Wednesday, April 29, 2009

For Fun

Using only song titles from ONE ARTIST/BAND to answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people you like (what about people I don't like?) and include me. Try not to repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think.



Pick Your Artist:

Are you male or female:
- A Ghost

Describe yourself:
- The Scientist

How do you feel about yourself:
- A Rush Of Blood To The Head

Describe where you currently live:
- Swallowed In The Sea

If you could go anywhere, where would you go:
- Cemeteries Of London

Your favorite form of transportation:
- I Ran Away

Your best friend is:
- Death And All His Friends (The Escapist)

Your favorite color is:
- Violet Hill

What's the weather like:
- Rainy Day

Favorite time of the day:
- 1.36

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called:
- Lovers In Japan

What is life to you:
- Life In Technicolor

What is the best advice you have to give:
- Careful Where You Stand

If you could change your name, what would it be:
- Marianne

Your favorite food is:
- Lips Like Sugar

Thought for the Day:
- What If

How I would like to die:
- A Rush Of Blood To The Head

My soul's present condition:
- Lost

My motto:
- Viva La Vida


HINT: To do this I think you should get an Artist/Band which has more than 1 album. It works better. Have Fun!

Whoever wants to do this, do it! It's fun!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When You See My Face....

.....I'ma gives you hell.

Today. So much of the unexpected happened.

Zain's birthday and I actually wished him Happy Birthday and boy did I regret!

Heard some stuff that's shocking.


Mekartti came to campus!!

*Mac, mun ko baca, rindu aku sebenarnya. Walaupun kau tok annoying sikit. Rindu ngan annoying-ness kau kot. Boh manas ya?

But at the end of the day, all good things came to an end. As the tiredness emerges, so does irratability and eventually, anger. Unpleasant, I say. Got so angry at other drivers, especially when I was picking up my brother at Alpha Tuition. Got angry with my brother also as he din see my message or answered my call. The day ended with lots of kimak and cibai as I made my way home. And no, I am not proud of that. Forgive me, Lord.

People!! If ever you hear rumours by people that I am Josef's girlfriend or the likes, please, DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM. Though we look like a couple, we're not a couple, okay? Nothing is like what it seems when it comes to Christine Dior. If ever I were to be in a relationship, it will be announced here in this very blog. That is for sure. If you also hear rumours from a group of Pakistan guys that I'm Zain's girl or the likes, please at all costs, DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM. As afore mentioned, I will tell. Zain likes to sit with me and talk to me at the library and we'll go to class together. Yes, I am very uncomfortable with this situation as it is giving me bad publicity and I do believe he does have some 'special feeling' toward me. Well, I'm gonna have to live with what people think. Probably I'll be a living testimony of not assuming things by just the way it looks.

Though I would like a low-profile relationship, one way or another, the first place for the beans to spill is always the blog. It is inevitable.

Thank you people for listening. And now, I shall disappear.



Friday, April 17, 2009

Attention world!

I am now a red head.

Monday, April 13, 2009

What A Mess....

I feel that my life is in disarray at the moment. Everything is soooo.....disorganized. And it's showing. My room is a manifestation of it. Well, I hope to complete all assignments and homework soon! So that I can do my online shop that I promised myself.

Right now, am eating Garden Salad that I tapau from KFC. I feel like a cow eating grass. Ugghhhh.....I don't like salad but I have to have vegetables in my diet. Not been eating vegetables. *crunch, crunch, crunch*

The past few days were very gut-wrenching for me. Last Thursday, I sent Yanie to the airport and she asked me to help her give back her friend's report. So I took it. I went home and I just placed it at a table. Next thing I knew, I can't remember what happened to the paper. Only on Friday night did I remember my promise to Yanie. And I searched everywhere for it, only to find that I can't find it! It was gone!! My heart sank at that time. That night, I prayed real hard, asking God for a miracle that I would find it and also asking Him where is it cos.....He's a God who knows all things right? No harm asking. I didn't get an answer for Him then though.

Saturday. I woke up early just to ask around for the report. Also, I know that the rubbish people will be clearing our bins that day so I had to stop them! Everybody said they didn't see anything or threw anything away. That's when I had hope. My fear from the previous day was that it has gone into the rubbish bin and I was imagining myself scurrying and scavenging into my rubbish bin just to find the report. (imagines having to dive into the rubbish bin filled with maggots.*shudders*) So, I continued to look everywhere-my English file, my Inno file-everywhere! Still, I couldn't find it! I prayed even harder! But all I got was this-"why are you so worried? Relax, you have till Monday. You're searching everywhere but all at the wrong places." Suddenly I felt calm and relaxed and decided that I wait cos I will find it eventually. In fact, I have a notion that I've looked through that place but just overlooked it. Sunday went by, still no sign of it. Then Monday, today came. And I got a call from Yanie telling me bout meeting up with her friend to give back the report. Of course, I didn't tell Yanie about misplacing the report. I'm scared she'll freak out. So I just tried to sound as calm as possible but failed. Good thing is, she still had no clue cos she thought I sounded that way cos she assumed I was busy when I was not. After the call, I searched the house like a mad woman, going through the places where it could possibly be. At the same time, prayed hard. REAL hard. I went through my English file again and really flipping the pages. Then, to my amazement, it was in my English file all along! I felt so relieved at that point. And yes, I shouted "HALLELUJAH!" Truly, it was an amazing thing that happened.

I think God taught me a lesson not to be careless. ESPECIALLY WHEN THAT STUFF IS NOT YOURS!! The thought of losing that report would actually jeapordize someone else's marks is not a good feeling. Moreover when we have to deliver the bad news saying,"Hey! I lost your report! I hope you have a softcopy." And saying it with a very funny smile that is clearly guilt-stricken. No, no, no. I guess He is teaching me to be a good stewrad with other people's posession as well, not just mine.

Well, that's all from me. I hope to have more to share. Actually I do but I just ain't got the time to really sit down and type it out.

Laters! =)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I've Thought Things Through,,,

I wana stop being Miss Perfect. If everything don't turn out fine, just do it.

I wana save up my money and actually finish my education in music theory.

I need to refine my talents.

I need to discover more of myself. Hence the online store which is coming soon!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Scribbles of A Girl Online Store

Dear all,
I'd like to open up an online store to sell some of my clothes. (That is, if I do clear my closet!)
I'll post up pictures of my clothes and if you do like them and you think it fits, do buy. I'm going to sell it at a reasonable price, dresses will go to as low as RM3. Enticing? Don't hesitate! The purpose for me to open this online store is to get rid of nice stuff that I don't wear and are collecting dust. Don't worry, items sold will be washed prior to delivery.
Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

And The Prankster Pranked...

So this is the day that I have always loved.
The day that I will never miss.
I will always prank someone.
And they always fall for it.
And to laugh at them is just awesome
But today......
I forgot that it's April Fools.
And this morning, I got up.
And I got ready for class.
I am prepared for EM (B) at 10.30am.
I was all ready when.....
I re-checked my timetable....
MY CLASS IS AT 3.30pm!!
Alas, the prankster pranked herself.
Yup. I pranked myself. I never thought that it was humanly possible but it was possible. And I DID laugh at myself. Who wouldn't?? I've always been the prankster but there's this one year that someone pulled a joke on me. It was a good one. A very good one. That was in the year 2006. My friend Rono from St. Joseph called me on a Saturday using a public telephone. He claimed that he's calling from Hilton or was it Holiday Inn but I know it was a hotel. He said that I made reservations. I didn't have a clue that it was him. So it went on and on, I was arguing and got frustrated when...........I heard laughs at the background. And I know that laugh. The laugh of the other 2 monyets that were with him. Ryan and Wilfred. Oh my.......that was when I realised it was a joke and that it was April Fools. And they were all like "APRIL FOOL!!!"
Touche. Touche indeed.
As a prankster, I must say that it was the best April Fool prank to play on anyone. However, I never recycled Rono's prank on anyone yet. And I don't plan too. It's just too good to use it again. LoL. Whatever that means.