Monday, May 12, 2008

My Marching Band Career

Tomorrow, I'm going to school to meet my principal. And suddenly I feel nervous when I thought about it.. = / Why I'm seeing him? Trying to get myself into Form 6. I need to go Form 6!! I need to join the band again!! I need to FEEL the adrenaline of competition once more!!!!I need the love of my!!

Sighs....En. Putit!! PLEASE!!! I'm praying real hard that he'll let me menumpang in Form have my very last chance of being in band once again. Last year, my band didn't join competition so...kinda sad but it's for a good cause. Not being in competition in my last year was really a sad thing that could happen but it's pass.....

Funny how I'm willing to go through all these trouble just for band. Hehe....I am a band geek. But not a very big band geek cos I know that I'm just temporary. I can't be too attached. Otherwise, I'll have a hard time leaving.

I'm sure you're wondering...If I love band so much, why don't just go for Form 6 permanently? Well, I have to think of my future. I can't waste 2 years in Form 6 and end up going to Swinburne anyway. Might as well just cut short my time studying. I can't be selfish with my interests...I have to think about providing for my family. Study fast, graduate and get a job.

If I don't get to go Form 6...I'll cry seven days and seven nights. Because....that will be the end of my banding career. =( =( =( Oh God, please.....give me ONE LAST chance to be in band. Just one more.....

Anyways, I'd better go....cos gotta be early! Gonna go to school to settle my Form 6 case and going to Swinburne to get my offer letter and to deal with Yayasan Sarawak bout my scholarship loan. =]


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