Wednesday, November 12, 2014

H&M Kuching Pre-Opening Party

As you all know, I've managed to get myself an invite to the H&M Pre-Opening Party! I was over the moon about it and I definitely cherished the moment. It just made me more and more inspired to pursue fashion. It will still be a long journey ahead but getting approval by H&M or rather, Milk PR, it means that fashion wise, I'm pretty much on the right track. Now is just the matter of whether I'm willing to put myself out there - something I am quite afraid of.

As I made my way to The Spring, I was nervous because I did not know what to expect and whether I needed to socialize. Many thoughts ran through my mind, but I am ready to face what came my way. As I reached the shop, I realized the social anxiety was unnecessary as there were many other invitees. Entering was very glamorous! Invitees get to rock the red carpet and photographers would ask us to pose while they snapped away!

So the main agenda of the night is to shop till you're drunk. Literally, because there were free rounds of champagne. Of course,  I took the opportunity to have as many as my body can tolerate. We can say, that I was high in spirit. I guess you all will know by now how massive the shop is. I was disappointed that they did not have the dress that I wanted but I did not leave empty handed. We get to have 20% discount that night. It may not sound much but it makes quite a huge difference.

While shopping, there was a DJ playing that night. I loved his mixes but I did not get his name or stage name at least. For Sarawakians, I hope you know of Arabyrd, the girl who sings (errr, actually rap) Gum On her Shoe. She's really good and I have always liked her song. So dope! I took a picture with her too.

I got to meet many of my school mates from SMK Green Road too! How old we've grown..hahaha.... by the way, I am quite obsessed with their Home Deco section. It's so hard to find simple and less stylized bed sheets but I managed to find them here!

Upon leaving, they gave us tote bag with a notebook in it! I feel so accomplished!

Being there is like being Cinderella (for me la). Got to see some pretty prominent people in Kuching's fashion scene like Sereni and Shentel. There were some ang mo there, I suppose they are shareholders or reps of H&M, some of them looked so dashing in their suits! Indeed, I was smitten. Here are some pictures from the night....

BLAZER - Thrifted
TOP & STUDDED SKIRT - Some shop in CityOne
CLUTCH - Warehouse
HEELS - Langkawi