Thursday, June 5, 2008

Band Practice

Hehe!! I went to band practice today. Had to stay for a full day cos the price of petrol increased so there's no way I wana waste my parent's money, having to pick me up and send me home whenever I want to. Herm....not nice but what to do? Since I wanted to see the band practice and help in anyway I can.

Today, wow! The band really amazed me. They improved ALOT! Not just their drill but their music as well. Today was the first time I heard them do music since the 'reset'. And I must say, they were way better than last year and the years before. It was a tremendous improvement! Like.....ten times much better! WHOA!!! I have faith that they will get top 3. It is what I hope from them. Tomorrow, I shall be going for a full day again.

Samuel and I went to meet Kester and Kelvin at the tailor's, then we went to the post services just across the street to get our hats. =D The hats are really much like The Cavaliers'. Hehe. After that we had to bring them back to school and had to make another trip to the tailor's to get our uniforms. Yes, our uniforms are ready. Haha!!

Oh yeah, when I first reached the tailor's, Kelvin gave me some chocolate biscuits to eat. Wahaha!! (Suk lah aku..) Which I gave to a bunch of hungry boys after that. They need it more than I do, for the energy boost.

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