Friday, June 27, 2008

It's Done.

Here's the result of the modification that I've been working on. I just finished it last night.

Not too bad eh?

Dress: made

Belt: came from a Cheetah blouse I bought at Boulevard
Shoes: my mom's
Bangles: gift from grandmother
Necklace: sister's

It's so nice to have a sister and a mom cos I get to use their stuff. The best part is that we have the same shoe size. So I save a lot on shoes.

This dress. Hmmm....very Bohemian. And Bohemian is the "in" thing right now. According to E!, many celebrities are wearing this theme on the red carpet. But I don't like following trends. Just pure coincidence that I made this dress and they announced it being the latest trend.

LOL. This morning, I went downstairs and paraded in front of my sis and my mom in my beautiful dress. And they were like "wow!". And one thing I'd like to say to my mom.....Hah! In your face! It turned out great! I know, it's rude. That's why I didn't say it. My mom said that I was like her when she was younger, making her own clothes. o.O Obviously, I inherited it from her. I knew I feel it in my blood to sew!

p.s.- Well Gwen, I ain't gonna wear it this Sunday cos I plan to wear this for the ADYC Dinner.

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