lesson. It's been months long since things ended but up to today, as I'm writing (typing?) this, I still feel the pain. On a happier note, it seems that boys notice me more. *wink* But unfortunately I also learnt that I tend to lead people on while I feel absolutely nothing towards them. Obviously, I was looking for a rebound. I also said yes to befriending my Sri Lankan classmates who turned out to be like my own brothers. Before, I would never even associate with International students. Especially the guys. So I can say that my perceptions have changed. Unfortunately, some of my countrymen (who I don't even know personally) viewed me differently for associating with them and that I am the only girl in the group. Bah, who needs them?

So that's my 2012. Hope all of you had a great 2012. And let's all hope for a better 2013! Well, I got my results and I had a High Distinction! Hard work paid off! A little disappointed with the other subjects especially the fact that I failed one paper. It seems like I cant get through a semester without failing at least one?? How frustrating. But still, it was a good start to 2013.