Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Superficial World of Fashion

Just looking into my closet, I realized that I have a lot of clothes! And to think that I was complaining that I don't have that many. Sighs. Human beings. In nature, we will never be content.

The pile of shirts is the highest among all. I suddenly feel so guilty. I'm definitely thinking of under-priviledge people who don't get this kind of luxury that I do. I do consider myself very blessed. Anyway, most of them are clothes that I bought over the years. I don't seem to grow much so they still fit. Being skinny does have its benefits but has a lot of cons, I tell you. Just on Sunday one lady from my church commented that I "semakin kecik...". That comment crushed my heart. After countless efforts of stuffing myself and that's what you tell me? That I'm getting skinnier? People, never tell a skinny girl that she's skinny or getting skinnier. The worse is the latter. She will eat and eat I tell you. More than usual (usual being a lot) and it's hazardous to their health. They might even end up obese for they fear being a stick bone. My worse fear is to look anorexic, lose weight and I don't like people thinking that I jaga badan, watching what I eat, that I'm anorexic or whatsoever. It's because I DON'T. I eat PORK almost everyday. Yes, you heard me. EVERYDAY. And I am HEALTHY and I am NOT underweight. PERIOD.

Anyway, back to my topic. Seeing my closet almost full, I decided that I stop buying and start recycling. Style is forever, after all. And I also decided that I shouldn't stick to a certain stereotype of dressing because I can't afford to do so. And if I do want to shop, I'd like to go to 2nd hand shops or thrift stores (if Kuching has one) where I can get clothes for really cheap like.....RM5. Most of them will be old but I'd like to modify them and make it my own.

Reasons why I'm recycling:
  1. Money. Money's always the issue. Sighs
  2. Latest clothes are darn expensive.
  3. I have too many clothes.

One of my object for recycling-my skirt that i rarely, i mean, never wear. Cos it's too long. I wana turn it into a dress.

It shall be a dress!

I do hope it turns out well. What with my unprofessional sewing and all. But I have to start somewhere. I was cutting it just now and my mom was saying,"Aiyoh....so sayang that skirt! You always like to cut your clothes! Afterwards don't jadi, how?" I just replied,"Never try, never know Ma.. Adventure bah." Hehe. It's true that I like to cut my clothes. My t-shirts, my skirt...my jeans. Well, I think it's more of a waste for me to keep my skirt and not wear it. It's worth experimenting on it rather than do nothing and keep it to rot. And if I did a mistake that ruined it, I can say that it's worth it because it didn't go to waste as it adds to my experience. It will be my own adventure.

Another pretty lady that I'd like to alter......

From a sweet lady to a party girl

Well, for this... I just want to make it shorter. Cos the length just makes me look old. It's not really a fun dress to wear when long. A shorter length would make it fun. Not too short.... Sweet , decent and fun. Just by a change in length, it can transform from a summer dress to a party dress.

Just some things that I'd like to do in my holidays rather than sleeping in the afternoons. Well, one of my dreams is to be a fashion designer and to own my own label. Not calling it Christine Dior, that's for sure! It's just a dream. If my little projects work out and if it is God's will, I might consider going for it. For now, sticking to engineering to earn some decent cash to live.

Now.....off to my sewing machine!

Err......eheheh. =_="

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