Saturday, May 17, 2008

Better Much. =)

Well, for today, my initial plan was to continue my driving lessons. Suppose to go for some bengkel thing. my depressed state of mind, I need to be around a positive atmosphere so I decided to join the seminar called "The Fruitful Life", a seminar on discipleship by Rev. Timothy Chow.

True enough, I felt so much better when I was there. A bunch of my brothers from YF were there. Their presence just encouraged me heaps. Plus the presence of my "twin" sister, even better. Way better than being in the whatever bengkel thingy. Cos if I did go for it, I think I won't be so happy right now.

Throughout the seminar, (the seminar was awesome by the way) Rev. Tim kept saying,"I know some of you are discouraged but you are putting your hopes on the wrong thing." You know how amazed I am at God when he said this. I am reminded of how much God cares for me and that God DOES know what I'm going through. All too often we forget this simple fact about God.

And yes, I am filled after this seminar. I've got what I was looking for. And I've got what I needed. Still sad...but just a little. Hopefully by tomorrow, I'll be super happy.

I'm going for Carry The Call tonight. I hope to get something out of this as well. I'm quite worried bout tomorrow actually. I'm not sure how I will react if I run into him. I'm scared that I'll ignore him or something. I really hope I don't ignore him....What I hope even more is to not suddenly break into tears in front of him. (whoa...choi!!) Dahlah he playing drums tomorrow. Gonna be right in front there and I'd definitely accidentally look at him. Well, whatever it is. I have to face him anyway. By hook or by crook, I can't let the afore mentioned things to happen.

And thanks Michelle for talking to me bout my little problem. And the stuff we chat about just now, will be our little secret. *wink!* Love ya heaps cousin!! And yeah....I do wish I ran away to Labuan for matrics. LOL.

Thank You Jesus for lifting my sadness and for giving such awesome people around me.

Auf wee der zein

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