Monday, June 9, 2008

Buang Stress

Since I was so mad for some reasons yesterday, I decided to join in physical training to make myself feel better. The best one was jogging for 8 minutes. Felt so much better after pumping up some adrenaline into my body. Anyway, not a good time to show the members and angry and stressed face. It'll pull their spirits down. It's crucial to keep a happy and brave face in front of them to reassure them at this hour.

Today was the pre-show for my band. Wow. I looked great in my uniform. Too bad I'm not performing. Just putting on the uniform just gave me the longing to perform. Ahh......

When morning session had their break, I went over to the Form 6 block to see some of my friends. Haha. So great to see all of them again! Some not so close to me but still, just so happy to see familiar faces once again. And I saw Doreen and Lisa! Wahaha!!! So happy to see them! And then there's Antonia, wah.... Start lah us with our wacky greetings. LOL.

Can't think of anything else to blog about. Hmmm..... Ciao!

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