Wednesday, June 18, 2008

AWAS! Pendreber NOOB.

Today's my very first hands-on driving lesson. Hehe. I was kinda nervous at first cos there was one time my sister taught me driving, I had a couple of bad experiences. One of them being almost driving into a wall! Plus, my sister panics easily. When she panics, I panic too.

It all went well. I was surprisingly cool when I got into the car with my instructor. He taught me the clutch, breaks and stuff which...hahaha....I already know. So off we go! Me in the driver's seat. *imagines herself wearing sunglasses in a convertable* LOL.

We were driving and I got kinda nervous again cos I thought we were going to the 'litar' to learn but no......we were heading towards the main road!! I was like..."OMG!! We're going to the road??? I don't even know how to change gears smoothly yet!! Huargh!!!!" But it was okay. My instructor guided me and I became cool again. Well, the main road's a roundabout actually. Haha!!

At the roundabout, we were turning and turning, going round and round...... At first my instructor guided me with the steering wheel and when I got the hang of it, he let me do the steering. Wah...when I got the hang of it, felt so good. Dah lawa dah...maka I baru learn. Haha!! And round and round we go.. till halfway, I got bored and my right leg felt kinda tired of pressing the accelerator. Hmm...this is a good example of "taking the car for a spin".

After my turn, I had to wait till he's done with the others then I can go home. And I was very hungry I tell you. Even though I ate breakfast, still not enough. Seems like I've got a huge appetite these days!! Really bored waiting for my instructor. All I did was text Gwen, played games in my handphone, and day dreamed. Dahlah the games in my handphone's very lame!! I played anyway cos it's either that or do nothing at all.

Halfway playing, I terkejut cos Kelvin Sim called me and talked to me. Surprise, surprise. He's there for driving lessons too. So talked for awhile then there was awkward silence cos my brain was so not productive in making conversations. So much for sleeping late. Haha!! Maybe cos he's a guy. But kinda happy seeing someone that I know there lah. Cos I'm completely alone when I'm there with a bunch of strangers. And I didn't know the girl sitting nearby me shared the same instructor as I do. If I knew, I would've talked to her.

So. That's my not-exactly-my-first experience in driving. Tomorrow, there's more. =)

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