Monday, May 26, 2008

More songs..

This song is written for those who don't know the Lord and also for us Christians who at times, have forgotten to share about Jesus to those who really need Him. Me included.

Title: Passion For The Lost

Verse 1:
I see the lost, I see their pain
Lord, just heal them now
You hear their cry, You feel their pain
Hold them in Your embrace
Show them Your heart, show them Your grace
Your redeeming love
The sacrifice of Your only Son
Proves Your great love

Chorus 1:
Lord, save the lost
Lord, bring them light
And lead them to
Our Saviour King

Verse 2:
Oh, how we forget those who need
Your love and grace
Let's take our part and reach out
To unbelieving ones
Lord, give us passion for the lost
And bring them to You
Forgive us Lord for neglecting
The perishing

Chorus 2:
Forgive us, Lord
Renew our minds
And give us, Lord
A passion for Your name

Oh Lord redeem this, our generation (3x)

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