Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I Covet.... #1

Hello beautiful people! It has been awhile. I am in the midst of my finals and previously been busy preparing for it. Funny how in the midst of preparing, I have the urge to blog and to play Dota 2. I know the content of my blog is mostly about shopping at an affordable rate but sometimes, you just want to splurge. However, I am not in a position to do so yet but one can dream, no? I thought I should throw in a little ensemble of an outfit of things I browse online. I would like to call it the "I Covet..." post.

1. Waterfall Trapeze Dress, RM249.00 Topshop (buy here

I have been looking for a simple dress where I can go everywhere with. Mostly to campus. Also, Malaysia is hot and humid 24/7 so I'd like something easy and breezy. I also wanted to look for something white as I never really owned a white dress apart from the one on my header which I thought is odd. White is such a basic thing that I do not own! I always buy something coloured or printed that it becomes a little hard to mix and match. It is always great to buy a lot of basic pieces in basic colours so that you can build on it to make the look more outstanding or create a new outfit simply by mixing it up. I'd definitely want to get something similar to this.

2. Arabel2 Cut Out Heavy Boots, RM386.00 Topshop (buy here)

I love boots. Ask my friends and they would concur. I own a few pairs already but I would love to have more as they are wearing out. :( These boots are just so cool. Plus it's cut out so I suppose they're 'airy' in a way. Even if they aren't, I'd still wear them anyway.

3. Large Link Chunky Chain, RM89.00 Topshop (buy here)

I have a thing for chain necklaces. Not that I own one already but I have been wanting to get myself a really good one. Chain necklaces or tiered necklaces can make a simple dress look out of this world or as Alex Perry would say "looks expensive". I wouldn't say "look expensive" as the one I chose is already expensive anyway (comparing to my own terms of expensive).

4. MOTO Vintage Fitted Western, RM219.00 Topshop (buy here)

This particular denim jacket is not too slouchy and is fitted. I'd wear this when it gets cold. Sometimes when it rains here, it can get a little chilly so this would be good enough to cover up. It's not too long as I would like to show how the dress flows like a waterfall. Apart from that, denim jackets are great as a basic for 'building' another outfit look as well.