Saturday, December 3, 2011


Last week was a wedding of a cousin of mine and I had the pleasure of being the bride's maid. I had a tonne of fun with my cousins! The pictures here are from the wedding dinner. I decided to go for a somewhat old Hollywood glamour with a touch of my ethnicity.

On the first picture, I am actually wearing my mother's ball gown that she bought somewhat 30 years ago for  a ball when my father still served as a police. Next to me is my mother, of course. My father picked the colour  and I must say, my father have good taste! And my mother already had my older brother and sister when she wore this. Truly amazing!

For the second picture, I tucked the corners of my dress underneath my belt to give it a more modern look cos that night, my cousins and I were performing a dance. We danced to T-ara's Roly Poly so I had to do something about my dress. Thank God I had this idea!

The belt belongs to my late grandmother. Basically everything I'm wearing is an heirloom. This belt is the original belt the Bidayuhs use on their costume and it's such a privilege to have it. I remember my grandmother wearing this with her sarong when she was still alive. Now, I'm already having so many ideas to use this belt. It's great to make an ethnic piece modern. And it's always beautiful to have clothing or items that have a  story behind it.

What heirloom pieces do you have? It'd be great to share clothing items that have a story.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Love, Black.

Shirt: Given; Necklace: Sinma; Jeans: MANGO; Platforms: Emilio Valentino; Bracelet: FOS; Clutch: Mom's

I really have a  thing for black accessories. They just look so edgy and rocknrolla! 

I wore this outfit yesterday to class cos I had to wear these wonderful platforms that I just got! It's just!! It was really bought on impulse. Very bad but very pleasing to the eyes and really gives me a boost vertically since I am rather vertically challenged. Thank God for artificial heightening! Also, I just downloaded Photoscape and I really had fun editing my photos with it. So easy to use! Highly recommended.

The t-shirt right here is actually shirts that we use during funerals. But I find white shirts make really good basics. Is it bad luck? Who cares! I am constantly blessed with hand-me-downs recently and am having a tonne of fun playing around and finding new ways to wear my clothes (and not to mention spend less!). I highly believe there are 2 things (maybe more?) that you should try not to go cheap on: jeans and shoes.

Do keep following my blog as I have really exciting things coming up after my finals! Even I myself am so excited! I'm gona do some collaborative work with my friend so please, stay tuned! I really hope it turns out well.

Monday, November 14, 2011


No fashionable posts from me yet but I did some experimenting when I reached home. Intended to take a nap cos I have a test tomorrow but I ended up doing this. I'm really happy with how it turned out! What do you think? :D

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall Colours

Wearing: Blouse - 2nd hand; Circle Skirt - thrifted; Platforms - Nose; Belt - 2nd Hand; Necklace - Sister's.

So this is what I wore today for church this Sunday morning. And now, am listening to Swedish House Mafia. Dope I tell you! Boring day that's why I decided to blog! My updates? I got a new phone with superb camera so I'll be snapping a lot and therefore, my blog will be updated often now. Yeehaa! I got the Samsung Galaxy SII in WHITE. Totally loving it. All the pictures I took right here, are all from this phone so it's definitely being of good use to me. Also, it's my new personal assistant! All my class, daily schedules are in it. Plus, I can blog on the go if I want to as well! Sadly, I will have to say goodbye to my old journal of which I call my 'Blueberry' because it was where all my important dates are. I liked that Blueberry came with a map of the world so that I can dream of all the places that I wish to go to and know some Geography. It has become obsolete once the new technology came in. Sorry Blueberry, hello Galaxy!

Noticed how my clothes are mostly 2nd hand or thrifted? Well, it doesn't cost a fortune to have style and look good. Sometimes, it just takes a little bit of imagination and inspiration to look 'expensive' as Alex Perry like to say. Old clothes can look current if you know the trick of the trade.

 Items: Bag-Boulevard; Platforms-Nose.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bass Down Low!

Since classes have started, I find it impractical to wear something too girly to class due to the nature of my course, dressing girly is not really an option. Dev is definitely an inspiration cos she's so effortlessly cool but hot at the same time. I like that cos I need to be comfortable but stylish at the same time. Here's her video, Booty Bounce.

Gotta Catch Up!

Hello everyone! Sorry for the really long hiatus. Got caught up with school work again. Busy, busy, busy. Plus, my camera's busted so I pretty much have to rely on friends to take my picture for me. Right now, I'm waiting for my dad to get me this baby...
A Sony NEX-3!

Since I don't like the idea of carrying a bulky Canon EOS or bother with manual settings on a Nikon, Sony NEX is perfect for me. (I'm just so lazy!) Maybe next time I'll get those professional cameras. For now, this will do.

About two weeks ago, my friend Syaza of Bloobs. Blurbs. from Miri came over to Kuching! I'm so glad she came to visit! Cos I miss her LOTS! She is another fashionista friend of mine. I have to say she is really good at make up eversince she moved back to Miri. We had a really good time catching up. Here's some pictures to share...

The guy in the picture is my coursemate/friend/2nd or 3rd cousin, Gio. Haha! You should drop by his blog! I guarantee you, it will never be a dull moment.

I fell in love with that hat in the last picture that I wanted to just walk out of the shop with it. Haha! I just can't afford Roxy but I bet I can find something similar to this hat somewhere in the streets for a fraction of the price.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Pretty Eyes

Hello everyone! Sorry for the sudden hiatus. Classes started on the 21st of February and life has been a roller coaster ever since! Not that I've been busy studying, but I've been busy hanging out too much! First day of class was definitely crazy but for now, I don't have much time to elaborate on it as the semester has shortened from 14 weeks to 12 weeks. So tests and stuff are coming in a week or so.

I have good news! My camera is broken! I'm happy cos I can get a new camera though I have to wait. I'm just very unhappy with the Nikon S220. Even my ancient IXUS 100 is wayyy better than that piece of crap. Also, during the weekend, I had my haircut. Nothing different just my usual wash and cut. The only thing that's different is that the guy styled my hair differently. I thought he was gona make it super curly but he blow it straight and gave me loose curls! I was devastated! It just made me look like my sister! It's nice but I wasn't gaga over it. Kinda makes me look older and serious.


That's all for today so I'm gona leave you with this pretty picture I took of myself (now that came off as vain....).

pretty eyes staring back at me so brown and wide
the colors of the summer sky
the colors of the world
if love is blind, why do i see you so clearly now?
perfect vision of our love somehow
you take over my mind oh,
look up into the galaxy tonight
the stars illuminate the love we make

cause you and your pretty eyes
you keep me alive, keep me alive

pretty eyes you're the one that keeps up all night
i know, no one else could make me feel this way
i want to look up into the milky way tonight
the sky illuminates the love we make
the love we make so bright

cause you and your pretty eyes
you keep me alive, keep me alive

as the moon shines its light on you
your pretty eyes they glow
tell me that you'll stay the night
just stay a while

Pretty Eyes by Alex Goot. You really should check it out!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

oh, the fifties....

What I'm wearing:

Polka dot scarf - Vincci accessories; Tank top - F21; Heart necklace - Vincci accessories; High waisted skirt - Zigzag boutique; Boots - Fashion Girl boutique.

I definitely love vintage stuff if you haven't already know. Hahaha. This outfit here definitely channel some 50s vibe. It's also relevant to the weather here.

Also, I took this picture using the panorama function on my Sony Ericsson K770i Cybershot series phone. I like it!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Black + White

I felt a sudden burst of creativity last night and had great ideas of what to do today. I got this very lovely white dress with black lace back it 2006 from a boutique called "blook" at Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

It's been a while since I attempted to take my own pictures. The last time I tried was back in 2007 and then my passion for photography just died. Sad right? It just...died. And now it's back. After like, 4 years?? Kinda long for inspiration to come back. Turned out pretty good and I'm pleased with it.

So today's Thursday and tomorrow's Friday and then the weekends and then hello classes! Oh, how time flies! I'm not looking forward to it and at the same time, I do. Not looking forward to it because it's gona be yet another crazy life ahead of me (not to mention waking up early!). Excited cos finally I have something different to do and have a reason to dress up rather than wearing some baggy old t-shirt and boxer shorts everyday.

If you like this look, please help me 'hype' my look on the link below. Thanks!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Fireworks and Romance

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Gong Xi Fa Cai! It's the year of the Rabbit! May this year be fruitful and may you multiply in wealth and health!

Last week, on the 3rd day of CNY, my family and I went for breakfast in town. This man smoking with a pipe really caught my eye that I had to take a picture of him. The pipe was interesting as I have never seen a man smoke using a pipe!

Apart from Chinese New Year being the highlight this month, there's also Valentine's Day. So I decided to come up with an outfit to fit this occasion. I went through my closet and found an old dress my cousin gave me. I didn't like it because it was pink. I hated pink last time but now, I just enjoy it as another beautiful colour. And since pink is such a romantic colour, I had to use this dress. It's also really pretty!

For my hair, I'd like to accessorize it with this beautiful garland by sereni&shentel. It's such a beautiful head piece that goes so well with this outfit! I wish I could afford it though.

Here is the dress that I kept. The flowers just look so dainty and romantic.

And finally, strappy off white sandals from Nose to finish off the look.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Let's go indie

Bowler hat. Random indie people. Foals' album cover.Vespa. Photo of indie style photographer, Jonathan Leder.

I am currently inspired by this song called Spanish Sahara by a band called Foals. I totally love the vibe in the music. So today's inspiration would be indie music. Or is it indie? Anyway, I like songs that have some Coldplay vibe in it. I guess I have a fetish for British bands. I would definitely want to dress indie more often. And I do dig guys with messy hair, dreamy eyes, checkered shirt and is in a band. Haha!

So this is the song that inspired me. Enjoy!

Photo credits: Pasta Primavera, My Modern Met, Pequenas Estorias, Stockholm Streetstyle

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

we could be a band of hippies...

Graphic tank - Forever 21; Racerback tank - Button Up; Jeans - MANGO; Shoes - Converse; Shades - borrowed; Bracelets - Sinma; Ring - Chamelon.

The madness that goes on on Sundays. I love these bunch of people.

I love this graphic tank that I bought at Forever 21! By far the best find ever! I am so looking forward to hot sunny days to wear more tanks and shorts though Kuching has not been so cold anyway. Haha. We only had crazy rain for a week and today it's crazy hot. I'm so not digging the extreme weather though.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pure Seduction

On Monday, I bought this Victoria's Secret's Pure Seduction Refreshing Body Mist and I love the smell so much! So sweet and true to its name, purely seductive. It smells so girly! It has a tinge of innocence but yet alluring. I like that. I bought this from a friend of mine. It only cost me RM20 cos this is the miniature bottled version. If you like, you can get it here.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Let's Have Some Fun

Blazer - thrifted; Dress - Forever 21; Necklace - Sister's; Charm bracelet - Sinma; Boots - Fashion Girl; Glasses - Alyssa's.

It was suppose to be an ordinary Sunday afternoon. The usual routine of going to youth fellowship after church service. It's then that we decided to just take pictures. Well, I asked Micheal to take for me for this very blog. Haha. Thanks for the wonderful pics Mikey! =D

Personally, out of all the pictures, I love the 4th picture. The one with the dude. He's my brother from another mother, Shaun.

The other dude in the last picture is Raphael. The guy that took my picture here in this post.

We're totally different people but we share one thing in common - we're Bidayuh! Though among the three, I'm not purely Bidayuh. Only half. Okay. So maybe we're still different. Doesn't mean we can't be friends. =)

Posing for the 3rd photo was actually Alyssa's idea. I called her a visionary. LOL. And she borrowed me her glasses for it. It gives that corporate, secretary like or should I say in Sarawak's local language skema look. (It means 'rigid' by the way) Many thanks to Alyssa as well!