Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

For this Father's Day, I want to remember my dear father and his sacrifices for me.

First of all Pa, I'd like to apologize for the times that I always retaliated whenever you say something. And the times whenever I never listened to you and for the times that I was rebellious towards you and fought with you. I'm sorry I ever hurt you.

I always thought that you weren't a good dad. My perceptions change when grew older, as I understand things better. I learned to see life in a different perspective, to see things in a positive manner. And I've come to realize that you have indeed sacrificed for me. A whole lot. You may not show me much affection but I know you care somehow. Though at times you seem so selfish......I know that you are trying to be a dad the best that you could.

You have always been there for me during my band competitions or any competitions I'm in though you rarely send me for the practices. I totally understand're not exactly a good driver. Hehe.

And I know you spend a lot of money sending me for piano lessons and tuitions, band and all the whatnots..... I thank you very much for all that because it did make me a better person. I know money don't come easy but you made ends meet anyway.

I don't know what to give you other than being the daughter that you can be proud of. I know that you'll always be proud of me and I thank you for that.

Thank you, Pa.

To my Father in heaven,

Father, I thank you for everything you've given me! Even my dad. You provided everything that I've ever needed and You know whenever I'm down when others don't. And I thank you for always giving me encouragement when I needed it. I thank you for the hard times that You've given me. For without it, I'll never learn. I thank You for the many things that You have taught me.

Thank You, Lord.

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