Monday, June 16, 2008

Same Old, Same Old...

Now that band season's over, it's back to the life I used to live.

Back to cleaning the living room, bathrooms, wet kitchen, dry kitchen, patio, washing plates, drying clothes....etc....etc.......

Yup. That's the life I used to live. The dry and simple routine of houseworks.

Baru just now I cleaned the living room. Tiring man! Surprisingly I can be such a perfectionist when it comes to cleaning and while cleaning, suddenly my rajin mode can turn on. So yeah....I'm actually in my rajin mood now. If not, I wouldn't be such a perfectionist while doing my work. All thanks to band. =) Even though I was just carrying boxes and really helped cos I have to be organized and constantly thinking of my member's welfare. Whether they need water or food, etc. I may feel tired but I have to push it aside because I have to put their needs first. Anyway, there should be no reason why I should be more tired than they are. They do more physical stuff than I do. Plus, I need to get my job done the best that I could.

So I applied it in my house cleaning. I've set what I wana do for the day and do it till it's done properly then I shall rest as long as I want. Chio....Really. Just now I was really so semangat in doing my housework you know! From morning non-stop till about 2pm. (of course I had lunch break..) Feels good.

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