Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Guess Who's Back?

Again, my sincere apologies for not updating frequently! Been real busy. I've gravitated to being a nerd this semester as I was really determined to do better this semester. Hope all hard work pays off! So what have I been up to as of late? Gawai festivities of course! And my nephew got married during this wonderful festival. Gawai + wedding, nothing is more potent than that! It's killer!!

First things first, prior to the wedding I suddenly had the urge to use the hairdryer and iron straightener again after many failed attempts to. Although it didn't turn out straight, I had nice big curls. (Better than the ones I got after a trip to the salon as this time, I had volume!) So I decided to go for this hairstyle for a while. 

And now, packing for the wedding (as it was gona be at my mom's hometown). Travelling. I had to consider whether it's easy to pack and easy to use, and turned out pretty well for me.

The actual day. 

I can see that I have no potential on being a car model. Nope, zilch, nada! That's my sister on the right, by the way.

Necklace: Diesel | Blouse: thrifted | Trousers: nichii | Booties: Vincci | Clutch: Mom's | Bangle: Sister's

My hair didn't turn out exactly as what I did the other day but it looked fine. For the dinner, I ended up being a make up artist for my cousin, and my 3 aunts. It was nuts! But it was a great experience being a very inexperienced make up artist. Too bad I had no pictures of what I wore. :(

After all this craziness, I do believe that I need to have my sleep back. Been having too many late nights! After last night's gig at my house, thankfully, that marks the end of eating, entertaining guests and drinking. Well, hopefully!