Friday, June 27, 2008

It's Done.

Here's the result of the modification that I've been working on. I just finished it last night.

Not too bad eh?

Dress: made

Belt: came from a Cheetah blouse I bought at Boulevard
Shoes: my mom's
Bangles: gift from grandmother
Necklace: sister's

It's so nice to have a sister and a mom cos I get to use their stuff. The best part is that we have the same shoe size. So I save a lot on shoes.

This dress. Hmmm....very Bohemian. And Bohemian is the "in" thing right now. According to E!, many celebrities are wearing this theme on the red carpet. But I don't like following trends. Just pure coincidence that I made this dress and they announced it being the latest trend.

LOL. This morning, I went downstairs and paraded in front of my sis and my mom in my beautiful dress. And they were like "wow!". And one thing I'd like to say to my mom.....Hah! In your face! It turned out great! I know, it's rude. That's why I didn't say it. My mom said that I was like her when she was younger, making her own clothes. o.O Obviously, I inherited it from her. I knew I feel it in my blood to sew!

p.s.- Well Gwen, I ain't gonna wear it this Sunday cos I plan to wear this for the ADYC Dinner.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Funny Ads

LOL. I got this from Micheal's blog. Enjoy people! It's an ad for some drink called 'Whatever' and 'Anything'.

Stop Right There!

Last night, Frank, Calvin, Herman (yes, he's back from Russia!), my brother and I went for the weekly Intercession Meeting as they were praying for the Youth Ministry of St. Faith. Really, I was so surprised to see Herman there!

After the prayer meeting, we all went out for supper. We have a new hang out place. Not at Expert RH Plaza nemore. We're now hanging at Lee Cafe ( many Lee Cafe!), somewhere at Tabuan Jaya/Tabuan Laru.... I don't know. They're both the same to me. =P

So we had fellowship as usual. Kinda weird being the only girl there. All because I forgot to tell Elly and I think Gwen "collapsed" on her bed by the time she got home. Suddenly Herman randomly asked all the guys "Got girlfriend or not?". Calvin told us bout his girl, even showed her pic. Frank avoided the topic, typical of him. My bro, said no cause he's too young. (Maybe because his sister's here so he won't say.) The last person to ask was me lah. "Got boyfriend or not?" I proudly said no lah. But this Frank and Calvin Tarang ah..... They both said simultaneously "Got!!!" Swt. I forgive them because they don't know what happened. But Calvin Tarang knew so I was kinda crushed. Then Frank said "Elissa" and I was so..... Aiyoh.. Don't know how to explain. I wished the earth would swallow me up because my brother was there and they're talking about this! (Didn't I tell you all not to talk about it in front of him?) Not that I'm ashamed to talk about my boyfriend in front of my brother (if I had any), it's just that the guy that they were referring to was not the choice that I was proud of. If he was an awesome guy, I'd talk about him and the first person I'd tell will be my brother anyway.

So I told them "Please don't talk about him! It's so....memalukan...." And I forgot what else did I say. But I remembered it was so hard for me to mention his name. I always referred to him as "him" or "that guy". I didn't want to mention his name in front of my brother. And they had no idea how this guy made me close to tears for one whole day. And that I dare not mention cos of my brother's presence. So much for promising myself not to talk about him. Sighs.

How am I suppose to get over it when people keep talking about him to me? First, during band competition, now this. I always remembered Micheal telling me this "If you're over it, you wouldn't be talking about it." Which was very much true. Words of wisdom from my dear brother Micheal. And I have to tell you, that was the last I spoke of the matter because it was then that I decided that I want to get over it. I've poured my heart out, now I just need to let it go and forget about it. Why keep dwelling in the past? It's just gona be a burden. So my first step is to talk about it to someone, tell everything then stop talking about it. Forgive the guy, forgive myself, forgive the third party and let it go and not let it affect the relationship between the people involved. And I hope this shall be my last talking about this for I don't like having depressing posts in my blog anymore.

Before I can do that, I better tell Frank what happened so I won't have to talk about it anymore. of my necklace broke! =( It's worse than what happened last night, I tell you. I'm still rather devastated about it.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Random Ramblings

My cousin's into make up blogs. I, on the other hand, think make up is so troublesome and beautiful people needn't wear any make up. Opinions, opinions..don't stone me! But I am very much into people who blog about fashion and share with the world their creations and their finds from thrift stores.

Why is it that when I reply people that "I'm a good girl." they don't believe me? Hmmm... For instance, someone once asked me why I don't want to go for matrics in Labuan and he went on to say is it because I'm scared to get "loose". Then I replied,"No lah...I'm a good girl."

Probably it's the sneaky smile that I gave him while saying that that made him think otherwise.

And.... Swinburne's only about a month away! =D Woohoo~~!!!! All I need to do is wait, have patience, sabar..................... I CANNOT SABAR!!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Superficial World of Fashion

Just looking into my closet, I realized that I have a lot of clothes! And to think that I was complaining that I don't have that many. Sighs. Human beings. In nature, we will never be content.

The pile of shirts is the highest among all. I suddenly feel so guilty. I'm definitely thinking of under-priviledge people who don't get this kind of luxury that I do. I do consider myself very blessed. Anyway, most of them are clothes that I bought over the years. I don't seem to grow much so they still fit. Being skinny does have its benefits but has a lot of cons, I tell you. Just on Sunday one lady from my church commented that I "semakin kecik...". That comment crushed my heart. After countless efforts of stuffing myself and that's what you tell me? That I'm getting skinnier? People, never tell a skinny girl that she's skinny or getting skinnier. The worse is the latter. She will eat and eat I tell you. More than usual (usual being a lot) and it's hazardous to their health. They might even end up obese for they fear being a stick bone. My worse fear is to look anorexic, lose weight and I don't like people thinking that I jaga badan, watching what I eat, that I'm anorexic or whatsoever. It's because I DON'T. I eat PORK almost everyday. Yes, you heard me. EVERYDAY. And I am HEALTHY and I am NOT underweight. PERIOD.

Anyway, back to my topic. Seeing my closet almost full, I decided that I stop buying and start recycling. Style is forever, after all. And I also decided that I shouldn't stick to a certain stereotype of dressing because I can't afford to do so. And if I do want to shop, I'd like to go to 2nd hand shops or thrift stores (if Kuching has one) where I can get clothes for really cheap like.....RM5. Most of them will be old but I'd like to modify them and make it my own.

Reasons why I'm recycling:
  1. Money. Money's always the issue. Sighs
  2. Latest clothes are darn expensive.
  3. I have too many clothes.

One of my object for recycling-my skirt that i rarely, i mean, never wear. Cos it's too long. I wana turn it into a dress.

It shall be a dress!

I do hope it turns out well. What with my unprofessional sewing and all. But I have to start somewhere. I was cutting it just now and my mom was saying," sayang that skirt! You always like to cut your clothes! Afterwards don't jadi, how?" I just replied,"Never try, never know Ma.. Adventure bah." Hehe. It's true that I like to cut my clothes. My t-shirts, my jeans. Well, I think it's more of a waste for me to keep my skirt and not wear it. It's worth experimenting on it rather than do nothing and keep it to rot. And if I did a mistake that ruined it, I can say that it's worth it because it didn't go to waste as it adds to my experience. It will be my own adventure.

Another pretty lady that I'd like to alter......

From a sweet lady to a party girl

Well, for this... I just want to make it shorter. Cos the length just makes me look old. It's not really a fun dress to wear when long. A shorter length would make it fun. Not too short.... Sweet , decent and fun. Just by a change in length, it can transform from a summer dress to a party dress.

Just some things that I'd like to do in my holidays rather than sleeping in the afternoons. Well, one of my dreams is to be a fashion designer and to own my own label. Not calling it Christine Dior, that's for sure! It's just a dream. If my little projects work out and if it is God's will, I might consider going for it. For now, sticking to engineering to earn some decent cash to live. to my sewing machine!

Err......eheheh. =_="

Cupboard Exposure

Last night, I thought of a great way to keep all my belts, necklace and other accessories in my cupboard. Before this, I had a hard time keeping them nicely and they get tangled up and just looks so messy and unorganized. I just finished organizing all my accessories in my cupboard and I shall share with the world my simple yet effective and affordable way to keep your accessories. Not only will you have ease in looking for your accessories, your cupboard looks great too! And it will be a cupboard that most girls dream to have...


First off, you'll need paper clips. And you need to bend it to form an 'S', like this....

After you've done all that, then you can hang any accessories you want onto any small spaces you can find in your cupboard. As for mine, I have mosquito net covering the cupboard so I hang them onto the small holes. Organize it the way you want it... probably you want all the silvers together or the blacks together, up to you. And voila! You have the almost perfect cupboard you've ever dream of!

Necklaces, bracelets and my belts.

The bangle.

My collection of earrings.
Yet, I rarely wear them.
This is my mother's doing....she bought them for me.

Ahh....The remnants from my belated grandmother.
The ethnic looking bracelets were made by her.
Cool, eh?

And yes, I am showing off. LOL.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Voted Most Stylish

Voted most stylish by E!!!! No lah. Hehe. It's actually Audrey Hepburn.

The beautiful, classy and elegant Audrey Hepburn.

I was watching E! Channel the other day. Yesterday to be exact when my driving instructor didn't show up. It was the Top 25 Most Stylish Celebrities. I must say, Audrey Hepburn is indeed a very stylish woman and very beautiful too.

I was quite surprised that E! voted someone from the 50s but it was a very good choice. In my opinion, Audrey Hepburn is by far better than Marilyn Monroe. Audrey's original while Marilyn's not. Marilyn Monroe is not even her real name and I heard (not too sure whether its true) that Marilyn did some plastic surgery. Audrey is pictured as elegant and poised while Marilyn is always a sex symbol. I think being called poised and elegant more is respectful than being a sex symbol. Being a sex symbol is very demeaning and lacks dignity. And forgettable.

I used to admire Marilyn Monroe with her blonde hair and red lipstick look (which explains why I wanted to cut my hair short last year, I had a craze for that vintage look and I still have that craze) but after getting to know of Audrey Hepburn, I'm more impressed with Audrey than Marilyn. After hearing the life story of Marilyn, all the more I got disgusted. Marilyn's life is indeed a tragic one and nothing happy and not one that you would wish to live.

Anyway, back to Audrey Hepburn. Her style has indeed influenced what women wear from her days till now. She is the pioneer of fashion and she has set a trademark for herself. Really, seeing her pictures, her style is not very different from what we wear today. Except for minor differences....perhaps the style now is more....what I call...edgier.

Well, she has a website, where you can see all her pictures and read her biography. An interesting lady she is. She has a heart for children and a dedicated mother. Sighs.... Beautiful, classy, elegant AND kind hearted. Definitely one of the people that I admire. And definitely someone that everyone wants to be.

Wish Kuching had thrift stores. Well, probably after I'm able to drive legally, I'll go around Kuching to look for one. Be it the Salvation Army 2nd hand hook or by crook, I must find some place where I can find cheap clothes. Like......RM2 cheap.

More pictures of Audrey Hepburn......

A scene from "Breakfast at Tiffany's".

Kinda look like Paris Hilton with the squared jaw.

A timeless beauty.

She looks so cute!

Fashion icon.

Now.....where's my little black dress?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Google Me, Baby!

Ever Google-ed yourself? Well, I did. Pathetic much. Blame it on Thomas Chai for giving me that idea....

It all started last year during Christmas, when we were at Carlson's place at the teacher's quarters in St. Thomas. We were preparing for the year end barbecue party. When preparations were made, Thomas went online. That glutton! He was Google-ing himself and some other people. He's perasan much! So that's pretty much where the idea of Google-ing myself came from. I didn't try it till recently cos it totally slipped out of my mind.

Google Guinevere Aring Pakar and you'll get her blog. And I bet if you Google her name now, you'll find this post. Google Anders Cheng and you'll find Anders Cheng. Google Kenny Sia, well... you'll get Kenny Sia of course. Google Christine Dior?

You get Christian Dior instead. Should've known. Why did I even bother Google-ing myself? =_="

Well, here's a song that I stumbled upon called "Google Me". LOL. Such wonderful coincidence that I wanted to post this post and I heard of this song. Not my favourite type of music but it's relevant to my topic.

If you like it, the official video's out. Click here to see it. Can't embed cos YouTube disabled it.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Under Construction eyes hurt after reading my posts.

Anyway, my blog is undergoing some sort of a "midlife crisis". It needs more "surgery". Apparently it ain't satisfied being beautiful...wants to be ugly again.

LOL. Cut the crap.....

I'll be giving my blog a face lift AGAIN.

My Blog!! =(

Oh.... my...... words just cannot explain how horrified I am after seeing my blog. Don't get me wrong, I do like the design's lost my personal touch in it! Instead of saying "scribbles of a girl" it says "sugar coated bla, bla, bla....JUST DON'T EXIST!". It's cool but it's just not.......what my expectations were.

Worse of all, I did save my old template in my desktop BUT I deleted it, thinking that "Oh, once I have this fabulous template, why should I keep the plain and ugly one?" I thought wrong.......... old design had sentimental values in it. And the worse part is after I changed my skin, my tag box is gone and so is my friends list. Plus, I don't even know how to link my friends with this current skin! It's so user unfriendly! It requires using CSS codes and all..... So I'm yet to figure out how.

Bah. Why should I figure it out? I want my old blog back. And.....people can't even comment my posts! For me to enable comments, again, I have to copy some CSS Code. How troublesome!!

So people, think before you decide to go for a face lift. You end up losing your tag box and your precious friends list. And also sentimental values to the blog. Huhuhu.....

I regret!! Huhuhuhuhuhu..........

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

AWAS! Pendreber NOOB.

Today's my very first hands-on driving lesson. Hehe. I was kinda nervous at first cos there was one time my sister taught me driving, I had a couple of bad experiences. One of them being almost driving into a wall! Plus, my sister panics easily. When she panics, I panic too.

It all went well. I was surprisingly cool when I got into the car with my instructor. He taught me the clutch, breaks and stuff which...hahaha....I already know. So off we go! Me in the driver's seat. *imagines herself wearing sunglasses in a convertable* LOL.

We were driving and I got kinda nervous again cos I thought we were going to the 'litar' to learn but no......we were heading towards the main road!! I was like..."OMG!! We're going to the road??? I don't even know how to change gears smoothly yet!! Huargh!!!!" But it was okay. My instructor guided me and I became cool again. Well, the main road's a roundabout actually. Haha!!

At the roundabout, we were turning and turning, going round and round...... At first my instructor guided me with the steering wheel and when I got the hang of it, he let me do the steering. Wah...when I got the hang of it, felt so good. Dah lawa dah...maka I baru learn. Haha!! And round and round we go.. till halfway, I got bored and my right leg felt kinda tired of pressing the accelerator. Hmm...this is a good example of "taking the car for a spin".

After my turn, I had to wait till he's done with the others then I can go home. And I was very hungry I tell you. Even though I ate breakfast, still not enough. Seems like I've got a huge appetite these days!! Really bored waiting for my instructor. All I did was text Gwen, played games in my handphone, and day dreamed. Dahlah the games in my handphone's very lame!! I played anyway cos it's either that or do nothing at all.

Halfway playing, I terkejut cos Kelvin Sim called me and talked to me. Surprise, surprise. He's there for driving lessons too. So talked for awhile then there was awkward silence cos my brain was so not productive in making conversations. So much for sleeping late. Haha!! Maybe cos he's a guy. But kinda happy seeing someone that I know there lah. Cos I'm completely alone when I'm there with a bunch of strangers. And I didn't know the girl sitting nearby me shared the same instructor as I do. If I knew, I would've talked to her.

So. That's my not-exactly-my-first experience in driving. Tomorrow, there's more. =)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Same Old, Same Old...

Now that band season's over, it's back to the life I used to live.

Back to cleaning the living room, bathrooms, wet kitchen, dry kitchen, patio, washing plates, drying clothes....etc....etc.......

Yup. That's the life I used to live. The dry and simple routine of houseworks.

Baru just now I cleaned the living room. Tiring man! Surprisingly I can be such a perfectionist when it comes to cleaning and while cleaning, suddenly my rajin mode can turn on. So yeah....I'm actually in my rajin mood now. If not, I wouldn't be such a perfectionist while doing my work. All thanks to band. =) Even though I was just carrying boxes and really helped cos I have to be organized and constantly thinking of my member's welfare. Whether they need water or food, etc. I may feel tired but I have to push it aside because I have to put their needs first. Anyway, there should be no reason why I should be more tired than they are. They do more physical stuff than I do. Plus, I need to get my job done the best that I could.

So I applied it in my house cleaning. I've set what I wana do for the day and do it till it's done properly then I shall rest as long as I want. Chio....Really. Just now I was really so semangat in doing my housework you know! From morning non-stop till about 2pm. (of course I had lunch break..) Feels good.

Unexpected People

Hmm....seems that quite a number of people read my blog. Many unexpected people read it. So I don't think I can be very personal in this blog anymore. Dang! In a way, it's good so I can think of better and more interesting stuff to blog about. And it's downright embarrassing to blog about something so personal.

Seriously..... What's so good about my almost-everyday-updated blog?

And that racist thread in voteband's been deleted! Hooray!! Thanks webmaster for keeping the peace! =D Those CH Miri supporters definitely brought shame to their band. Pitiful shytes.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

For this Father's Day, I want to remember my dear father and his sacrifices for me.

First of all Pa, I'd like to apologize for the times that I always retaliated whenever you say something. And the times whenever I never listened to you and for the times that I was rebellious towards you and fought with you. I'm sorry I ever hurt you.

I always thought that you weren't a good dad. My perceptions change when grew older, as I understand things better. I learned to see life in a different perspective, to see things in a positive manner. And I've come to realize that you have indeed sacrificed for me. A whole lot. You may not show me much affection but I know you care somehow. Though at times you seem so selfish......I know that you are trying to be a dad the best that you could.

You have always been there for me during my band competitions or any competitions I'm in though you rarely send me for the practices. I totally understand're not exactly a good driver. Hehe.

And I know you spend a lot of money sending me for piano lessons and tuitions, band and all the whatnots..... I thank you very much for all that because it did make me a better person. I know money don't come easy but you made ends meet anyway.

I don't know what to give you other than being the daughter that you can be proud of. I know that you'll always be proud of me and I thank you for that.

Thank you, Pa.

To my Father in heaven,

Father, I thank you for everything you've given me! Even my dad. You provided everything that I've ever needed and You know whenever I'm down when others don't. And I thank you for always giving me encouragement when I needed it. I thank you for the hard times that You've given me. For without it, I'll never learn. I thank You for the many things that You have taught me.

Thank You, Lord.

Random Thoughts

What should I do for my birthday?

My first utterly crazy and stupid idea....

Get drunk at home with Heather Cream. LOL.

Not a good idea......

Birthday bash?

Hmm..... Invitations and planning....etc. Such a hassle and a huge budget. And.....venue. Ugh..

Out of the question then.

Go out with close friends and family?

Hoho!! My ideal choice......

Hope to have other great ideas for my 18th birthday. Or maybe I'll just treat it like any other normal day. Wahaha!! Not acknowledging that I'm getting older.....

Better right?

Spend no money......

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Face Lift and Pictures

Hey all! Just to let you all know, I'm giving my blog a face lift. Just a little amendments to the background color just so it won't look so emo. haha!! And here are some pics I got for State Comp....

My nephew, Frederick and Sylvester.
Switching hats. Luls.


Our Drumline

Beginning of In The Stone

Our signature 'G'. Mr. Ant calls it Super G.

Green Road band members with some people who sesat.
Syazwan sesat, Jacob sesat, Raphael sesat.

Green Road marching in.
Sure looks good.

SJS Drumline

More formations.....

SJS Color Guards.

Tenor solo.

Sorry for the lousy pics. If I don't on the flash, it will turn out blurry. Without the flash, looks good but very blurry. = / And the tiang really kacau lah....

Friday, June 13, 2008

Sarawak State Level Competition 2008

Finally it's here! And the results are already out!! I wish I could relive yesterday... That's always my wish after every competition I join, ESPECIALLY when I perform. many things happened yesterday, I don't even know where to start! Well, I have been religiously following the band and watching them practice since last week.

Results for last night.....

1st - Saint Joseph High School Marching Band, Kuching
2nd - Chung Hua Miri Brass Band

3rd - Saint Joseph Miri Marching Band
4th - Green Road School Band

SMK Bintulu Marching Band
Saint Columba Marching Band

Best DM - Chung Hua Miri Brass Band
Best Percussion - Saint Joseph Miri Marching Band
Best Colorguard - Chung Hua Miri Brass Band
Best Preparation - Chung Hua Miri Brass Band

Heh....I'm pretty sure you're all like.....What?? Green Road didn't win best uniform???? Yeah, same here. Almost everyone thought so. Wah....when they announced winner for best uni, St. Jo Kuching (who happens to be next to Green Road) were swearing all the way and saying that we deserve best uni. Those guys rock. Rugged na.

I think the funniest part was when they announced runner up for the competition. Cos they weren't cheering for Chung Hwa, they were cheering for St. Joseph. To watch it click here.

Personally, I'm not disappointed by the results because it is just as I had predicted. I just never told anyone my prediction because I didn't want them to be discouraged. I wanted them to be happy and give it their all. And they did, which makes me very happy to see them. I mean, who cares bout results? I don't because I wanted them to be exposed to competition, to make them mentally prepared for the competitions to come. And we cannot pull out again this year just because we're not good enough. I made it a point not to make a big fuss about the results. Seeing them cry, I am now convinced that they know they worked hard and they gave their all. They really want this. And I know that deep down in their hearts, they will work harder to be at the top and they WANT to be top. I can honestly tell you this because I know them. So, St. Joseph Miri, you may win now but you'll see next year. I have confidence in them. For them to make so much difference in just 3 months, it's dramatic! What more to say one year?

Well, I didn't cry because I didn't feel like it. Things like these don't make me cry. Very hard for me to cry one... Other reasons would be...... I want to show them that I am proud of them, that I am happy because they did their best. So I was pretty much smiling all the way actually.

Kinda bummed that we didn't win best uniform though. I mean, what's so good about Chung Hwa Miri's uniform?? And best percussion should belong to St. Joseph Kuching, not Miri. SJS kuching's percussion is so clean, precise and more 'gempak'. Oh well, the judges decision is final. And for Best Uniform, the judges are blind. =X woops!

LOL....I so semangat until I forgot to eat my dinner! Haha..... And yeah, I was one of those who screamed like crazy and also the one that people gets annoyed with. Well, mind your own business aight? I got schools to support. I only watched the Kuching bands cos I didn't want to waste my time on other bands. Besides, I watched them already. My bore myself to death again?

Our Green Road cheer....

Lame but.....very spirited!

My own addition would be....

An idea by Antonia and I. =)

But our own band members created their own actually. It's "chak, chak, HOO!!!" It's the shout they made after they end Mask of Zorro. Now that's cool. Wished my brother had told me earlier, then I would have told the Green Road supporters. I was really surprised that people from my school were so supportive! I thought that most of them are anti-band, especially the other uniform bodies (particularly Kadet Polis) because band gets most of the school's attention. But....they gave us their full support!

Hmm....dono what else to say but I shall end with this. My prediction for Green Road School Band.

I think that many bands fear GRSB after this competition because word does get around very fast that we improved in just 3 months. And I do believe that by next year, they will merge to be one of the top. First team to be taken down would be St. Joseph Miri or maybe both Chung Hwa and SJS Miri at the same time. You'll never know. Chung Hwa may have all those kick ass instructors which costs a fortune, we have Kester and Mr. Ant which is good enough to train us.

World, be prepared for the new GRSB!

Oh, and by the way, I just found out that I am related through marriage with one of SJS kuching's member. Frederick....LOL. Worse of all, I can't believe I'm his aunt and he my nephew!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sik Diberik Title

Wadeh.... Today is penyesuaian gelanggang. As promised, I saw Jason Yeo at the stadium. He said he was there to bribe the judges. So, hehe.... We'll be expecting both Kuching bands to get top 2. And I'll be paying Kok Seng unlimited supply of tissue paper while he's paying the cash. *wink!*

So cool to watch SJS practicing. I bet my band's members were feeling the pressure of being watched by the champions. Haha! Good for them. It did make them sound a lot better than yesterday. And their footwork became neater. Oh the wonders of pressure!

Poor Kester, coaching two bands at once. No rest at all. I was sure he's hungry and thirsty. This guy, he's a workaholic. Sometimes he don't eat lunch, sometimes he don't eat at all! Insane lah that guy! Just now he only talked to me for a while before he proceed with his work. He was telling to me about the insanity of his work and how stressed he is. Well, I could tell he was enjoying it at the same time.

Aiyah....this Jason bulak me eh! He say that St. Joseph punya standard decreasing. Mana tauk when I see just now, it was better than their performance in states last year! Eksyen lah kau Jason!!! St. Jo gerenti menang puN! ummm....... not sure lah. But sure get good results one larh.

Sighs..... Just watching them perform just now, really makes me wish I was down there. I mean, I'm supposed to be down there performing!! I really wanted to show those St. Jo blokes our stuff! Grr...... Which explains why I'm always there for their practices. I couldn't join in but I still wana feel like I'm a part of it somehow. But yalah.....the yearning to perform can't be quenched unless I really do perform. Now, I feel as though I'm immune to nervousness. I love showing people my stuff and in fact, I love the adrenaline I get during the performance! How I long for that feeling once again! Huargh!!! Maybe for Kuching Fest. Hopefully there's band display. I really do hope.

Lol. I ate so much just now! Before I went to school, I makan fried rice. Then in the bus, makan burger cos I was hungry. At the stadium, makan burger gik. Then shortly after that, I ate the lunch provided. I sure ate a lot today!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Buang Stress

Since I was so mad for some reasons yesterday, I decided to join in physical training to make myself feel better. The best one was jogging for 8 minutes. Felt so much better after pumping up some adrenaline into my body. Anyway, not a good time to show the members and angry and stressed face. It'll pull their spirits down. It's crucial to keep a happy and brave face in front of them to reassure them at this hour.

Today was the pre-show for my band. Wow. I looked great in my uniform. Too bad I'm not performing. Just putting on the uniform just gave me the longing to perform. Ahh......

When morning session had their break, I went over to the Form 6 block to see some of my friends. Haha. So great to see all of them again! Some not so close to me but still, just so happy to see familiar faces once again. And I saw Doreen and Lisa! Wahaha!!! So happy to see them! And then there's Antonia, wah.... Start lah us with our wacky greetings. LOL.

Can't think of anything else to blog about. Hmmm..... Ciao!

Tad Weird

Guys from Brunei are just tad weird. desperate lah. I was just chatting with my old friend and he said that he missed me. So I just reply back that I missed him too lah. (eeww, of course I didn't mean it lah. It is unlike me to say that sort of thing.) Mana tauk he reply back that he just meant that as a friend and if I wanted us to be more, he didn't mind. Gosh! That didn't even crossed my mind!! PERASAN!!! Felt really uncomfortable after that cos the conversation just got weirder. So I just ignored him after that.

Come to think of it, he thinks I'm so perasan. And he thinks I'm that desperate for a boyfriend. And he thinks that I would just go for any guy. Huh! Insulting. Who do you think I am?? A bimbo? I'm not that dumb to go with a guy that I barely know. And LDRs just don't work. Eewww lah. And he's not the only weird Bruneian guy. There's another one whose name is Ryan. But I do think Ryan is way better.

Haha. How mean of me to dub Bruneian guys 'weird' just because of two guys. =P

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Misery Business

Pfft!! Friend?? FRIEND??? I don't think so. Friend my foot.....

Well, the lyrics of this song does describe what I'm feeling about someone and some people. It's from my favourite band, Paramore. Title: Misery Business.

I'm in the business of misery let's take it from the top
She's gotta body like an hour glass that's ticking like a clock
it's just a matter of time before we all run out
but when I thought he was mine she caught him by the mouth

I waited eight long months she finally set him free
I told him I couldn't lie he was the only one for me
two weeks and we had caught on fire
she's got it out for me but i wear the biggest smile

No, I never meant to brag... but i got him where i want him now.
Oh it was never my intention to brag... to steal it all away from you now
But God does it feel so good cause I got him where I want him now
if you could then you know you would
cause God it just feels so...
It's just feels so good.

Second chances they don't ever matter, people never change
Once a whore you're nothing more and you know that will never change
and about forgiveness, we're both supposed to have exchanged.
sorry honey but i passed it up, now look this way

(PT. 2):
Well, there's a million other girls that do it just like you
looking as innocent as possible to get to who they want and what they like
it's easy if you do it right
well i refuse, i refuse, i refuse.

No, I never meant to brag... but i got him where i want him now.
Oh it was never my intention to brag... to steal it all away from you now
But God does it feel so good to take it all away from you now
if you could then you know you would
cause God it just feels so...
It's just feels so good.

I watched his wildest dreams come true
Not one of them involving you
Just watch my wildest dreams come true
Not one of them involving...

Well, not exactly bout that person but I agree with some verses but not the song as a whole.

Band Practice

Hehe!! I went to band practice today. Had to stay for a full day cos the price of petrol increased so there's no way I wana waste my parent's money, having to pick me up and send me home whenever I want to. Herm....not nice but what to do? Since I wanted to see the band practice and help in anyway I can.

Today, wow! The band really amazed me. They improved ALOT! Not just their drill but their music as well. Today was the first time I heard them do music since the 'reset'. And I must say, they were way better than last year and the years before. It was a tremendous improvement! Like.....ten times much better! WHOA!!! I have faith that they will get top 3. It is what I hope from them. Tomorrow, I shall be going for a full day again.

Samuel and I went to meet Kester and Kelvin at the tailor's, then we went to the post services just across the street to get our hats. =D The hats are really much like The Cavaliers'. Hehe. After that we had to bring them back to school and had to make another trip to the tailor's to get our uniforms. Yes, our uniforms are ready. Haha!!

Oh yeah, when I first reached the tailor's, Kelvin gave me some chocolate biscuits to eat. Wahaha!! (Suk lah aku..) Which I gave to a bunch of hungry boys after that. They need it more than I do, for the energy boost.


I posted a really long post yesterday and posted lots of nice pics in it. Wanted to publish it bu my computer jammed!! I know blogger autosaves it and all but after I restart my comp and tried to edit my post, it was gone!!!! I have to start all over again. =( And that's one of the reasons why my blog's not been updated. Too malas to re-do that particular post which is on my Gawai celebration. Sighss....